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  1. As someone currently in pre-production on a game using GZDoom, ask yourself the same question I asked myself: What makes this game worth the purchase? What makes your game idea worth playing over the thousands of other WADs? Is it the level design? The music? The story? The gameplay? You've got to bank on a reason for people not only to buy the game, but your team to believe in.
  2. >toys never meant for the secondary market lose value therefore capitalism is bad what the fuck am i reading
  3. If you can't finish this video in one sitting you are a true plebian
  4. He's not OG Doomguy, but another Marine.
  5. Doom's story is like story in a porn movie- it gives context and makes the experience better.
  6. Cacodemon because I want to fly around
  7. I'm bummed but not livid. Brady had an amazing game all around, the biggest problem was our defense and defensive playcalling. Patricia took an entire half to realize he could blitz. And no Malcolm Butler? WTF?!?
  8. I've spent the last few days looking at pornstar boobs so an artist can get the shape of a character correct. Sometimes being a designer is fun. 

    1. bzzrak


      Best excuse for watching porn ever.

    2. Memfis


      How can you get the shape correct if the boobs are fake???

    3. Mauzki


      Very handy for doom maping.

  9. I'll always be a fan of Oblivion. Morrowind felt too obtuse, Skyrim felt too empty. But there's something about Oblivion's atmosphere that no other open-world game could replicate.
  10. E1M8. The rest of Episode 1's music is fairly energetic even at it's slowest, so when the lone guitar played its dirge at the last level I knew something was going to go down.
  11. Final Doom exists. See also: Doom 64, Doom 3, Doom 2016
  12. Robocop 2 should have ended like Jonah Hex- dead and stuffed into a display case in a museum far into the future.
  13. Robocop is one of my favorite movies ever. I can't wait!
  14. About damn time I took a photo of myself.