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  1. 3d floor it need to be set in a line from a linedef of a dummy sector that will control the heigh of your 3d floor. anything that affect such dummy sector will affect the 3dfloor it display where you want to be. So if you want to make a raising water level then what you need to control trough ACS its only the ceiling heigh of your dummy sector.
  2. We are half on the way of Episode 2 for doom64 being done:



    Episode 2 its my favorite, but mostly E2M4 something about that map and the music its what make it one of my most favorites, once E2M4 (map14 in Doom64) its finished i will upload the half/baked wad of Episode2, so basically this its going to be my project for this year i HONESTLY want to finish EP2 this 2023. But unlike Episode 1... its an headache work on Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen maps are.... a bit abstract, so basically i spent a lot of time trying to figure how i can translate this area as something you would find in a base (like make have sense) which is the way i worked for Episode 1.  just for example the E2M1 area where you teleport and find the marble walls and pinkies demons... i dont think that would be in a base... so i translate it as a hell cave with a small portion of a base "teleported" there... so this its the biggest reason why E2 its a mapset which give me trouble and work slow on it.



    this map took me months because i couldnt figure what would mean the red circle area (yellow key area) so i just did it like another small tech room with the walls brokens revealing some hell structures, i liked how its done because this was the reason stopping me with the map i should have done in august. greencircle area its what im working and im not having troubles with it so i should have done this area this week or the next. then it would be just the final exit area, adding light colors and monsters then scripts and most likely i will release the demo with the first 4 maps of Ep2 (and of course after changing some sector colors of E2M1 and E2M2 with some minor detailing since im not aiming anymore to Steam doom64 compatibility)


    Anyways back to E2M4 for D64


    1. DaliVinci


      this is literally the best thing ever i can't stress this enough

      is this for EX or CE

  3. thats because its applies the same principles as if you were to map a classic doom map, its nothing different you only need the doom64.wad which you can get from the Doom64 Remaster from steam, setting up your doom builder 64 is not different from setting up Doom Builder, you only need to set the path to your doom64.wad in the config files and set up the doom64 EX plus sourcerport in testing and thats its. there are also a few differences in how to set up stuff in mapping (like how teleport works or how to display switches) but that it just a few differences from maping as if you were mapping in classic doom
  4. oh yeah that one gave me a good laugh, but the one story that almost got me out of air was a story in /TIFU reddit about a guy eating a ton of chocolate fiber bars before a long trip got me laughing out loud at the work. even remembering bits of it i still chuckle a bit.
  5. Z0k

    What keeps Doom modding alive?

    this pretty much, i know wolfestein have a modding community and i have watched some pretty cool maps but they end being the same since can be only worked with squares but idk if they lately have found a way to make sectors other than squared shaped at this day. Quake i like so much how its to do maps there in q3radiant, and did a few maps to try on my servers when i did have my r4zer server running, scuba tutorials were useful but sadly i never learnt how to do more complex shapes than squares or other forms like hexagons and all and even then was kinda hard to do them. sadly i didnt have a backup of my maps but anyways they only were like 3, 1 for tdm, 1 for ctf and 1 adventure map. but doom its like fai1025 says its the perfect medium, you can do any shape sectors without much trouble and if you work with sourceports that allow 3dfloors you can work with them with a small effort because now map editor give you the tools to make them easier as before.
  6. just in certain situations. but i use shotgun when i really need my pellets dont spread too much and want to save ammo from other weapons like in hellbound in the military map, the base hangar had like 3 arachnotrons and i had the advantage in the room where only the arachnotrons could hit me if they just walk a bit away from the window but that only happened if the arachnotron were sticking together. could have used rockets but the space was so small that i would get blast damage, chaingun could be an option but i was running low on bullets since i used it as sniping weapon. Could have use the SSG but would have been a waste of ammo as the pellets spread too much, shotgun was the best option here, yes the pellets spread but only in horizontal so most of them would hit.
  7. Z0k

    Revenant death sprite

    that even leads to another question: Why does the inquisitor need a loincloth if it has nothing there to cover up too?
  8. Z0k

    E4M4 teleport question

    the Gzdoom translation of "unruly evil" in spanish. i would have go for "maldad indomable" tho... i dont play deathmatch, so idk if its open in Deathmatch mode, but since its doom i guess its not and must be opened manually by pressing "use" in that side of the line. @Andrew T. i dont think is that much, but probably American McGee used the wrong action for that line due the linedef pointing inside the sector.
  9. Z0k

