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  1. Oxycodone in liquid form.
  2. "or possibly take it a step further?" Great image you got into my mind now, thanks.
  3. Got busted for weed and had to serve 2 years in jail. I waked up tho.
  4. I'm doing some shitty music myself, with FL Studio 11 and Guitar/Bass. But here's some rap i like.
  5. MAP10
  6. I actually planned on replacing with Win7 but it's suprisingly good, basically 0 problems thus far. No problems with source ports such as PrBoom+ Doom64 EX, ZDaemon, Z/GZDoom, Chocolate Doom or Doom Retro. Just Cause 2 and Serious Sam HD didn't work for me though, but i haven't looked it up so can't confirm it's exclusively a Win10 issue.
  7. Feels good man, it's really cool to recreate a place you know in Doombuilder as accurately as possible. I'm currently finishing a map of my old school, lol. Also, recreating maps from other games is really cool.
  8. Doomkid, noice, one also has to know some theory to make those bars come togheter nicely, but it's pretty easy overall, the notes will be learned pretty quickly + all the other theory stuff, great way to expand music theory knowledge actually.
  10. Here's some more good stuff: Chainsaw Discharge Exploited I know Com Truise is not metal but it's chill as fuck
  11. One could always check out the band i'm in We make thrash. Also this is some groovy death metal. joe-ilya you're posting some good shit btw
  12. TOCA 2 Touring Cars. Didn't even run on my old crappy PC lol.
  13. Phml, lol It looks pretty good tho, and you can get a key from ebay for about 30, i will probably get this, Mafia 1 was one of the best games ever and 2 was not bad either.
  14. I played the first several levels. It's pretty cool. Nice design, cool music and cool gameplay ideas, will finish it and give my full report.