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  1. Baby Bonnie Hood

    If Doom II had real secret levels...

    I wouldn't mind playing Club Doom on the PC version. PSX revenants are laughably slow compared to their PC counterparts.
  2. Baby Bonnie Hood

    PSX sound effects Vs. PC sound effects

    I like the weapon sounds from the PSX version. In fact, I use them as a patch WAD when playing Doom on PC.
  3. Baby Bonnie Hood

    The /newstuff Chronicles #393

    I can vouch for him. When you get near the exit, a couple of stealth revenants spawn nearby.
  4. Baby Bonnie Hood

    The /newstuff Chronicles #389

    How many Castles of Combat are there, and are they all seriously named exactly the same?
  5. Baby Bonnie Hood

    Brutal Heretic

    There's Heretic++. It doesn't make Heretic more gory, but it does make it shinier.
  6. Baby Bonnie Hood

    PS1 Doom revenant

    PSX revenants = underwater revenants Talk about unthreatening.
  7. Baby Bonnie Hood

    doom needs swords!!!!!

    No, that title belongs to Heretic. You could probably mod Heretic's weapons and items into Doom and there'd hardly be a difference in gameplay. In fact, why has no one done that already?
  8. Baby Bonnie Hood

    Doom misconceptions

    I gotta ask now. Is there a WAD that replaces all sounds with their PC speaker equivalents? Imagine hearing "BEH-WHOAAWW!" only with advanced sound technology (so multiple BEH-WHOAAWWs and BEH-WHOAAWWs from a distance are possible) and music.
  9. Baby Bonnie Hood

    What are you playing now?

    Hordes of Chaos X. I'm loving the challenge, the Doom and Hexen monster imports, and the... well, hordes. Did a /newstuff chronicle ever reviewed any HoC wad?
  10. Baby Bonnie Hood

    The /newstuff Chronicles #385

    It's still really hard though, even on HMP (or rather BTM... let's just call it Normal). There's too little health and too many sabreclaws (plus a maulotaur on UV/SM/Hard) in that one room. I only finally finished it because I did it pacifist (so the ambushes don't trigger) until the home stretch. ...what. I'll make sure to play your maps on HMP/BTM/Normal only :P
  11. Baby Bonnie Hood

    The /newstuff Chronicles #385

    The Lost Temple is impossible. I wonder if even the map author himself could finish it, because this is the most retarded Heretic map I've played yet.
  12. Baby Bonnie Hood

    Heretic Mace

    Not quite what I had in mind. That only makes Doom 2 look like Heretic. I don't want an ethereal crossbow that acts like a shotgun (hitscan and all), I want the actual ethereal crossbow and all the other Heretic weapons in Doom. Oh well, at least I have another Doom 2 megawad to play...
  13. Baby Bonnie Hood

    What are you playing now?

    Doom 1 and 2. With scalliano's 667 Shuffle.
  14. Baby Bonnie Hood

    Heretic Mace

    This topic's making me wish for a Doom mod that replaces all your weapons with Heretic weapons and items. Basically, Corvus in Doom.
  15. Baby Bonnie Hood

    Heretic Mace

    Have you tried using the dragon claw as a sniping weapon?