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  1. "An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked." -Proverbs 29:27, King James Bible
  2. Man I thought I'd be alone in thinking Hell Revealed was one of the best WADs ever.
  4. You're gonna like the way this one looks. I guarantee it.
  5. Speaking of avatars, I don't see an option to change mine again. Did something happen?
  6. I hate these Pitchfork-styled sanctimonious cunts with more words than skill to string said words together meaningfully.
  7. 10 points - Hell Revealed 9 points - Alien Vendetta 8 points - Scythe 2 7 points - Deus Vult 6 points - Plutonia 2 5 points - Congestion 1024 4 points - DTWID 3 points - Community Chest 3 2 points - Scythe 1 point - Hell Revealed 2
  8. Not an argument.
  9. Ah, excellent. Gonna be my first purchase come Summer Sale
  10. I can't wait to grab it. Steam release when? Also I'm happy to say I've never watched JonBon or Game Gumps and thus share no guilt or anger over his self-destruction B)
  11. Krystal is skeptical of something
  12. Krystal is skeptical
  13. The most annoying thing about Doom Clones is that they aren't Doom. They don't have the finesse, balanced gameplay, enemy variety, level design etc etc etc.
  14. I just play something else. I used to get wicked angry at games, but my adjusting of game-playing time and dropping of all multiplayer titles calmed me down substantially.
  15. Hey, it's 2017. Why don't you get with the times and embrace change already? Rep systems and likes are the future! EDIT: Wow, 10 likes! EDIT 2: 100 likes! Wow, this is amazing! Keep dooming, my forum buddies! This is epic! EDIT 3: Here's how Bernie can still win