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  1. We were testing an old version of the decorate of darkmoon in coop mode in Doom II classic maps phobos made some modification to the pinkies since i told him "i feel pinkies should be buffed as them are the most easiest monster to kill in doom2" so we test it on map08 first i decided to go to the rocket launcher room since i know it have lot of pinkies, until i saw the bastards coming fast and bitting like hell, somehow i managed to survive the first wave but i wouldnt be able to survive the next wave of them due low ammo and health, its in that moment when phobos open the door i just barely hear the door opening and saw him standing there i just quickly run outside the room i guess the only thing he saw was a orange fuzzy coming at high speed from the door and i guess he didnt mind it, its was just matter of seconds after the door closes and phobos enter that in the killing feed appears: "Phobos was bitten by a pinkie" this not in a doom game but rather in hexen, at that time we also were playing Hexen coop Urric, Phobos and me. And you know how trollish can be the game since you can use artifacts agaisnt your friends, specially Disk or repulsion and porkalator. thing is we were playing in Forsaken Outpost and i saw urric and phobos going trough jumping the rocks to get across the chasm, i like a lot pushing enemies off the cliff but its in that moment that urric and phobos also decide to jump so with 1 disk of repulsion i pushed urric and phobos to them demise just because i want to reflect a serpent fireball after they respawn, i decide to jump the rocks, but for my bad luck i timed it bad and was about to fall from it, turns out also that urric and phobos were also waiting for me to try to jump and push me with disk of repulsion, also for the bad luck of them the moment they use their disk of repulsion was the boost enough to push me trough the chasm and send me directly to the front door of the outpost.
  2. >>> Things obstacles as those marble pillars with skulls, floor lamps, solid corpses (the ones you cant get trough) or trees are the bane of monsters that use projectile attacks, the only monster that jump this rule is the cyberdemon due the rocket splash. Dont use this tactic agaisnt hitscanner monsters (pistol zombies, shotgunners, chaingunners) neither with archviles. you cant believe how many times i cheesed monsters such as arachnotrons, hell knights etc by just stading behind a tree and SSG shooting trough it. its even better when they are near.
  3. Z0k

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Speaking of an alien mod. i remember hearing this one in a alien vs predator vs terminator 2? (or was aliens 2?) for doom2: im trying to find the original mod (or old version of the mod) which map have this song in particular on it (i dont remember if it was map02 or map05) i think i downloaded a mod that have the map but not the song which dissapointed me because i like how the song was pretty well timed, by the time you reach the door and opening the song was already on it catchy part after the opening. without the song the map lost it magic for me :c anyway, kudos to the guy who decided to use this song on such map and timed it well.
  4. Z0k

    Any good tips for secret hunting?

    pretty common > wall textures: most of time a wall with a different texture is always a secret. common > misaligned textures - Sometimes they are obvious but sometimes they dont because their desaligment are just 1 pixel so you have to check wall pretty carefully a bit common > different floor heights or crossing certain floors: sometimes different floor heights like map01 of doom2 or have different texture floor tile are activators for secrets. not so common > things: sometimes blood pools or decoration are like indicators for secrets. sometimes > lights: sometimes light show secret to the wall they make bright other than others. in some case also lights show where you have to step in order to activate the secret, take for example the secret in E2M2 where if you step in the corner with light a lift with a soulsphere in the other side of the room will go down, the same thing with E1M1 where light is the line that activate the lift in the zigzag pool room. a bit rare > computer consoles: in some levels a computer panel (the one you find in floors) are used as swicht for some secret, same thing goes if you find a hall with computer panels in wall with those white lights in walls, the indicator here is either a flicker light in the console panel or if the light in such wall is of other color (like blue light texture instead the white one) rare > fakewalls: this one is pretty rare to see and the only indicator for this one it just shoot walls and see where you dont see bullet puff or your projectile get trough. or monsters coming out from there rare to find > teleporters > they pretty rare to find on this one is crossing certain side of the teleporter will lead you to another place most of time is the backside of the teleporter as players tend to take the front one, most common secrets in teleporters its if you take the side with different colors for example you find a teleporter with the star pentagram but one side its red and the other side is silver. i dont remember much of the plutonia secrets but most of time tend to be one of these mix of secrets, but generally thats what i do when i try to find secrets on any wad.
  5. Z0k

    Darkmoon (2019 alpha!!)

