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  1. Livo

    Do the enemies take gradual damage?

    I wish that Doom 4 would have a more free flowing approach with the chainsaw, instead of being locked into a canned animation for a few seconds. In Shadow Warrior 2013, there's dynamic dismemberment of the enemies (with enemy reactions and animations varying depending on where they were hit) with the katana that's much smoother, with no QTEs at all. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76db-QSJu-k https://youtu.be/EeCxMxS25gs Obviously a chainsaw wouldn't be as precise and would be much more unwieldy, but you can see in the above videos how you could adapt an dismemberment melee approach like the SW 2013 katana to Doom 4 to keep things interesting and fast paced.
  2. Livo

    Secondary fire modes?

    The latest Doom 4 videos have shown a few different secondary fire modes that seem to involve choosing between attachments. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any fire modes you guys would like to see in the game? So far I've noticed: * There's a small square icon above the ammo counter bar whenever an attachment/ammo type is available. The name of the attachment/ammo type appears briefly when that weapon is selected. * Super Chainsaw. In both videos, the chainsaw is actually called a "Super Chainsaw" and there's the same icon above the ammo bar. Given that the chainsaw "ammo" counter remains at 6 throughout the footage we've seen, maybe the secondary fire mode performs a unique type of dismemberment that works on higher-tier enemies, but uses "ammo" to do so? * Heavy assault rifle has a removable "Tactical Scope" and a "Micro Missiles" attachment fire mode. The latter seems to use the same ammo as primary fire and possibly has a cool-down state. * Shotgun has a rapid fire attachment which fires three shells in quick succession. * Plasma rifle has and a "Heat Burst" mode/attachment (Hell video 2:50 in, it's hard to see) and also a "Stun Shot" (E3 demonstration video at 5:26, again had to see). I couldn't see any real difference between fire modes in the videos though. Perhaps the Heat Burst mode burns through certain enemies?
  3. Livo

    Reveal thread from EE forum (split)

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2015-06-15-bethesda-reveals-first-doom-gameplay Here's the 9 minute video. For people who saw the closed room trailer last year, I assume it's exactly the same video? Also here's their two minute trailer (BOSS SPOILERS!) https://youtu.be/rXAF8CnSoX4 The greater emphasis on player movement is great, hopefully they'll make good use of verticality throughout the game. I'm not so sure about the fatalities: as mentioned above, they look nice but they could get pretty repetitive (both gameplay and animation wise) and slow things down. I assume that they'll take an extra button press to perform, so I guess that we could avoid them. Weapons sounds are meh. Not a big fan of a lot of the enemies having (mostly) similar colour palettes. I'm not asking for bright cartoony or neon colours but some differentiation would be nice
  4. Livo

    Doom 3: Phobos

    Rather than ask about the atmosphere, gameplay or level design of Phobos, here's a question that's been bugging me for ages: Will Doomguy have a helmet? :p If so, will it be the same as the other Marine models in the game the, or the more classic look? On a slightly more serious note, will the demons move around the levels more than they did in Doom 3? In the original Doom, whilst their spawn locations were static, they tend to wander around a fair bit, and they can still surprise you on occasion, whereas I didn't really seem much movement from the demons (apart from a few Commandos occasionally walking back and forth) in Doom 3. Another suggestion would be demons spawning in random locations in some parts of the map: this would definitely increase the tension and replayability.
  5. Livo

    Classic and Modern FPS

    Hehehe, I meant that he used a certain method of converting the art (since the MI2 backgrounds were hand painted) and when I made that post, I wasn't sure if you can do that with most modern game engines or just the Crytek one. His website is down, but you can still view it through the internet archive where he explains how he did it; he used camera mapping to project the 2D image onto specifically shaped 3d geometry. http://web.archive.org/web/20090731143817/http://www.loneclone.de/projects/monkey.htm Unfortunately, the pictures are broken, which is a shame because he used to have detailed images showing each step in the process.
  6. Livo

