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  1. I'm watching set design and thematic analysis of The Shining, and an unintended side effect is revealing how utterly bush-league horror games attempt actual horror.
  2. Scorn is the HR Geiger-looking one. You're thinking of Agony. It came off to me as very American; where Hell is a place of darkness, fire and a single breast
  3. Doesn't make Alien: Isolation a non-horror game though.
  4. I never saw Animal House. Is it really that good? I figured a bunch of it wouldn't impact me because I'm not in my 50s and never joined a fraternity in college.
  5. My supergroup is me and my three clones. We'd probably sound like this:
  6. How?
  7. That's some serious fantasyland stuff. He's a producer on Metroid: Samus Returns and also worked on Federation Force.
  8. Doom's multiplayer couldn't make an impact, and it was attached to one of the bigger games in 2016. If Doom can't make multiplayer cool, how the shit is Wolf supposed to?
  9. Where did I say I didn't enjoy Metroid Prime?
  10. A new Metroid Prime shows their desperation. They REALLY want you to buy that Switch. But I won't. Not until I at least get a new Starfox game that isn't complete fucking garbage and/or a rehash of SF64. Don't tell me the A2MR debacle is an example of "disgusting things in very recent memory"
  11. Violence against innocents =/ Violence against soldiers Jesus H
  12. The real question is why would anyone want ES6 after Skyrim and Fallout 4?
  13. No one says this.
  14. Here's my list of all important Doom games. Ultimate Doom - The classic against which I measure all FPS games. Absolute perfection. Doom 2 - An amazing sequel with some criminally and unfairly maligned level design. TNT - A bit generic in design, reminds me of the repurposed user WAD that it is. Amazing soundtrack to compensate. Plutonia - Deviously challenging, more or less what I consider "real" Final Doom. Doom 64 - A worthy successor to Doom 2, should've been called Doom 3 for all that it's worth. Doom 3 - Not awful but gets repetitive in gameplay early on. Worth playing just for the Hell levels alone however. Doom 2016 - A fucking awesome semi-throwback to Classic Doom that *just* misses the mark.