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Mr. Freeze

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    When I have to apologize, just know I won’t mean one word of it.

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  1. Mr. Freeze

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    Oh don't worry, they'll try to make Thanksgiving illegal real soon. And then November 1st to January 1st will be several months of Christmas (kill me)
  2. Mr. Freeze

    Dumb Movie Ideas

    Boss Baby but everyone has a gun.
  3. What? You don't enjoy listening to the same supersaws and gated drum kits with the same exact imagery and style? Are you lame???
  4. Mr. Freeze

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    Bitcoin, Etherum, Doge and Shiba.
  5. Once a well-regarded 60's ditty, now everytime I listen to it I think of Zodiac and get creeped out beyond measure.
  6. Mr. Freeze

    It's new name is..

    Hell yes.
  7. Mr. Freeze

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    A second videogame crash is never going to happen, it's a Reddit fantasy. The industry is too big and too ingrained in culture unlike the early '80s.
  8. Mr. Freeze

    What are you getting for the steam sale?

    Haven't played it since it released but rewatching videos of it makes me want it again. The atmosphere is second to none and as someone working on a horror game I gotta do some note-taking.
  9. Mr. Freeze

    Battlefield 2042 (and other botched launches)

    Counterpoint: Duke Nukem Forever. What if the core gameplay is actually good, and I'm willing to fork over $60 a year to continue playing it? It's no different from an MMO with a subscription.
  10. Mr. Freeze

    Newest Video Game Waifu Crush

    I love how it's apparently impossible to have a girlfriend and waifu crush at the same time. Just simply can't happen.
  11. Mr. Freeze

    Do you like other retro games (other than DOOM)?

    It depends. I'm 32, grew up in the 90's and had all the respective Nintendo consoles, but I'd be hard pressed to sit down with them today. My preferred retro gaming console is actually the Gamecube because of the controller and graphical fidelity. And I only play Doom in sourceports nowadays.
  12. I like SR1's tone, where it was wacky as GTA and serious on it's own merits when it had to be. I think SR2 swung too far in the other direction to set itself apart from SR1. The soccer mom in the minivan was my favorite companion.
  13. I hope it's different from SR2 actually, loved the first two games but by the end of 2 I was so disturbed by the protagonist and the violence they inflicted I never played the rest of the series.