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  1. never played TNT much so I hardly know the levels and only JUST beat Deepest Reaches with only 10 shells and 9hp to spare.. then as soon as I get into Processing Center(I think thats its name) I get bombarded with some shotgun guys and I killed em quick but soon as I go inside the building some chaingunners own me before I can say fuck and they proceed to do so for about 5 respawns.. then I managed to find some HP and Ammo.. then some damn Renevents get me! so I gotta go thru all of it again.. only to get owned by an Arch ville in the yellow door! then I restart again.. managed to kill the Arch ville.. only to have a bunch of pinkys teleport and surround me and kill me!!

    But on my.. I think 10th try.. I managed to find a Plasma rifle in the blue door.. then a bunch of dudes teleport in on me BEFORE I get the red key.. so I quickly ran outta the room but cause I forgot the red key I had to go back.. thank god for all the unused plasma cells I had man cause I would of died again those Chaingunners and Shotgun guys own.. then I spot and Archville and im like **** but thankfully infighting accured and the Archville was distracted to I just cell'ed em all and grabbed the Red key.. THEN a bunch of Lost souls turn up cause of a damn Pain elemental! but I managed to take em out and then found the exit..

    Next stop! The Mill!

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      I think stuff like this belongs in blogs...