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  1. 2.19 for minute maid limeade - and it's not that bad, either.

    then again, i like mixing cranberry juice and orange juice 1:1.


    1. AndrewB


      Yeah! Lime frosties is actually my #1 summer drink lately. Mix about 1/4 can of MM lime juice, some ice cubes, and a couple onces of water, pulse in a blender until smooth.

    2. Grogglogobofink


      mmm, that sounds good to me right now.

    3. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake


      * holds up glass of root beer

  2. KDarigal

    Good news for guys

    wait, i thought that everything that tastes good is either fattening or causes cancer... *
  3. KDarigal

    when you have make the dumb.

    mmm... the last stupid thing i did was watch the jeff goldblum version of "the fly" after eating. hint: the movie's ending is thoroughly disgusting. *
  4. KDarigal

    The /newstuff Chronicles #137

    coulda fooled me, i thought your first post on this thread was done while you were still drunk. mmm, first post by someone with a set of wings-on-a-harness. (no, i can't use them to fly - they just look funny.) *
  5. KDarigal

    Weapons found!

    given the history of these boards, whatever made you think that'll happen? and blackfish - there's a difference between afghanistan/iraq and liberia, namely that we're being asked by liberia to help out in some manner because both sides are sick of killing each other. i think they want to chalk up some american kills as well. *
  6. KDarigal

    Ever wondered what an admin sees?

    i delete my pm's because i don't have any use for them after i read them. *
  7. KDarigal

    Desktop thread 7-3

    like the ability to make you... /me turns on craps lock BAND *
  8. KDarigal

    Programming Advice

    i never said that he should forget python, just the joke languages. though personally i'm surprised that, with the suggestion of python, nobody followed it by suggesting ruby (which i'm also not a big fan of - but i'm one of those people who doesn't particularly like interpreted languages in general. if there's a python compiler out there, i'll consider learning it, but right now i'll stick to basic and logo being the two interpreted languages i know.) so excuse me for not being extremely specific in what i'm referring to. yeesh. *
  9. KDarigal

    Programming Advice

    yes, i've heard of python. i find it irritating. anyway, have you even heard of sarcasm before? it's a fantastic tool for the forums. (in other words, i know the languages i mentioned aren't something you would use under any circumstances. durrrr...) *
  10. KDarigal

    games that totally suck ass

    having played both boulder dash and several versions of bomberman, i can safely say that you are, for the most part, wrong - especially because i haven't ever seen a version of bomberman where things can drop from above you and smash your character. they are, granted, both "move around in a maze, grab things, and avoid running into enemies" games, but then you could say that doom is a ripoff of boulder dash. now that's just silly. *
  11. KDarigal

    Is this justifiable?

    this is why you social-engineer the owners into "handling" the devices. their fingerprints are found on the devices, hence it looks like they burned it down themselves, and therefore no insurance money. *
  12. KDarigal

    Programming Advice

    learn befunge and/or brainfuck, along with unlambda. then go take a nap and forget them again. *
  13. KDarigal

    games that totally suck ass

    it's not that counterstrike sucks, it's that the people who play it think that a headshot from three feet (or in-game equivalent, anyway) away is the epitome of l33t. ...and that those same people think that if you can hit someone from further than (again, in-game equivalent) twenty feet, you're using an aimbot. these people, obviously, would not stand a chance playing an online game of doom in a port that lets you disable autoaim entirely - or they'd be bfg spamming. personally, i'd rather be a plasma whore, but... ...oh, look, this is way off topic now. :p *
  14. KDarigal

    Strife and Hacx?

    ...and they lost the source to it, too!
  15. KDarigal

    Programming Advice

    or if you're not terribly worried about speed, learn java and use java2d/java3d to fill it out with good graphics. /me cranks "burly brawl" and makes dumb comments on the forums some more ...oh yeah. postcount--; *
  16. KDarigal

    Is this justifiable?

    last point first - with the clones, you don't have to worry (as much) about different genetics wreaking havoc with things. you know exactly what to expect there (for the most part). like that really makes a difference, though. as far as the bit on facts goes, people will (usually) ignore facts that don't fit into their nice cozy world view. go figure. btw, ultraviolet, have you seen my copy of "brainwashing for dummies"? i seem to have misplaced it... their "system of academics" is no different from public schools - aside from the educators not being qualified. what you describe there sounds eerily like standardized testing. makes me glad i didn't bother with high school beyond my freshman year. finally, what we need is a board that decides who can and can't have children, and gives a decent selection of who can have children with whom (a little further out than arranged marriages, more like "these people are who we recommend, these are who we're like 'meh' about, and you cannot under any conditions have sex with these people or we will execute you"), though that'd piss off every american who thinks they're given the right to have sex with anyone who's willing. cynicism (n.) - the last refuge of the revolutionaries before they actually start changing things. *
  17. KDarigal

    /newstuff thread fp poll

    don't eat it, though, or you'll have to hock it to pay the dentist bill. *
  18. KDarigal


    ...whee for linux, to begin with. (no, i'm not trying to start with any of these "linux is better than windows" threads - i'm just glad linux will let me connect to the internet, because windows won't.) got the source to lopster (1.2.0-dev1, if you care) yesterday, compiled it earlier today... and now i'm busy wasting my bandwidth getting music by, for example, journey (so i like 80s music, pfft). bring on the riaa. *
  19. KDarigal


    pfft, it's been like three months since windows worked for the internet. again, not saying windows is better or worse, it's just different. (i run x with kde - so it ends up looking like a much prettier version of windows - though if i were really bored, i could probably make it look like mac os x.) and the reason this isn't in my blog is because i see a blog as a place for sheer randomness. if i have a point to make, or if i want people to comment on something, i'll post it here instead. if i want to say it for the hell of saying it, it'll be in my blog. *
  20. KDarigal

    The Matrix is a ripoff

    first, i'm not saying any of this is a bad thing - it's not, and i agree with what you said there. second, at least you're not saying that tv is a better means of distribution of ideas... tv is a good means of distribution of idiocy, and that's about it. if the remote control had never been invented, we'd all have longer attention spans probably. *
  21. KDarigal

    The Matrix is a ripoff

    stealing ideas from one person is plagiarism. stealing ideas from a dozen people is research. stealing ideas from a thousand people is an opinion poll. stealing ideas from everyone alive is the matrix. *
  22. KDarigal

    Thank you Doom Community!

    postcount--; *
  23. KDarigal

    /newstuff thread fp poll

    see, first post isn't nearly as big of a deal as 666th post on a thread. mostly because threads don't normally make it to that length. short attention spans, i guess. *
  24. KDarigal


    legacy has only had one redeeming feature - the fuzz-effected water. *
  25. KDarigal

    games that totally suck ass

    best game from the 70s: asteroids. best game from the 80s: millipede. best game from the 90s: doom. best game from the 00s: dunno yet, they're still going on. worst game from the 70s: come on now, they all sucked. worst game from the 80s: chicken shift. worst game from the 90s: ...the nine million different side-view fighters out there. worst game from the 00s: counterstrike so far, but again, this decade is still in progress. does this kind of a breakdown make it easier for you? *