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  1. probably the only thing i would change its e3m7 limbo, not something so harsh like an entirely new level. just to make each teleporter unique so i can remember which way its so i dont spent so much time trying every teleporter to find my path.
  2. Z0k

    Does anyone make Joke Wads anymore?

    i just honestly miss joke wads where their plot it was about things that happened in the community or that involve some of the members of the community like the "Oh no Community is Falling series" things like that controversy around certain "mapper" about it assets or the haxxor kid that hacked Doomworld could have made a good entry for the "Oh no community falling" series
  3. Yes i do love killing pinkies with the SSG or beserk specially if i use smooth doom just because it can gib them
  4. its its doom3 texture set :)
  5. after years of being layz got back my desire to map and good thing it was for darkmoon and i got back on trying to finish the map07 i barely started the map07 (light havent even set) prolly have like around 15% done, but im just happy that now i can map again for this project and to have the idea for what i want for this map
  6. this area was supposed to be only "decorative" i mean you wouldnt be able to access in it and only watch it trough windows.... i hate myself because now im detailing too much just to be an area for a window and sadly its not even a path you are supposed to take to continue the map. i guess it will stay with some doors blocked with flesh or locked and just for fun of exploring it. but im really liked this map because i got a quite idea for it unlike the map05 of darkmoon which got inmesively long because i didnt know what i wanted for it (although replaying the map i liked it the action).




    i mean it was only supposed to be look trough the windows of this area


    but im happy that i got my desire to do more mapping, and more happy that it was for darkmoon because it got really paused after the last demo phobos released it, good thing i really planned how the map would be once i finish this map we only need to do map 08 and 09 so its a step closer to finish this old proyect.


    and probably... i have to redo a map05 because if you look at the actual map05....


    its a monter, and it have like almost all the beastiary of darkmoon  inside of it. also one of the most detailed maps i have ever made, but its a mess of navigation because players get lost, i honestly think its better redo it bu also there is another alternative and its locking almost every path with the yellow key and only make it mandatory to get blu and red key which could be a lineal path, if players want to explore they could find the yellow key on the exit area from red door and explore those yellow locked path but still dont know if that would be good instead making a new one.

  7. Z0k

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    we going to get a notification like the red banner when its get fixed (or pinned thread)? because i want to change passwords but i read doing now wasnt recommended because problem isnt fixed yet.
  8. Z0k

    Share Your Sprites!

    i use: https://imgbox.com/ you can create an account and have many albums you like for your images. Nice Sprite btw
  9. Well E2M2 its done but im not happy with the final product:




    So 99% of the original map its there but its missing one single zone, probably nobody will notice it because i consider it impact on the level it just nothing (i mean it dont add nothing to the gameplay on the original) and its the acid tunnel you have to walk if you happen to fall from the red door pit area. for some odd reason that single zone it was throwing me this error:




    but its the same error i got on my complexe16 map03 when i added to much detail to a pipe and some ceiling for light. im not a techie expert so what i just consider from "Blockmap = Index >= Numlines" its that i somehow hit the number lines allowed in Doom64? idk im just not a techie.




    Who know what could be but sadly i just have to keep E2M2 like i did i cant even be sure if can add details to the missing sectors because probably i will hit again that limit? maybe its a limit on that Doom64 Ex version and the remaster dont have it? i probably have to test it later.


    Now it just gameplay testing and add some monsters if it needed

  10. imagen.png.e85c0d9fac346b620821f0aed67c28af.pngafter one month E2M2 ready and i think i will take a rest from it to later work on E2M3. Main Layout its ready and some of the scripts should work without much trouble as these are simple, the box area from the yellow key area arent detailed and im thinking i wouldnt detail it because what i can add to those boxes? monsters big boxes make it harder to work around it (like if i wanted to add imp cages around the boxes would be a big problem due the big box of their hitbox)


    only left thing to do its to add detail to the long acid tunnel of the left side which its almost done and some details to the south area. so theorically its playable now.


    i think, spawning monsters on previous area woudlnt be a thing here since E2M2 dont have lot of backtracks like previous maps on E1, and i feel the traps and ambushes are just enough for the map. this map was hard for me to work because it just BIG and of "contaiment" dont have anything its feel more like a warehouse with power stations to power up the whole base, but start to get corrupted at the center of the base or thats what i make me believe the original design.


    For Episode 2 a think what im start disliking its the ambient light color i choose because doom64 dont have a sky that looks like deimos from E2 so im using the one with orange sky and mountains. and that whats im using for ambient lighting (zones without artificial or hellish lighting, Episode 1 used a night blue light because whole sky setting were space) but i guess i can change that later if the reception its negative.


    lastly i think im going to add the custom doom64 textures from Realm667 and the ones i found in a big image in the post your texture thread (if somone know the name of the author i would appreciate it because i cant find which page i found it) just to have a variety. tomorrow i should be done with the map

  11. Almost done, first will finish the layout because this map it have more  amount of sectors, linedef and vertex than any other of my d64 maps, this worries me because map03 of complexe16 have way more detail and for some reason D64 Ex crashed and have to remove a lot of lines to make it work (maybe was a bad drawn sector or maybe was the amount of lines and sector idk what were the problem)


    im also considering using custom textures since now doom64 remaster have support for them, i want to use those "Doom to Doom64 style" but sadly not all  of the classic Doom are made in those style (Specially marble faces, i could merge the classic baron face to one of the hell textures of doom64 but i feel it wouldnt fit because the classic baron look) it took me a while considering it because i just wanted to stick only with doom64 stock textures but i think would be a good idea now (also because doom64 boxes textures dont looks good when tiled in wide walls).imagen.png.032dc667a674bafc64040afbd38bb181.png

  12. Z0k

    Help w/ 3d bridges (Boom)

    TBH i never have tried to do this kind of sector trick. but since you want the lines in your sector bridge so you can set them a middle texture. have you tried first draw the sector with all the lines you need for the bridge texture, then after drawing the lines, select all the sector with the lines and use "Join Sector" (J) option and then do everything else from the invisible bridge sector trick?
  13. Z0k

    How can I make NPC marines run?

    Yes the link i gave you its someting you need to do trough ACS with the https://zdoom.org/wiki/SetActorProperty there also a table of contents of properties you can use as well with some examples.
  14. Z0k

    How can I make NPC marines run?

    You mean their movement speed? probably you have to use the ACS to change the values of the Actor Properties look for APROP_Speed and tag that ACS to the marines you want a faster running speed.