    E4M4 teleport question

    after checking the map in the editor, this column have it linedef action SR DOOR OPEN WAIT CLOSE, and it linedef activation poiting inside the column so trying to use the column on that side wouldnt work... but if you align here: and then press USE you would open the door because there is the linedef activation side: of course i tried that in gzdoom so i dont know if the action "USE" works on linedef that you dont see but you are aligned there would work in other ports. but i guess should?
  10. Z0k

    Breakable walls

    mmm well if i looked at that wall i would think its a secret door if its the only wall with that texture in the area but would try "Use" instead "shoot" and if nothing happens then i would assume its an decoration because it dont display an info about it could be shooteable because glows like if its reflecting some torch lighting (or something like that). now if you want to use that as shoteable secret hint, then i could suggest do another texture that looks like this one and set it in an area where its mandatory to shoot it. so this way when player finds a wall that glow like this one they will know players need to shoot at it.
  11. Z0k

    gzdoom deep water

    dont worry it will glow on both surface and under water as in gldefs you define such texture to glow.
  12. Z0k

    gzdoom deep water

    he is no asking how to do deep water, its more about how to make deep water surface glow. although im using Gzdoom (g 4.1.0) i was sure i saw this in one of my unfinished proyects, but i though this was a common effect in many gzdoom wads. also idk why transfer light or even adding brightness to the dummy control sector isnt working in your wad. but what im using here is the GLDEF entry. just open your wad in SLADE, then go to Archive, then New and name your new entry: GLDEFS then just paste this code: Glow { Flats { BLOOD1 BLOOD2 BLOOD3 FWATER1 FWATER2 FWATER3 FWATER4 LAVA1 LAVA2 LAVA3 LAVA4 NUKAGE1 NUKAGE2 NUKAGE3 SLIME01 SLIME02 SLIME03 SLIME04 SLIME05 SLIME06 SLIME07 SLIME08 } } and well as you see in the screen im under deep water with the acid floor glowing with a bit of translucency. just one thing: every flat you define in that code will have this glow and will glow even if the sector its brightness 0 so keep that on mind.
  13. Z0k

    you feel like you're not a good mapper?

    yes i do, i think i suck to do any own made maps by myself since i never get feedback on how to improve my mapping, but i guess im better if remade existing maps (not remake)
  14. This thread purpose it just to help anyone who want to make chex quest maps know how to set it up in Ultimate Doom Builder. i dont know if someone have posted something about this, but when i used forum search or google search for something about of Chex UDMF format didnt found something, maybe im a dumb. Anyways, as reference from the question made by @Shino1 on his thread i was also interested on that topic because as many people i love Chex Quest, but sadly there isnt enough info about the format or it just outdated. Yes, changing the iwad of your Gzdoom_DoomUDMF to chex could make it work but unfortunately it dont contain everything from the game (for example the worm flemoids or the quadruple flemoid etc). But turn out Ultimate Doom Builder have the configs for Chex and Chex3 in hexen format and UDMF format, but for some reason its not set by default in the editor. =================================================================================================== In order to activate them in Ultimate Doom Builder just follow the next steps: 1) Find your Configuration Folder in your Ultimate Doom builder and then the "Other Games" Folder and click on it 2) once inside "Other Games Folder" you will find games folders such as Action Doom, Chex Quest 1 and 3 and Harmony. for now we going to focus only on Chex Quest 3 Folder and we going to find format configs and "Include Folder", what we need to do first it just to Copy/Cut/Move the format config first (dont worry about include folder we going to deal with that later) 3) Now, remember the Include Folder inside Chex Quest 3 Folder? there also one in Chex Quest Folder you need to move both folder files TO the "Include" Folder of "Configurations" of your Ultimate Doom Builder. just to be clear you only need to move only the config files to this path (because this sound confusing) i mean this: Move the files of this folder path >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to this Path: Ultimate Doom Builder/Configurations/Other Games/Chex Quest/Includes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ultimate Doom Builder/Configurations/IncludeS Move the files of this folder path >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to this Path: Ultimate Doom Builder/Configurations/Other Games/Chex Quest 3/Includes >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ultimate Doom Builder/Configurations/IncludeS (Yes you also need to move the files inside "Includes" from the "Chex Quest folder" ) if everything its right once you open your Ultimate Doom Builder the Chex Quest confings should be listed now only thing left to do its just to set up the wad and its ready to map. and i really hope to see those awesome maps :). if still confusing i will update it with more pics.
  15. Z0k

    How to make maps for Chex Quest?

    im looking info about the format just in case in a future i want to make a chex quest level. so what if i change my Doom UDFM format iwad to chex3 iwad. would work without any troubles?