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  1. Z0k

    Best way to play Hexen in 2021?

    its there anything like smooth doom for Heretic/Hexen? i know there is the korax mod but something like smooth doom for heretic/hexen would be welcome since gzdoom its the most used por for these games.
  2. Z0k

    AI Generated Title Screens

    Darkmoon (funny enough looks like its inverted but showing on top the "dark side" of the moon) Complexe16 (looks like those art museum) the freedoom levels... (C1M5- Main Control) (C2M5 - Fortress 31 this looks awesome) (M15 - Hostile Takeover, kinda looks like pets going to take over the owner at sleep) (M28 - Grim redoubt, ehmm its ok i guess?) (M12 - Railroads)
  3. Z0k

    map07 text screen

    unless something have been added on lastest port features that im not aware of, but you cant change the text of a map without mapinfo, can you post your mapinfo? because its sounds like the example used for it was the mapinfo of map30 instead map07.
  4. well 30 sept and my cell is still going, but yes i made the thread not with click baiting intention, but there also many things i dont understand how that could make my cellphone not being able to browse the net just because a certificate expires. thus why i wanted to get oriented if this could be possible or not. i should have suspected because as i said, spanish news media tend to be like this and specially i wouldnt even able to find an article on english as i dont know which one are reliable too, but then i started to have my doubts when a national media news in my country published it too. im glad my phone is working fine, because as other, i though too this looked more like a scheme to make you buy new stuff, how come my cellphone just 3 years old its now obsolete just because of that?. well anyways i guess this thread can be closed and put it down, and sorry for anyone could have got mad because my doubts. and thanks for everyone who helped me to clear my doubts.
  5. i honestly didnt know about this until my girlfriend told me about if she dont reply back at september 30th its because internet shutdown: my real doubt its come on the list of devices affected because some articles have variations on the devices (and i just found one that said androids 6.0 are also affected) because i cant just update my android and its on the lastest 6.0 so basically if this true i wouldnt be able to use it which its important for me at my work. most of media (spanish ones) says you wouldnt be able to use internet so i just ask to the pro´s in this topic if can be a bit clear about this.
  6. Z0k

    Post your Doom textures!

    Those will be so useful, many thanks!
  7. Z0k

    Dad play(ed) Doom

    my dad tried to play doom when he was curious why his 4 years old played a lot a violent game as doom, he just didnt understood the game. my older sister tried but she got dizzy with the movement. my younger sister i think she barely played it but was my older brother who introduced me in doom, he played in general all the doom games available (i mean he played the PSX one i never got the chance)
  8. Z0k

    Han jugado esta maravilla? :D

    Creo que llamarias mas la atencion si tu post estuviera en ingles. De mi parte creo que esa version es la de iphone?? solo he jugado las versiones de java y me gustaron por la misma razon que fueron diseñadas para ser jugados en un telefono y asumo que la unica diferencia entre la de java y la de iphone es el detalle de los niveles. Si son canon o no, no sabria decirlo. pero supongo alguien con mucho mas conocimiento profundo del lore podria decirte.
  9. Z0k

    Nintendo are being jerks again

    yeah i was thinking about it. while PS have they ip stars it dont feel it get more attention than DK and its expandong, prolly its the reason why i have my eyes on nickelodeon all stars brawl.
  10. Z0k

    Nintendo are being jerks again

    heh we used to said "if nintendo shut it down its because its getting a remake/rework, event, etc" like it happened with Another Metroid 2 Remake, i didnt got a chance to play samus return because my 3ds just died, but looking at some gameplay and stuff i found the AM2R very awesome and full of lore wise. i never understood why others smash like games werent that big, maybe weird mechanic? or bad physics? idk but im quite eager to play this one and in perspective i dont find anything weird in the gameplay like others.
  11. sbw37

    hey z0k. just wanted to tell you that i got around to playing your knee deep in the dead episode for doom 64 ex and let me tell ya...its fantastic. very well done no lie. even your remix to some of the music really makes it stand out like how redemption denied and the reckoning was created. have you retained any interest in recreating the next 3 episodes similar to how you recreated episode 1? imho it would be quite awesome lol

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    2. sbw37


      youre working on heretic as well? that game hasnt gotten any love/attention in recent years along with hexen. now you got me pumped lol that should turn out quite awesome. how far along are you? 

    3. Z0k


      i used to have one called gherenew which its a heretic with hub style like hexen but stopped it it have like 6 maps (intro map, hub map, and 4 maps) but got out of ideas for the fortress, instead letting the project rot away i donated the maps for my friend onox hexen project called "Cult of Despair" which i also worked some parts on his project (i made him the first hub map which its a forest like map in the night, the second hub map which its a desert remaking a concept he have)



      (here is a screen of map01, left its the actual remake of my gherenew wad and right its the old level e1m1 of gherenew you can find some screens too here: https://imgur.com/a/yQoG6qo )


      if you are interested of my friend project this the thread of his work:

      if you are interested in gherenew you can find it in the section "unfinished works" in this thread:

      i must said all of these works are a bit old so my mapping must be different from what i do now. one of the biggest reason im doing darkmoon first its because i want to dedicated myself only to the remake of gherenew after all my projects are done, because i dont want just to make levels, i also want to  many add other stuff.

    4. sbw37


      dude that looks wicked awesome! no lie

  12. Z0k

    What is this type of door called?

    its possible using zdoom UDMF format and you can achieve it trough animated doors. you only need to define the door frames in ANIMDEFS, after setting up the frames of the door and some sound trough SNDINFO and SNDSEQ (not required but only if you want to have it sound) you only need to set them in the editor as any other doom in doom (you know lowering the ceiling to the floor heigh) and use the action 14-ANIMATED DOOR, setting up the values for the animation speed, delay and any other option and its ready to go. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Door_Animated
  13. Z0k

    Doom Netflix original series

    mmmm i liked castlevania (some things i didnt liked but otherwise was an OK show) but after what they did with He-Man, i definitevely wouldnt like a doom show from netflix
  14. Z0k

    Share Your Sprites!

    certainly a big improvement over the original sprites @TommyGalano5 just curious but any plans to do the same for the other iwads?