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    When I have to apologize, just know I won’t mean one word of it.

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  1. Mr. Freeze

    What is the "nukage"?

    By this logic Doom Eternal's entire story is "lore" lmao
  2. Mr. Freeze

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    The best summation of FO3 was made by Shamus, and it's the one thing that stuck with me the most (slightly paraphrased):
  3. Doomkid must be pulling his hair out at this thread
  4. Mr. Freeze

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    There's no time limit on what makes something "retro", it's an evolving state of things. I really hope we don't categorize gaming into "Retro, Modern and Contemporary" going forward.
  5. Mr. Freeze

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    The NCR might be the morally best option in the game because they directly oppose the Legion but calling them unequivocally "good" is a complete misreading of what New Vegas is trying to say. I've been seeing it a lot recently on places like Reddit and hearing it IRL and it always rankles me.
  6. What I said in the Halo thread is still true: Stat tracking and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race. Any games revolving around teamwork leave wide open the ability for you to blame anyone else but yourself for losing. Developers are largely OK with toxicity because toxic players on average play longer, and a mad player on the receiving end of toxicity more often than not thinks to themselves "I'll do ONE MORE game and show these assholes how it's done" thus increasing the desired metric of playtime. It's not enough that the game eats your wallet, now it's eating your every thought with dailies and battlepasses. I am right about this and have always been.
  7. Mr. Freeze

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    This isn't a subtweet of anyone here BUT I firmly believe a New Vegas player's opinion on how "good" the NCR is or isn't says a lot about their media literacy level.
  8. Mr. Freeze

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Matchmaking and disbanding lobbies heavily discourage community interaction, to the point where any rivalries or friends you develop seem accidental. You can't adjust your gameplay style to the players in the lobby either, which takes all the depth out. Same with connection quality, you might get wildly varying degrees of ping across just a few games. Unless you're that ADD-stricken where you just can't wait a minute searching a server near you, there's little to no actual advantage. It's all part of the grand strategy with SBMM and stat tracking: make players angry at a loss, and then give them a cupcake match where they stomp the enemy team into the dirt. There's no actual progression of your skills occurring, the game is handing you wins and losses like a rat receiving food or shocks in a cage. Who wants to be a lab rat? Not me.
  9. Mr. Freeze

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Yeah WTF is that take, matchmaking is one of the absolute worst things to happen to online games besides SBMM
  10. Mr. Freeze

    What are you guys buying for Steam Autumn Sale 2022?

    Ground Branch Night At The Gates of Hell
  11. Mr. Freeze

    What the hell is going on with fandom

    Same with Path of Exile's official wiki transferring from Fandom to it's own wiki site. Also who doesn't use adblock in 2022? C'mon son.
  12. Mr. Freeze

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    You sure about that? In particular the two weapon limit and lack of healthpacks was a major sticking point for a lot of people. Unfortunately a lot of that has been lost to time but I know what I saw.
  13. Mr. Freeze

    Sonic the Hedgehog franchise discussion

    I guess the reason is that Sonic relied more on a gimmick (going fast) than Mario did, so Mario had a much less harder time translating to 3D?
  14. Guitar Hero: Hexen would be totally sweet tho
  15. Mr. Freeze

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    I disagree (I enjoyed Halo 1 through 3) but at least you're consistent!