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  1. MarinePrime

    Spawning projectiles.

    Hi. I've been needing help on how to spawn projectiles in Doom Builder 2. I know how to do it, but It didn't work the way I'd planned. (I'm using Zdoom (DooM in Hexen format)) I used an action for a switch (action 135-thing spawn, mapspot tag 6, thing spawn rocket (projectile) angle 90) and the thing I tagged it to was (Mapspot, tag 6)and all that happens is that when I hit the switch, the rocket spawns but it stays in it's place. It will still explode If I touch it though. The issue is I want the rocket to actually move. how do i do this? ...sorry about ALL the reading.
  2. MarinePrime

    Possible rain effect?

    Is it possible to make a rain effect in zdoom? If so, can anybody explain how? thanks.
  3. MarinePrime

    easy question: TESTURES

    can somebody please give a quick tutorial on how to import new textures to a .wad? using slumped.
  4. MarinePrime

    making new title pic. tried it, and OMG

    but XWE doesnt work on my computer. lol **
  5. MarinePrime

    convertor. for music

    Does anyone out there know if an MP32MIDI converter exists? because I have a ton of mp3 files that I wish to convert to midis so i can use them in my wad. k thx
  6. MarinePrime

    Just wondering. translucent floors?

    Hey I'm wondering if there are any ways to create translucent floors / cielings
  7. MarinePrime

    try this! [in the ZDoom console]

    and speaking of baronball, who knows how to summon the revenant fireball and arachnotron plasma?
  8. MarinePrime

    try this! [in the ZDoom console]

    oh, I forgot. go to console, and type turbo 9999.
  9. MarinePrime

    try this! [in the ZDoom console]

    also, If you don't feel like typing sv_fastweapons 2, you can always summon bullets! unfortunately, all i know of is that you can only summon shots that are projectiles. (rockets, plasma ball & bfg ball) type in bind q summon rocket. bind q summon plasmaball. bind q bfgball. the fortunate things about this: you can keep shooting them real fast if you press the key you binded it to real fast. another good thing is that enemies will not hear you if you summon these projectiles. lol
  10. MarinePrime

    try this! [in the ZDoom console]

    also you should try the testcolor functions. (example: testcolor blue) its pretty cool sometimes. also try darkred.
  11. MarinePrime

    try this! [in the ZDoom console]

    this one's funny. in console, type in kill monsters every single monster in the map will die...and try not to type kill. you will die! also, the favorite: go to console, and type sv_cheats true. then reset the game, and type sv_fastweapons 2. you will now shoot the weapon at 10x speed!
  12. MarinePrime

    making new title pic. tried it, and OMG

    how do I confirm the doom palette?
  13. MarinePrime

    try this! [in the ZDoom console]

    Here's how to REALLY have fun in doom. If you ever play in a map with a HUGE sector, this is what you do. in zdoom, go to console. type bind p "summon cyberdemon" press enter. WITH THE QUOTATION MARKS!. then do: bind o "summonfriend cyberdemon". so now, whenever you press p, a cyberdemon will appear in front of you. press o, and a friendly cyberdemon will appear in front of you. now watch both cybers clash. type freeze in the console to go into freeze mode- everything but you stops until you type freeze again! press fly to be able to go around in the air as you please. the binding also works with EVERY MONSTER. but for the imps and mancubus, their names are different. IMP: DOOMIMP. MANCUBUS: FATSO. (example: summonfriend fatso) make a whole war out of these functions! thanks for reading. if you want even more stuff, reply and ask. k thx
  14. Hi. today I tried to import a custom title image for doom. Its 320 x 200. so I try looking at the results, and the image shows up. but the colors are f***ed up. they all turned into a very different hue and theres much more intensity in the color. Does anyone know what went wrong? k thx
  15. MarinePrime

    DECORATE editor

    Ok, what about DeHacked? sorry if I am too much trouble