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  1. i have to be that guy who like weird things but... what song its the midi used on this page?
  2. Z0k

    the f#ck that thread

    fuck those spiral knights merchants players that sell stuff overpriced (200,000 energy for an accesory that barely anyone will buy and specially with the low population in the game, just take on mind that 45,000 energy is 49.99 usd) fuck those devs of tree of savior and wakfu who believe the best thing to do on their dead game is making the whole player base "work" in their game instead playing (i mean freaking grind i have played grnd games but those two are just now a work and not a game, wakfu recently changed to this due the awesome idea of the dev siu of an enchancement system with 5 layers or rng on the equipment)
  3. Z0k

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    My Freedoom maps and complexe16 (well any wad i have ever made)
  4. Its my character in a game called Spiral Knight (which basically plays like a zelda) i just customized it to looks like a dark lord
  5. Z0k

    Make Some Entertaining Joke Wads

    i though the screens were from the first map of this project, now im a sad panda. now thinking about it, it make me more a sad panda due all the drama we have witness in the forums could have made a good "OH NO COMMUNITY IS FALLING" 6 and 7 (i guess the last was 5?) but oh boy how i miss those series frm kaiser
  6. Z0k

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    (Zok from the Herculoids by Hannah Barbera) Basically the reason of my nickname, but "zok" was already taken and probably the user here not even plays doom or use it anymore so i have to put a 0 (zero) in my nickname so i can register my account i probably should change my nickname but meh. but sometimes even at TF2 people think my nickname is "Zeta Zero Kay" instead Zok. i dont know why... but ok
  7. i always play on black plague skill set and what i find annoying its to find a iron lich because their small tornado attack, but as soon i get necromancer gauntlets and tome of power its pretty fun to go crazy trying to tear down everyone with that precious and awesome life steal
  8. Z0k

    Your mapping fears

    this pretty much are my fears as i dont have many replies on what i can improve or where my mapping fails then lost motivation to do more mapping, but actually working in a project with DmPhobos, but then again i still have my fear as my map05 im pretty sure is bad and i honestly dont know where are my mistakes.
  9. Z0k

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Quake 1-3, Half Life Saga, Team Fortres 2, Heretic, Hexen I & II, Strife, Chex Quest, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior
  10. Z0k

    Does Mayonnaise belong on pizza?

    okonomiyaki its called the japanese pizza and have mayonaise but most of it its veggies with some shrimp and few meat so i guess thats why mayoinaise goes well with it although im speaking of okonimayaki prepared by Mexican and sometimes the japanese food made here isnt exactly like would be made in japan (i mean most sushi here have avocado and philadelphia cheese-cream). Dominos Pizza here give you a little sauce package called chimichurri which is a sort of mix of chili and other stuff but the base for this sauce is mayoinase (you can practically feel the flavor) and taste pretty nice in the pizza but of course its also the mix of other ingredients in the sauce. i wouldnt put mayoinase only though but i wouldnt mind adding a bit of that chimichurri.
  11. Z0k

    Post your Doom textures!

    im still waiting for the "Yellow green" variant
  12. i think would get more attention if you can post some screens of it.
  13. Z0k

    My Doom 1 and 2 PC Wads are pirated.

    my wads are pirated too. i got them from my broher who downloaded them from kazaa or emule. i was a kid in that time and my parents wouldnt buy a game that probably worth around 500-800 Mexican Pesos (even at those times that were a lot of money) and living in Mexico in those times finding games wasnt hard if you lived in Mexico City or the north border states of Mexico, But if you lived in Chiapas like i do (far south of Mexico i mean our neighbor is Guatemala) finding doom in any store was a freaking quest like trying to find the holy grail and even if you did would be expensive as heck. but i hope i redeemed myself as i got the games again as complete pack and price from steam as sorry and thanks for all of those years of fun they give to me.
  14. Z0k

    Doom Builder Secret Levels Anywhere?

    you needmapinfo as other stated gokuma posted a small example of mapinfo. how do you add mapinfo to your wad via slade3? by using "Archive" then "New Entry" name your entry as mapinfo and presto (dont copy what its behind <<<<<< in the next example) if you check that script gokuma leave to you, it show that map01 have the secret exit which its marked as map10 if you want the exit of the secret map to be in other map just do the same as that script. also you can define in mapinfo the text when you exit to the secret map or... if you are just lazy enough and you are working in Doom2 Doom in Hexen format (or UDMF) just use the action "teleport to map" and in map number just put the number of your secret map. however without mapinfo you wouldnt have a text once you enter that secret map.