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  1. House of the Dead Evil Dead (1980) 99% of all slasher movies Batman V Superman
  2. Just came back from it. Really enjoyed it, the first non-shit Alien film since Aliens. Honestly I don't get really understand a good amount of the complaints. It just seems like people weren't paying attention during the movie.
  3. Stop playing on Tourist
  4. Fallout and Elder Scrolls fans have lived and died by that idea for years though
  5. Possibly my favorite Doom WAD MIDI of all time.
  6. My favorite posts are the ones that try to be profound but end up being hilarious
  7. Everything I've seen and heard about this game looks aggressively bad. Not gonna get this unless I run out of FPS games to play somehow.
  8. I hope to pick it up over the Steam Summer Sale. Hard to find an unbiased opinion though- most complaints sound kinda dumb (the complaints about the protagonist and story), or are over-emotional wails about "MUH PREY 2006" and "MUH OPEN-WORLD BOUNTY HUNTING"
  9. Like this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.
  10. tfw to smart 4 doomworld
  11. IIRC a bug actually prevents downthumbs from working. Right now they do nothing
  12. Woah woah woah, you can't just LIKE something! That's ultra-narcissism, you reputation builder you.
  13. Waaayyyyy too many to list, but I'll start off with these two.