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  1. Z0k

    New Forum

    thats pretty much my opinion
  2. Z0k

    Doom 3 Textures for Doom

    Many thanks for this! this certainly will come handy for our project: Before with the old textures: Now with the new textures frm this thread: many thanks for the effort doing this new texture pack!
  3. Z0k

    Freedoom should be limit removing

    No need to "shouting me" now i believe you have something against me. Anyone can answer politely just a single answer without be rude, geez
  4. Z0k

    Freedoom should be limit removing

    i posted this like i dont remember how much time ago, the first time i remember made the map15 for freedoom the project was aiming for boom compatibility, however i made the map pure vanilla because i never made a map under boom format, then the project swichted to vanilla format but limit removing, then vanilla but with the vanilla limitation. so in the end, who is the project leader? i though chungy with vanilla compatibility its was the the "setting stone" now guys have a change of heart. anyway so the word of "who" should be take so the project can go with something set without "swicht" again. going like that freedoom would be stuck in a limbo.
  5. Z0k

    Nex Credo

    just to be clear: I never said i would like my maps dont be replaced. if i wasnt clear about that then sorry for the misunderstood, since im not english native. so please dont said "things" in my name because its annoying people say "just because he said it". i understand how a project work. if it good to go, fine. if not bad luck brian i guess. i was pointing freedoom needed more control over the project, i remember back when the project was aiming vanilla only, then the idea of limit removing come, then the "boom" features come again, and now its vanilla only. this why the project need to decide What they want and stay locked on it. And yes like anyone else who spent time doing something would be dissapointed by the decision but not something like "Oh booho i dont want my maps replaced" since in the end only the leader project have the last word and people should accept what the project leader want for such project and that its something i respect. EDIT: just for future reference i NEVER said such thing, i accepted the fact that my maps would be removed because the detail. https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1534643 https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1535063 https://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1535069 Look Voros: its fine you dont like my maps no everybody would like every map, everyone have their tastes. what i dont like its you telling stuff i wouldnt. if you dont like my maps its fine, just dont make me look like "i booho dont want my maps replaced" that for me its like you have more things agaisnt me just because you didnt like my maps.
  6. Z0k

    Freedoom need better maps

    No i only donated the maps i listed. because freedoom in that moment didnt have more slots with tech bases (my favorite kind of map) so thats why after map28 made e1m5 and e2m5 since those slots were available EDIT: i maaay be wrong with the author, but if map13 its what looks like you start in some sort of alley near of a burning barrel and ruined wall with a fence, i think that map was made by WesleyJohnshon. again i could be wrong with the author.
  7. Z0k

    Freedoom need better maps

    then i should have kept the linearity instead making it less linear with most of the area open. but most of the map it just pretty much a corridor connected to doors. so most of the description of your gameplay make me wonder why is like that as "i dont remember add a lot of doors". map12 shouldnt be a problem too since its a pretty big open map where you can go anywhere even without keys (if you find the secrets) but even if you dont find it. pretty much the keys path are set to go there and there, just with some extra door to enter on such area if you dont want to go to through the main area. but anyway this shouldnt be a trouble since those maps going to be removed once the vanilla only limit its set
  8. Z0k

    Freedoom need better maps

    is this the map15 you played?: http://imgur.com/a/ljOL0 im asuming no because you may be playing the new version and as well i dont remember that my map15 were so cryptic (in fact one thing that bothered me with my map15 for freedoom was the linearity so i have to change it a bit like you can explore most of the base zones but you need keys for the important zones) i donated a lot of maps made only for freedoom (e1m5-e2m5, Map12, map15, map28) and all of them were removed because "vanilla aim", limit removing could have been a good option but probably they wanted to aim the project for more mobiles devices (since is the main thing now) so pretty much anything that dont fit the limit of vanilla should be removed and reworked. i would like to make maps again for freedoom, but vanilla limits (i mean certain amount of sector lines vertex things, not vanilla format) its something i cant do, i dont like to make rooms to be a bit empty and even if i try i would end detailing them (because honestly freedoom texture are just too sweet to work with). also i wouldnt like to make again maps that took me months only to be removed again because now the project have another aim, freedoom need to know what they want instead "no we want this" "now we dont need this we should go this instead". because thats what stop project progress. maybe they can get some of the 1 hour speed map sessions donated to the project as im assuming those 1 hour speed map should be on the same standard for a pure vanilla limit map and since most of the good mappers works on these kind of projects, those maps should have good quality and gameplay
  9. Z0k

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    of course, you only need the lastest Gzdoom version. (although mine version is 1-8-02 and still runs without trouble)
  10. Z0k