    @r3ach5stars we are glad you liked our little project we are still working, @DMPhobos is still doing some decorate balance so plasma gun and rocket launcher will still get some balance, about the sprite work well... we dont have many artist in the project hehe, for now Urric is helping us by doing new sprite artwork for weapon pickup, he is a bit busy with this but we know his work worth the time. if he agree and get the time and chance after doing the weapon pickup sprites we going to ask him for help for a new sprites weapon and of course new projectiles (although plasma projectiles could be done before the weapons sprites), we know there a mod for doom3 weapon (screens from weapon models) but we want to keep them as sprite style but sadly no one got the interest in doing doom3 sprites other than doom2.5 team which most of our sprites come from. the same thing with grenades phobos still have some plans for them, for now he want to set them to a hot key (i suggest him Q since its near of WASD and easy access for those who play with WASD but still players can set hot key for grenades to any of they like in the next update he is going to do) when we were working for the first time in this project grenades used a weapon slot (yeah they used to work as weapon instead artifact) and they used to have the same problem as doom3 grenades: barely someone used them, right now grenade as artifact you can use it anytime even while you shot any weapon to increase your damage to monsters or use them while you reload your weapons. There still something with them which i talked with phobos and its they bounch to much, but he still have plans for them for some rebalancing. we still working on the mod, because honestly we want to finish this project for real (we have a long time working on it). so there still room for improvement :)
  6. Z0k

    Wads you gave up on...

    well its basically my story: Neptune R - Basically it was some sort of strife wad in doom, UAC is now a company banned by the goverment because the tragedy have made in earth and moons, but they still want to do experiments, for their security hire mercenaries (gray marines) it resumes basically in going to maps, and shut down UAC bases. at some point UAC would make a mistake by launching a missile opening a gate in neptune and then would be Marines vs Mercenaries Vs Demons and in the end the classic you vs demons. i lost interest on it but also was a good wad to learn Zdoom features. the map i liked the most here was factory (map06) Gherenew - it was my second wad for Heretic (and using the same name of my first wad) i made it to have hubs, and its not a fashion story or something as everywad of heretic is somehow cannon as corvus it still traveling between worlds until he reach his homeworld, im going to remake this wad but not so soon i have better ideas for the remake which i hope you guys would like. but for now the project its put in rest and wait until it return after im done with darkmoon and complexe16, i gave up after i made the swamp maps, because i feel the swamp map needed a better way to end since the fortress in middle of a big void mist in the swamp takes like the 50% of the map? but despite the lazy decision i was planning to add an undead warrior as boss there. but never got the sprites, but also this wad were made when heretic in gzdoom format or even heretic in hexen format was a thing so pretty much there wasnt a lot of stuff for heretic have now realm667. my favorite map here are the catacombs (e1m5 i believe) i still love how the waterfalls and the caves looks here. Those two are the projects i was working but finally gave up. there still my third wad which i used for hell maps only but its not like i was planning to finish it so i dont know if i should count it but just for the curious: RFTH and a fourth wad which was my first wad, but you dont want to play that one, no no no as a first project wad called dm_neptun its filled with monsters without control and novice mapper mistakes, it have like 18 maps? 21 maps? i dont remember but its a big mess it was fun in coop though
  7. Z0k

    Doom Open World 1 map (terminated sadly)

    sad to hear news about this one, i was really interested on this wad because i liked also memorial.wad which is the doom2 levels in 1 map. so this one with some add ups like you show in the screens got all my attention.
  8. Z0k

    Darkmoon (2019 alpha!!)

