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  1. As some of you might know, I play Magic: The Gathering. It's my second hobby, and something I really enjoy playing.

    Like any Magic player, I trade. Every Friday and occasional Monday, I'm down at my FLGS trading for cards. And like every Magic player, I have trading goals.

    My goal is to grab a part of the Power Nine.

    Now you might be thinking "What is the Power Nine?". The Power Nine are nine cards printed in Magic's Beta through Unlimited Edition. They are also known for being obscenely powerful: every card in the P9 are banned in every format except Vintage, where they are restricted to one copy per deck.

    The Power nine is:

    1. Black Lotus $3000
    2. Mox Sapphire $1000
    3. Mox Emerald $800
    4. Mox Jet $800
    5. Mox Pearl $800
    6. Mox Ruby $800
    7. Timetwister $500
    8. Ancestral Recall $900
    9. Time Walk $900

    As of right now, my binder is mostly cleaned (traded it for store credit to buy a Commander precon), but I have a few things of worth in there. The most valuable thing I own is a Force of Will, worth $60. The rest is, well, jank.

    The trick to trading upwards is the "Christmas Tree" method, told to me by a buddy of mine: When you get something worth a lot of value, trade into multiple smaller pieces in terms of worth. For example: FoW is $60, Misty Rainforest is $15. I'll trade you my FoW for your playset of Misty Rainforest, and get my value back equally. The next time I trade with anyone, they'll probably take my playset on top of what they also want...allowing me to trade for something worth even more.

    It's going to be a long, slow, painful process, but I am one stubborn SOB. The recent release of Innistrad has put a lot of cards in demand, and I buy a lot of booster packs. Who knows, I might just grab a Liliana ($40) out of a $4 investment!

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    2. Shaikoten


      Mr. Freeze said:

      Wizards of the Coast isn't inflating prices. The prices themselves come from three places: the secondary market's determined value, rarity of the card, and demand. It is the market's desire to make money - AKA Starcitygames.com - that drives card prices. WOTC doesn't give a crap about pricing, and they've said so several times.

      The initial cost per booster pack would be a rather steep price, IF you were just getting cardboard. But let's not forget that this cardboard is covered in completely new content, designed by game designers, and covered in brand new full color art from highly talented artists. The argument that "you're just paying for cardboard" could be applied to computer software as well. "You're just paying for plastic."

      Freeze, on the subject of trying to get power, I'll say this: If you want to do it just through trades you're going to have to rip people off. A lot. And you're going to have to take things like current staple rares and mythics and trade them up to Legacy staples.

    3. Bucket


      Are the old editions worth much? I keep meaning to sell my deck. I bought a bunch of cards around the mid-90s.

    4. Danarchy


      Bucket said:

      Are the old editions worth much? I keep meaning to sell my deck. I bought a bunch of cards around the mid-90s.

      Like I said, they aren't worth terribly much, unless it's a rare from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, and possibly Ice Age.