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  1. Oh boy. I saw people bashing Blizzard and right... bash all you want, but now I know why I was told this forum. What a bunch of serious bullshit are people spitting just for the sake of it? I guess most of you guys are just close minded retards or something. No good game since 1996? What the fuck is that shit? Thats just bull, complete stupidity to think that. What the fuck, seriously. This is fucking unbelievable. I agree that the last few years have been lacking in good games, but the close mindedness around here is fucking retarded. I can't believe it. By the way, SC2 and Diablo 3 won't have any monthly fee. Stop spitting bullshit, this is stupid. SC2 looks rather disapointing, but Diablo 3 is pretty promising. No games that creates another genre, but I guess for any of you to actually like something thats coming, they need something that will fucking reinvent gaming or something. That was just so fucking pathetic, I can't believe this. USER WAS LOSERED FOR THIS POST
  2. SFJake

    Playing with modern FPS controls

    Sometimes I lower graphics to a minimum, make sure its pixelated, change the thing that reads midi to something that sounds .. older, use keyboard only to control... And its actually pretty fun. I'm not even nostalgic, never played Doom back then (I was only 3 years old). But I don't know, there is a charm to it, and it makes the normal game more difficult. Its a lot more fun because I know I can't just rely on great aiming skills.. because Doom requires little aiming already, so its too easy on that part - and quick, fluid and easy movement to kill everything. You have to be more careful, aiming is harder, etc... I'd suggest you try it sometimes... At least the control part. Its different enough to feel like a different game.
  3. SFJake

    Games you don't understand why people like

    Doom. Do you have any idea how many people have told me that Doom sucked? "How can you play such old garbage?". Yeah. But it gets pathetic when they say something like "Go play Halo or something.".
  4. SFJake

    Who's Better? Hexen Vs Heretic

    Thanks for the gibbet tip, I never actually knew the script was waiting for THREE chaos serpent exactly. Its nice to know. About the frost shards, they are weak. The Mage is slow, and vulnerable. Having to get close to unleash an attack thats powerful enough is bad. It also uses too much mana for what its worth, and its freezing death is more often a pain than anything else.
  5. SFJake

    Who's Better? Hexen Vs Heretic

    Fighter's axe does insane damage. As far as killing things fast, it does that much better than the Cleric can dream of. Firestorm is good, but you can't go around and spam it. Limited range is annoying in specific places. The reason I find the Fighter so good is that he uses less mana than the other for the same amount of damage. You can essentially use his axe all the time against anything but Ettin and even then, you won't come close to running out. I find myself having to use my Mace more often on Ettin and Centaur than the fighter if I want to keep mana, and doing so sucks because the Mace is horrible. Still, the Serpent Staff is quite good. The cleric isn't bad, and is quite close to the fighter. Still, I say he's not as effective. I also never consider the 4th weapon as a way to compare. 4th weapons are cheap, stupid and are just here to make sections of your choice super easy. I rarely ever use them and in the end, they are the same: they kill things too well.
  6. SFJake

    Who's Better? Hexen Vs Heretic

    This looks true... Well, I never noticed, ever. I guess I always kill Ettins in my way, and considering how I generally play the map I always have enough Ettins killed by the time I go there. That part is insane, true. Its not necessary for the game's progress though. This is only required if you want access to the secret level. There really is no way to get through it well. You ARE going to waste a lot of potions here. This is the only place in Hexen and its expansion that is like that.
  7. SFJake

    Who's Better? Hexen Vs Heretic

    There is? I don't remember that at all. And I played through Hexen at least 20 times through. Also, I heard Hexen was unfair at skill 5 for fighter, but it is the most powerful class, so I find that odd to hear... the Hammer is definitively an extremely useful tool there, but you are forced through the Seven Portals without it. But guess what, Hexen gives you a lot to work with, items are everywhere and flechettes are mighty useful. Using some quick strategy with the long range of the Axe also make good work of the serpents. Its a fun game if you get to it... considering it was released in 1995, I say its an amazing piece, and the complaint I heard so far are just what you'd expect from such an old game that actually tries something different. Why does anyone not applause Hexen for actually using more complex scripting events? Putting medieval, action and first person together? Puzzles? Multiple class choice? Its like everyone just never heard of Hexen until pass 2000 and judge it as if it was released then. Some complaints on the game I heard here are valid, but I'm still annoyed at some of it. Doesn't deserve hate.
  8. SFJake

