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  1. When the aliens/demons invade, a single side-by-side shotgun will save the planet.
  2. It's mostly broad strokes, as to not contradict anything directly. Wolfenstein 3D sort of happens, but details are fuzzy. BJ in The Old Blood never mentions revisiting Castle Wolfenstein, or killing Hitler. That being said, a note in The Old Blood mentions Hitler surviving an assassination attempt, so we can infer that either A) Hitler was killed by BJ, got resurrected, and BJ just doesn't bring it up. He's humble, you see. B) Hitler was killed by a random American soldier and got resurrected (Castle Wolfenstein is semi-canon now?) C) Hitler was attacked, survived and the note is to be taken at face value. Given that The New Order Trilogy is leading into Mecha-Hitler as the final boss of the third game, actual details are to come years from now. Return to Castle Wolfenstein is even fuzzier. The first section of The Old Blood is more or less a retelling of Return To Castle Wolfenstein's first chapter. A) BJ and Agent One are captured inside the eponymous castle B) Agent One is killed by electric torture C) BJ escapes the castle into the nearby town of Wulfberg to meet a local resistance member named Kessler D) There is a supernatural threat (which is preceded by a random zombie apocalypse) brought back by the SS Paranormal Division whose activities in the area are headed by a woman named Helga E) The paranormal stuff is related to King Otto tl;dr pick and choose, it looks like "real" canon won't be figured out for a few more years
  3. I still have my Jarad EDH. It's awesome yet makes everyone hate my guts!
  4. I'm a self-identified capitalist, neoliberal and globalist. Beyond that, my family has run one local business for 50+ years, and another for 2+ years. Maybe not YOU specifically, but I in no way trust your group to not kick the shit out of me at the very least.
  5. Antifa sucks, Nazis suck. Granted, Nazis suck a lot more, but that doesn't make Antifa the good guys. And before anyone tries to argue otherwise, understand that I'd be killed by both groups if given the chance. Communism and Fascism will be the death of freedom.
  6. It's easy, we nuke the coal miners and their mines
  7. Pollution/Carbon Taxes when?
  8. lol @ the morons using IRL political figures as examples in a FICTIONAL villains thread On topic, I'd have to say Arthas and Skynet
  9. Considering that your wages with a degree are estimated at 84% higher, I'd say college is worth it.
  10. Alien Lake Mungo Paranormal Activity (fuck off) Jaws The Exorcist
  11. Someone gets pissed off and kills slasher fans at a horror convention. The twist is: nobody cares that these people are dead.
  12. Considering that I started playing Doom at age 7, I'd say a lot.
  13. "Doom Guy" is just the name of the skin. The description just reads "The original and iconic armor. It forever changed the world". There's nothing in that sentence that indicates that outfit belongs to a different person, just that it *is* a different outfit.