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  1. I was cleaning out my room a few days ago and stumbled across an older C++ book ("C++ for Dummies", to be precise). It struck me that since I want to run a game studio, I should probably know how to work this language. Not that I plan on doing a lot of programming; I plan on working more the administrative/design side of things. But it will still be nice to know about the code behind any games we produce.

    So with that in mind, do any of the undeniably talented programmers around here have any advice for a complete newbie? Any advice, really. Compilers, organizational tips... anything. Advice from a more experienced person before I dive right into this is welcome.

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    2. Jodwin


      Epyo said:

      my advice: go to college and take some classes in computer science/engineering.

      Oh god no. You never know what languages they'll start with (it might even be Lisp or something else as ancient and useless), the progress will be really slow and chances are the teachers will be as good as useless. You'll learn much more by doing stuff yourself than by taking any number of classes. The only good thing about programming classes is that the more advanced ones will hopefully put you under proper inspection as far as bugs as stuff go (I had one teaching assistant on a network programming course that did pretty much anything conceivable to bomb our programs when testing, it forced you to really pay attention to the details).

    3. exp(x)


      I second taking computer science classes. I was too lazy to learn on my own.

    4. SYS


      I got a class right now that involves learning Java with BlueJ. Don't use it to learn Java if you want to actually learn Java.