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  1. EVIL

    All the monsters and Boss list

    Are people blind? the baron of hell in doom classic looked exactly like, thats right, the hellknight, only the colour was diffrent. Guess what, the baron of hell in doom3 looks the same as the hellknight, only the baron of hell has pentagram cuts and scars on his body, and the hellknight doesn't
  2. its on the 2th page I think (between the page with the big hellknight and the imp getting shot in teh belly screenshots) you can see the collage of little pictures, you can clearly see some hovering creature with a big toothy mouth, multiple eyes and tentacles coming out of the back and horns all over the place.. looks really cool.
  3. EVIL

    The D3 Rant Thread!

    I heard that the mancubus was already female in the original doom. it has some very female anatomy. (stomach area) And I believe id said this to in some article, I'l search for it later if you want.
  4. EVIL

    Moving and bobbing

    I think I heard it to be banned because it messed up some guys sense for balance permenently. not sure tho.
  5. EVIL

    The current id team

    I wasnt talking abut any doom3 shit, just talking abou his q3 skins. However some of the concept art of doom3 are from kenneth. I believe the baron of hell one is or hellknight, dont know. The one with the horns and the same mouth as the hellknight. they have the same style as some of his sketches.
  6. EVIL

    APRIL 15

    you pay 60 bucks for a game? *whisper* "I think you are being ripped off." *whisper* :)
  7. lol, just as the administrators gave me this subtitle last year :) I guess they want to show who's in controll .. lol
  8. EVIL

    Finally, some new info (SPOILERS)

    Your a l33t killer marine, you dont need iron sight's :)
  9. EVIL

    Finally, some new info (SPOILERS)

    since it shows up in the x-box version and I remember id ranted that the x-box will be identical to the pc one as to art and content.
  10. EVIL

    Are corpses going to decay?

    the gamepro mag page 36 "demons will burn away, but zombie corpses will stay," says Tim Willits. "You just have to step over them and make sure they don't get up and grab you" the direct quote
  11. EVIL

    Finally, some new info (SPOILERS)

    Yup, thats the new shotgun model, I like it, much better then the old one!
  12. EVIL

    Something for you guys.

    looks killer, just wished you dident just flipped the other side and changed some stuff to remove some of the simmetrical look
  13. EVIL

    Are corpses going to decay?

    a article about the xbox version stated that the demons will go up in flames and the zombie's wil stay and you will have to wade trough them hoping you wont get crabbed by the ankels by one :)
  14. EVIL

    In doom3, do monsters pop out of stuff.

    lol, john C is such a controll freak! :)
  15. EVIL

    The current id team

    paul is from the netherlands right, the one wh dod some of the q3 AI stuff anyway, the coolest member is Kenneth Scott (his creations are beyond cool) and offcourse pat ;) kissass :D