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  1. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    I have to admit that I'm a bit of an elitist myself, but it's not you guys' faults that I'm so great. :) Also, it had kind of occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I hold/held the fourth most posts over there on NewDoom, and that might mean that I actually might have had some bearing on how people perceived the place seeing as I was kind of important and post counts mean everything. Then I realized that I don't really care. But still. I hope I didn't really piss anyone off too much, though. I'm sure if I was actually causing any problems, I would have Keen'd a long time ago. Also, I just realized that I don't really have anything useful to say now, so I'm going to shut up.
  2. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    Elsewhere hadn't seen me yet!
  3. TheDigitalNomad

    Watching Black & White Movies/Shows

    Wow, that is incredible! Very interesting video.
  4. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    That's what Fatal said too! That's only $18.50 per year too, not even any kind of "lifetime" access. So ridiculous.
  5. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    I don't think Mystic has quite figured it out that he's the only one yet. I'm amused and sympathetic at the same time. I'd throw him a bone, but I don't have any contact info for him. I can only wonder if he gave William the $18.50 or if he only paid for a month.
  6. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    Haha. TAbCP has already been in progress, and at about the same pace as well. We're only doing around 8 maps total, and it's already been a year and a half!
  7. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    HA! He was trying to convice me that I was making it all up, but I knew this was what happened. i remember seeing goatse and tubgirl EVERYWHERE. God my virgin eyes.
  8. TheDigitalNomad

    The Fall of Newdoom

    All the "spamtastic forum games and nonsense" died when NewDoom was hacked years ago. Which Phoebus vehemently denied last time I brought it up, and I find hilarious. William is a loony. We've all been thinking it for years, and now it has been proven by the same measure as a baseball bat to the face might sting. I am going to miss NewDoom. It has been one of my internet "homes" for years now, but I am not willing to waste my hard earned cash on a forum that nets a total of 20 posts a day on good days. I'll repeat what Fatal said in a thread that has since been deleted (William can't have any nay sayers around!), 'What [Phoebus] could've done is gracefully end the forums as was the original plan. We, as a community could have prepared for the event properly instead of having to suffer this sudden death." This couldn't be closer to my sentiments if I had said it myself. Goodbye NewDoom, and fuck you Phoebus.
  9. TheDigitalNomad

    Dear chaingun dude/commando

  10. TheDigitalNomad

    gzdoom lightmap

    Yeah, the translucent middle textures are used a few times in KDIZD. And as I said a similar effect can be done with sector_setfade. But unfortunately neither work with horizontal things like windows! Actually, I think Legacy2 might have a feature like this as well, but I'm sure that will be released with Duke Nukem Forever.
  11. TheDigitalNomad

    gzdoom lightmap

    Ah, just took a look at the screenshots and you are right. However, I think Vavoom is kind of ugly anyway. >.>
  12. TheDigitalNomad

    Some honest Question concerning monster and weapon

    I don't think player.weaponslot works with the current version of Skulltag, does it? Xaser's "Psychic" wad doesn't work in it, and it spits out something about an unknown value. I'm sure it will be in the next release, though. [edit]My bad, I believe I'm thinking of something else. Has to do with player classes, or something.
  13. TheDigitalNomad

    Teh Future of gaming

    The direction this thread is going, reminds me of a special I saw on the Science channel about the merge of humanity and technology. One section of the show was about this guy who had become a quadriplegic, and they had hooked him up with a sensor directly on his brain that connected to a computer. This was meant to experiment with direct thought-to-computer interaction, and he was able to manipulate an on-screen cursor, and eventually use it to draw simple shapes, and play various games. I thought it was pretty cool. It also might be interesting to note that while they suggested he imagine using his hand to manipulate the cursor, he said that it was easier simply willing the cursor to move. I think that shows that the brain is more adaptive to doing new things than we might think.
  14. TheDigitalNomad

    gzdoom lightmap

    Sort of. Crepuscular rays are rays of sunlit air, if I'm not mistaken, sort of like sunbursts. I'm talking more about light being scattered by dust or other particles (snow is a good example), where the light appears to have volume, and can be from any light source. I guess it's the same thing, but I can't find any term for it so I suppose "crepuscular rays" will do. However in 3d rendering, it is called volumetric lighting. Picture examples:
  15. TheDigitalNomad

    gzdoom lightmap

    I would really be interested in seeing volumetric light implemented into one of the ports (I presume Doomsday would probably be the most likely, if Dani and them ever get new stuff rolling). The screenshot in the OP would look 100x better if you could see the light streaming across the hall onto the wall. I know this can be kind of done with sector_setfade, or custom middle textures with partial transparency from skylights, but it would be awesome to be able to have the same effect from wall windows!