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  1. 26 now and feeling more burned out each birthday
    dont know how much longer i can stand being alone
    oh well, happy birthday to me i guess

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    2. Cupboard


      It must be nice to be a chad in shining armor sometimes, just playing the field. The rest of us are scraping by and enjoying the little things and not trying to fuck people over. I'm sure I'd like to have a drink with you but honestly not in a lifetime.

      Next thing I knew, I was dating three to five girls concurrently, laughing off rejection without a care, with my romantic stress level becoming nonexistent.

      How many other relationships were you fucking with while you engaged in this behavior? How many feelings did you trample on because you didn't give a care, you just wanted to have yours.

    3. Mithran Denizen

      Mithran Denizen

      There's a huge middle ground between "scraping by," and "fucking people over." It's not hard to date prolifically and still be ethical about it. In fact, it's really easy, since desperation will never tempt you to do questionable things to get a woman if you have ten willing phone numbers to call for a date on any given night.

      I never toyed around with people in committed relationships, or misled a single soul.

    4. printz


      Thanks for that post Mithran, I needed that encouragement. If it's okay to date multiple women concurrently without it seeming like I'm cheating anyone, then it's awesome. Happy new year!