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Mr. Freeze

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    When I have to apologize, just know I won’t mean one word of it.

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  1. Mr. Freeze

    Worst State in the United States

    I disagree, I think being shot would be very interesting! C'mon, no one lives forever! Also the people downplaying SF's epidemic of petty crime might as well be saying this.
  2. Mr. Freeze

    What is actually the "essence" of doom?

    Doom has three "pillars" that comprise its core gameplay: Action, Exploration and Suspense. Combined, they are the essence of Doom.
  3. Mr. Freeze

    Worst State in the United States

    As a Phoenician it's my sacred duty to rag on California but Cali is nowhere near as bad as Texas. Cali has a massive housing problem, Texas has that and some of the worst LGBT laws in the nation. You can enjoy the freedom of freezing or sweltering to death under ERCOT's shitty grid though I guess.
  4. Mr. Freeze

    Worst State in the United States

    Florida is America's Argentina.
  5. Mr. Freeze

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Doom without Doomguy isn't interesting, and Doomguy as a bog-standard marine isn't interesting either. That's be like making a James Bond movie when he's still a Navy commander, or a Resident Evil game where the STARS team rescues hikers. It's a lame ass idea and I hope this isn't an actual thing being built.
  6. Mr. Freeze

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Why would you want a remake with MIDI music and sprite graphics when the community here already makes content for free?
  7. Mr. Freeze

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Leaks are always bullshit fodder. I'll believe it when it gets announced.
  8. Mr. Freeze

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Looking forward to the blue check freaks and useful idiots spinning this as a positive.
  9. Mr. Freeze

    Unity goes full Unity

    It's the same shit time and time again. - Introduce a new, awful way of doing things. - People get mad. - Put out the press release: "We hear you...we apologize...changes to come." - Walk back the worst aspects and keep the rest. - The rubes scratch their chins and say "well, at least it's better now!"
  10. Mr. Freeze

    What is your favorite book?

    The Bible (New International Version) followed by Into Thin Air by John Krakauer
  11. Skill expectations have zero to do with it and this is an Act Man-tier take. Fighting games take a ton of skill to "git gud" at, so do Soulsbourne games, so does Call of Duty, so does CSGO at any rank outside of GN, so do MOBAs etc etc. Arena shooters fell off because they're a fad from the 90's, if anything.
  12. Mr. Freeze

    Favorite jumpscares

    Jumpscares get too bad a rap IMHO. Post your favorites, whether they're from a movie, game or anything else.
  13. Mr. Freeze

    Why someone tells me to touch grass

    I touch grass all day as a package deliveryman, I've earned my right to argue on the Internet!
  14. Mr. Freeze

    Why my opinions are different now.

    I'm real conflicted about recommending this video. If you ever have questions about the fandom, you can always ask me or any one of the other furries here for info, rather than relying on a video made by someone outside the fandom, trying to tell you what the fandom is.