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  1. -Paralyzed for 5 seconds after landing on my ass while snowtubing off a jump. I was 5. Scariest 5 seconds of my life.
    -Split my forehead open after falling down my Yia-Yia's basement stairs and hitting a sponged wall. I was 10.
    -Had both of my feet fall asleep while sitting in the crapper for an extended period (was reading Gerald's Game). So it was like Lethal Weapon 2, except no bomb was around. Walking around was the most painful thing imaginable for 2 straight minutes, and I could barely even get up off the ground. This was 2 weeks ago.

    Your turn.

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    2. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      bytor said:

      I wrap it with duct tape and continue.

      Hahaha holy shit, manliest use of duct tape ever!

    3. ReFracture


      bytor said:

      Sometime around '89 I'm at a junkyard with a buddy and I'm using a big pair of Channelocks to rip open a firewall on a '70 Pontiac so I can get to the heater core. I slip and slice my arm wide open on the sharp metal. Blood's gushing. My buddy's flippin' out. I wrap it with duct tape and continue. I wasn't leaving without that heater core!

      Holy shit, dude.

    4. bytor


      oh no the real problem was tryin' to get that damn tape off of my hairy arm! My arm was a mess. And my stubborn ass refused to go to the hospital.

      I had a brief stint at a machine shop where I got a tiny little piece of metal embeded in my eye. I thought I got it out but I woke the next morning with my eye sealed shut from it leaking all night and drying in my eyelashes. My other eye refused to open. It's amazing how an injury in one eye affects the other. And the slightest bit of light felt like knife blades to both eyes. I had to go to an eye specialist who got it out with a drill! Like a little dental drill. Just touched it to my eye and that was it. The eye heals really fast, though. I think it still affects my pool game as that is my aiming eye and will go blurry after awhile.