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  1. I've been playing guitar for about 10 years now, and I've never been able to progress too far. But that's fine, because it inspired me to creatively overcome my limitations (double-jointed wrists give me pain when I make 3-finger chords, and I can't play leads for shit) through sound manipulation.

    When a guitarist will record a track for an album, it's normally a guitar>amp>mic>mixing board deal. Being a hardcore punk fan, that's what I've heard for over a decade.

    Problem with me is that I find that boring. When I was in school for recording, I could never get a sound that I liked from microphones. I always felt a disconnect from the sound- the microphone being the middleman.

    Recently, I bought a Alesis io2 USB interface and torrented FL Studio 10. After a few afternoons fucking around, I managed to record a few tracks directly into the program. After layering fuzz and distortion on top of the clean master track, I managed to get a horrifically dirty, mangled guitar sound. For an idea, you can listen to "Wish" Nine Inch Nails- the initial guitar parts during the verse were what I A/B'd with my signal.

    I also made the decision to not look for a drummer for the band I'm putting together, but to use a drum machine for a relentless, pounding sound. Think Big Black meets early NIN meets Agent Orange. It's gonna be killer.

    1. Ribbiks


      ye ye, guit --> effects --> PC is definitely a convenient way to go.

      Apparently VST ampsims are getting good enough such that guit --> PC + layer on some sims is becoming tractable for serious recording, e.g. cubase amprack. Hardly seems worth it to get all the other hardware involved unless ya got some serious cash and very specific tone preferences.

      what ya using for drums, dfh?

    2. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Ribbiks said:

      what ya using for drums, dfh?

      I've been fucking around with sounds for a while, but I settled on blending electronic and acoustic drum samples together for a "uncanny valley" drum sound. It's out of this world and very synthetic sounding.

      Hopefully in the next week or two, I'll create a soundcloud account with a demo song or two and provide a link.