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    When I have to apologize, just know I won’t mean one word of it.

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  1. Shit was whacked, let me tell you. Funny thing is, the robbry was the first EVER at my store for over 15 years (I work at a gas station). So naturally, it just happens during my shift.

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    2. Sharessa


      DuckReconMajor said:

      (Rammstein guy)

      Pfft, copycat.

      DuckReconMajor said:

      The gas stations around here don't have garages.

      Yeah, same here. They're mostly 7/11s, AM/PMs, or Texmarts.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      Heh, I don't even listen to Rammstein. I just googled "arms on fire"

      Thanks for that, though.

    4. ReFracture


      I'm glad your alright.

      Danarchy said:

      Ah, the old finger-in-the-coat trick. Best to play it safe and hand over the cash than losing your life in defense of a few bucks belonging to a wealthy corporation, though.

      My sentiments exactly.

      Gas stations here in general do not have garages.