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  1. It has the ugliest Railgun I've ever seen
  2. tfw all you have is concept art and no actual levels yet :( really enjoying these screenshots tho!
  3. Alien Threads
  4. Literally the only multiplayer game that has a non-shit community is the Quake series or Killing Floor 2. I fucking hate HARDKOAR GAMURS so much.
  5. >Creation Club releases >"OMG How long until video game mods are just banned???" Holy shit lol
  6. How could it be fixed?
  7. Why would you want DS4 after the shitshow that was DS3?
  8. dude drugs lmao
  9. Are you saying Game of Thrones is the Heretic of TV shows?
  10. >Strogg and Lovecraftian in the same game please no
  11. Spiderman 2002 I mean. Remember the guy that is in the subway playing guitar? "Dressed like a spider, looks like a bug. I think we should all give him one big hug..." That's him! It's gotta be him, I swear.
  12. I was hoping it was all an exaggeration, but alas. RIP Tom Petty. I still think you had the best cameo in Spiderman.
  13. I just found out how your full avatar looks like....
    I like it ;)

    1. DeXiaZ


      oh lal!

  14. I dunno. Quake 1's atmosphere and darkness are so iconic to me, that a modern reboot would probably crap all over it. It might very well be a good game, but it won't be the same. I for am am pretty pleased with QC although they need to fix the stupid netcode ASAP