    Classic and Modern FPS

    Certainly 2D art games can have a more striking aesthetic and age much better than some of the earlier 3D titles. There's something still visually appealing with older games like the Curse of Monkey Island and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Off-topic; a few years ago, a gentleman figured out a way to convert the 2D high (ish) resolution backgrounds of Monkey Island 2 to 3D with the Crysis engine, which preserves the original art style extremely well. http://youtu.be/Wzoek-uAPek Unfortunately, he never released his work publicly, as I think he was hired by Crytek shortly afterwards. I don't know if this technique would work with other engines, but if so, I hope that it gets used a hell of a lot more in the future.
  7. Livo

    Aubrey Hodges info

    I have a question about the Spider Mastermind. In the PSX version, it uses the same sound for both spotting the player and dying, whereas all the other demons have two separate ones. Was this due to memory limitations, or was it because of a lack of time left in development?
  8. Livo

    Best Way to Clone HDD to SSD?

    Off topic question; I'd like to replace my 500gb HP laptop hard drive (from 2010) with a 750gb or 1TB model, can anyone recommend any particular models? SSDs are too pricy for me, so forget those. My main priority is reliability first and then the noise level (it'll be used for uni work and storing media), and I'm fine with either a 5400rpm or 7200rpm model. I've looked at some Toshiba, Samsung and Hitachi models, but the lack of clear warranty information on some of the Toshiba and Samsung models is fairly concerning. Cheers,
  9. Livo

    My take on the BFG Edition.

    The zombies that stand back up* in the leaked Doom 3 alpha don't have ragdoll physics, they fall down the same way each time. I guess iD decided to use ragdolls instead, since they were starting to be used in games around the time and they were all the rage. Today, some games blend ragdolls and animations so they can have enemies get back up when knocked down (yet use ragdoll physics when they die), but in 2004, iD probably had other priorities. Oh, there's the Realistic Weapons mod (video at link) which changes the weapon sounds for regular Doom 3, but it also changes their accuracy and damage values a fair bit. Might be worth looking at and see if you could just use the sounds for your own Doom 3 use. * If you stand on them after they fall down, they try to sit up, but can't due to your weight, so they just struggle until you step off :p
  10. Dumb suggestion; perhaps you could base the D64 revenant on the original Revenant model? Add an armoured vest, perhaps put a little bit of dripping flesh or gore on the face and/or also some small cybernetics on the hips and legs and voila.
  11. Livo

    DOOM 3 BFG Edition - Debut Trailer

    I think the trouble with Doom 3 was that it didn't have a constant fear of death and restricted player movement (among other things) to be a proper survival horror type game, but the weapons lacked punch and the action wasn't quite frantic or visceral enough to be a fast paced shooter like the original Doom. I felt that Doom 3 was trying to be both things at once and succeeding at neither when it came out.
  12. Livo

    Duke 64 mod for Zdoom

    I have JonoF's port, but I can't even get it to load, how did you manage to do it (albeit it screwed up as it is)?
  13. Livo

    Not recognising card properly

    I've done a search but found no luck, so I apologise if this has been answered before. I havre the Doom 3 demo and have a 128 meg Ti4200 (yes, I've checked with the Start Menu and third-party software, I do have a 128 meg card), but it's only recognising my card as a 64 meg one. How can I remedy this? I've looked at the .config files but I couldn't find anything that remotely resembled what might be causing this. Can anyone help? Thanks,
  14. Livo

    Duke 64 mod for Zdoom

    Is it me or is that Doom conversion for Duke 3D corrupted? I keep getting a "runtime error 200 at 0120:0091" error whenever I try and run it. I do have Atomic Edition and that runs fine, so I don't know what the problem is. I've tried using VDMS sound but no luck.
  15. Livo

    home protection

    Training, training and more training is what really matters, regardless of what firearm you purchase. Mindset is also crucial. Virtually all types of buckshot and rounds from numerous calibres will go through most interior walls. Buckshot will penetrate to the other side, as people have found out the hard way, even the lighter loads. But most importantly, ask yourselm do you really need a firearm to protect yourself and your family? Are there other measures you can take to make your home more secure? Remember, it's SELF-DEFENSE NOT PROPERTY DEFENSE!