    Who's Better? Hexen Vs Heretic

    Hexen has its flaws. I can say that the Clerics and the Mage are not as satisfying to play as the Fighter. The First Person melee skull bashing thing is extremely satisfying. The sound effects, the death sounds, etc. All are good and addicting. I always found Heretic to bore the crap out of me. The weapons are horrible. The crossbow alone just feel so boring. Most enemies have very boring death sounds or effects, minus only and only golems. Its still a fun game in itself, but the ammo part is also just extremely aggravating. I always, always, always run out of ammo. The game actually wants me to use that silly stupid yellow wand all the time? No thanks. Boring. I will always love Hexen somehow. Its much more original, and I don't care if its puzzles are "switches and keys". I can't believe some people blame it for RARE errors with scripting and such. Its an old game, and it quite complex in itself. Finding your way the first time was very satisfying. What Hexen requires to like is simply: You must like to search, and you must like to beat the crap out of people at closer range. If all you can think of is guns, then Hexen is too much for you.
  9. Alright, close mindedness stop right here. Maping with zdoom gives you more option, end of story. The thing you can do originally are extremely limited. While experienced mappers have lots of ways around this and know how to map well like this, some are just better when they have more options given to them, like ZDoom. Stop this non sense. Some people need to live in the world where "the original Doom is just better". Maybe it is for you, not for everyone. Platformer not well receive, etc. What kind of close mindedness is that. Just because you need to jump to reach something, its not a platformer, and if thats what someone wants, why the hell do you step in his way? The first ZDoom map one makes won't be good, either. There is absolutely no reason to mix both ZDoom and normal mapping immediately to experiment, and ultimately see how everything works, and what is good and what is bad. The problem with ZDoom editing doesn't have anything to do with understand basic maping or not: the feature that it allows can be frustrating or give an extremely different experience to the players. Seems like a lot of players around here hate change. But my point is, be careful what you do put in there. Extremely hard to pass through pits of death = bad. I included some in my first ZDoom map, and it actually sucked, so I just added an easy way through. The learning curve for some ZDoom feature are a bit longer than others. Text, slopes, basic scripting are quite easy to learn if you have any basic logic in you. I'd greatly recommend you to try, anyway.
  10. SFJake

    Serious Sam HD

    Some people in there don't know how to appreciate that kind of games, eh. If you have never played this game with at least one other friend in coop, you are missing something. I strongly suggest you do it. Seriously. That game is a classic, just because it does what its supposed to very well. It does gets boring fast alone, but murdering hordes of enemies and trying to survive just by the adrenaline of fighting so many of them, its pretty damn fun to do. I never saw the need for a HD remix, but I guess I welcome it. The game already looked pretty damn nice, texture wise. The comparison screens are unfair, the original screenshots are probably on the lowest quality - looks much better when I play it. But its just the textures. In any case, if you missed out and have at least one friend to play it, as long as it includes coop, DON'T miss your chance and PLAY IT when this HD remake comes out.
  11. SFJake

    Spelunky. I love this game.

    Oh god, thanks for linking stuff I enjoy. The game is so lovely, and watching a funny guy playing it is even better. I really needed something to waste time.
  12. SFJake

    Why does everyone like it much?

    I know I go crazy over brown map. When I see a map that looks like thousands of others, brown, with the exact same things used as wall etc, it pisses me off... SO bad. Especially when people like it. I don't want to offend, but even using only the default textures you can come out with slightly more intersting things. And if you can't, get some more textures.. Thats the only thing that broke my enjoyment of maps/wads that the majority seems to like. I also find that most maps are so tiny, so small, so tight you can't play 2 player co-op and feel annoyed like hell. Occasional small areas, sure, but when its always like that its too much.
  13. Duke Nukem water is very easy to do in ZDoom when you get the trick, basically the under water part is another section of the map entirely, and when the player cross the water he is silently teleported to the other side. I forgot the technical term, but as far as I'm concerned this looked far less complicated than going into floor over floor stuff in GZDoom (but I didn't even try). All it really comes to is: What port?
  14. SFJake

    The Fall of Newdoom

    For some reasons, I can post at newdoom? And there is some activity. Funny...
  15. SFJake

    The Fall of Newdoom

    Indeed, it vanished. I had the chance to see it, but when going back to the page I -refreshed- like an idiot, and couldn't get the text back. I just wanted to save and show the lenghty message here. Oh well. Stop giving him attention over here, I say. Leave him completely alone. He should know by now that absolutely every single person now hates him, or his actions at the very least. I would never expect any more topic about him to stay. I think he can't accept how much he failed.