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  1. Ok, so I'm finally stepping up from my POS Dell laptop and saving for a custom-built PC. Price range is around $800-$900. Here's what I have so far:

    HDD: 500GB
    RAM: 8GB DDR3
    Case: CM690
    PSU: Seasonic S12 620 Bronze 620W
    GPU: AMD 6950 / 6970 (Depending on price)
    CPU: Phenom II X4 955 BE
    MOBO: MSI 870A-G54

    HDD doesn't have to be that big, so I cut it down to save money on the rest of the unit. Any suggestions?

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Doom only needs 4Mb RAM. Any more is a waste.

    3. ReFracture


      Multitasking, yo.

    4. fraggle


      My laptop has 8GB of RAM. You'd be nuts to build or buy a modern machine with anything less.

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