    After doing the revision on map03; adding light colors and lights to the sector as well with portals for the outside area and some monsters tweaking (less hitscanners). i need help with some feedback for map05, before doing the same to map05 (mostly only portal effect for outside area and adding some sector lights too) the main thing that concerns me: after watching the streaming of Bridgeburner56, i think i need to add something to make clear where to go to get the keys, of course map version in the stream was a old one (where i didnt made some fixes) but now that im doing map05 revision i want to do something about it, my options to fix this problem were: 1) add some key door textures on the floor like trim guiding to the key area, the problem i found its due the map design in some sector this maybe wouldnt work without sacrificing some of the map design. 2) make the key sector linedef and the path to reach key place with "initially show in map" so when players check automap they will have already in automap the path to follow. 3) add near of both map entrance the automap power up so players can get all the map from start. also i was planning to add lights to any usable door as i did on map03 so players can find them easily, but still i need some recommendations with the map navigation as map05 its a big one.
  9. Z0k

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    after weeks on map03 im finally done with some changes in map specially the missing portals and d64colors light im happy with how looks now with the colors and honestly on my side i wouldnt bother to add different light levels but i cant leave it like that because the map still need to have those lights levels added. this was the last area that needed portal efect. Before (im using light amplificator power up because the area were indeed all dark) Now with portals (i forgot to update the skybox though) now that i know how to use portals i think i might start to use them on my maps from now it were the tool i was missing.
  10. Z0k

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    yes :) im upgrading the map03 with some light colors and portals in outside areas that needed
  11. Ohh thanks for the info! shame im not a tech guy to know how to set up the configs in case i want a bit bright the game without making it all white or desaturating the game color. once again Thanks for the info!
  12. So sometimes when a wad was so dark or even i couldnt see anything i used this option in gzdoom: but now i tried to find "Ambient Light Level" in the new Gzdoom but i cant find it anywhere. i tried every possible option and sometimes r_visibility dont work. tried also with the option it have but its make it look like if i use gamma correction (so everything looks white) or tweaking the original colors. my current version is 4-0-1-x64.
  13. Z0k

    Doom: Annihilation update

    im not going to lie, i honestly forgot about this movie at all, though this thread was about an old map pack or a WIP awesome mod when i saw the name Doom: Annihilation. the only thing i remember about this movie were the bad "die die die!" part and the protagonist being smaller than the BFG. to be honest i kinda enjoyed doom 2005 movie i obviously disliked the virus/infection ala resident idea, but i wasnt expecting the movie being so close to the game lore anyway, most of the games movie (if not at all) dont follow so close the plot or lore of the game anyways so i dont have high hopes for any movie game. i will give it a go but not paying for it, what i think its going to happen is im going to watch the movie like for 5 minutes then lose interest on it and just close the video (whenever i find it online..) and then find a review video, i mean i didnt even remember there still incoming a new doom movie so that i guess tell much about it.
  14. Z0k

    Darkmoon (2019 alpha!!)

    Much Much thanks for the feedback guys because this help us a lot. here a list of changes im working on my maps: We know textures repeat a lot but this because doom3 texture were limited as we are working, along with other textures from other texture packs that probably match with them. at some point i was planning to mix them with quake 4 textures but i dont own the game and the worst part it dont have a "cleaner version" like the hidfan's doom 3 texture pack, Urric could help us with this (as he did the new door textures) but sadly he is kinda busy with a new game he is developing so he help us what he can. so in order to no delay anymore the project we work what we have. about the mono color on textures its something i was talking with phobos, we want to do something about them after the mod is done with all the maps, right now on map03 i just changed some textures for example on the outside area near of the broken train rails i swichted the black block textures to some gray ones as they look better back in time when i made the map i didnt have gzdoom builder and neither the UDMF so i didnt have scale or rotate textures. when i got the editor and the map format i was just like halfway to finish the map so i just completed the map instead checking everything. so in short, once maps are done we going to change some textures so we can have some order i mean: we going to choose which one belongs for outside of the base and which one for inside. probably another option it just add the same textures with color variation but this probably once we clean the wad frm the unused textures. another thing i still need to do is with map05 about map navigation as in a stream done in such map i noticed the streamer have lot of trouble, but also that was a old version of the map (one with unfinished light color) but still map is big and players get lost quickly (along with the plasma secret) so any suggestion on this i would appreciated it (same thing happens with map03 and the SMG behind the yellow door area but i hope this is fixed with the update im working for the map) there a lot of things we still need to do and thats why we really appreciated the feedback.