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    @Demonologist: since nobody have complained about heavy FPS drop due dynamic lights (and considering that most of the gzdoom mods use them) we probably can work only with them from now, of course on certain areas we can still rely on sector light (like those light floors on the train area in map03). but yeah light its something we will keep working until we find the good way make them work. monster placement also its one of my main concerns im glad that map03 feels good in that term, about monsters dont activate it when see players i added some "cant see" lines flags i though could be a bit "hard" having monsters comings in waves in that big areas but then i realize could be unfair for monsters since players can shoot them down earlier. i will try to find a way to balance this since the big area of the storage area its where monsters have more spaces to get around the obstacles. @prologue-9: thanks for honest opinion in map01. maybe we can replace some of the scientist with imps or zombie pistol, or i can move the shotgun guys somewhere around the "mid place" of the map so player can get it and yet still killing bunch of baddies around (or even replace the stimp patch you get by crouching trough the vent with a shotgun so can be a reward for exploring and yet have to kill some baddies after get it) about traps we still going to add them in late maps since map01 to 03 its to get used players to the new enemies behavior, from map05 on onwards maps will get more traps than the "piece of cake" that were map01 to 03. as well with new monsters since we want to introduce the monsters in earlier maps to make them common in late maps. @PRIMEVAL: glad you liked it! if you can give you feedback or what we can improve we would appreciate it too!. we work around community feedback! so really many thanks for those honest opinion guys. :)
  11. Z0k

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    Well on my side its because i though doom3 didnt have an map editor at that time (didnt know come integrated with the game) and i barely have some experience with 3d mapping (i only made just a few quake3 map for my rail freezer at that time and only for the server we use for personal use since adding "custom maps" to our popular server made people "stay away" from it for some odd reason) so pretty much thats the reason, i barely have some experience with q3radiant. probably after finishing this project with phobos, im going to make some maps for Sven Coop since i notice those maps are a lot cramped, criptic or barely enemy to kill.
  12. Z0k

    Darkmoon [New maps added!]

    Things i would like to get as feedback: monster placement: map03 i tried to work again with my thing placement. Sector light or Dinamyc Light: the map03 uses a bit more dinamyc light and some sector brigthness from GLDEFS. and less sectir lights, only on certain areas. reason we want to go use only Dinamyc Lights, the problem its i dont know how these will affect the FPS in the game since sometimes a lot of DL can low your FPS. Feedback its always appreciated because we work around this
  13. pretty much this my only problem with Doom 2016
  14. Z0k

    my experience in the doomworld fourms.wad

    honestly? yes if he want to improve, if not then it just another troll who will keep doing the same kind of map over and over again.
  15. Z0k

    my experience in the doomworld fourms.wad

    You see Zerthex i saw the "map09" and even for vanilla aim. i feel its not enough since it just a corridor connected each other. i looked trough my first wad with some of my old maps and honestly my maps frm map 01 to map12, All where square rooms with 64x32 doors because i didnt know how to reduce the size of the grids by that time. map 13 and 14 still have a bit squary sectors but at least now they have different sizes and a bit of more random forms (but yet squary). it took me until map 18 where i start to use less squary sectors and more rounded corners and all. but you have more than squary sectors since you actually try different sector forms and this is a good thing. about thing placement. im not good at that too, thing placement for my submission for THT project was all work by fonze i just only worked in the map layout which also fonze help me to fill parts where i didnt have idea on how to continue (the cemetery he did is still something i like) but when i do thing placement the only thing i have on mind its: if cant make it out trough the level with pistol start, then problably nobody else will unless they are a mega pro. im not a pro a doom. but also that dont means i suck at doom (at least i still can fist punch every monster in game and get out alive to tell it. except cyberdemon which sometimes kill me and spider mastermind for obvious reason). anyway what i mean, try to place monster things as you like, try it and if you find it harder that take you like 10-20 tries to get out of that level then its way too hard and probably way too hard for everyone else and take into consideration things like for example: if it too easy for you despite you place like 5 archvile, and 30 revenants in a room, that doesnt mean that everyone would find that room easy. in short: keep working on that map dont post it when you made it under 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week. just keep working and working lets say, 2 weeks for example trying different texture mix, different things placement, add a room that would make interesting place, for example in map "house of pain" from Doom i found interesting that room with those hanging dudes you see in the window because was something i never saw in the previous episodes. so yeah add scenery or things that make unique such room. you dont need to make an epic detailed map to be a "good map" you only need to work more time in yours maps to achieve a acceptable work. but if you keep poping a map like this one then probably people would take you more a troll than someone who honestrly try to improve the map. just try it pal :)