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  1. ...to go shooting with me this Sunday. I also seem very close to breaking her fear of inanimate objects (guns).

    It took a few tears on my end, but I meant everything I said and did. I get nervous when we part, because I can't guarantee her safety. Who knows what can happen? I want her to at least be familiar with a gun. She doesn't have to BUY one, but she needs to understand the importance of self defense over calling the police or relying on other people (which is always a crapshoot...look up The Bystander Effect).

    Sorry if I ramble, but this is always a sensitive subject for me. I just want her to be safe.

    also, inb4 I get called a pussy

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    2. 40oz


      If gun's kill people, do pencils make spelling mistakes?

    3. myk


      40oz said:
      If gun's kill people, do pencils make spelling mistakes?

      They do indeed, although spelling mistakes don't usually hurt as much as a lost loved one. Compare also the writing of a letter on paper with a pencil to using Firefox to compose an email. Gun control is like a spellchecker :p

    4. Maes


      Well, between these scenarios:

      1. Thug/thief breaks into your house, steals your stuff and hurts you and your family.
      2. Thug/thief shits himself as soon as he hears the TA-CLAK of a shell being chambered into your 12 ga. shotgun, and flees, never to be seen again.
      3. Thug/thief chokes in his own blood while his mind is overwhelmed by the realization of his own mortality and his not being so tough/bulletproof/worthy of "respect" as he thought.
      I'd pick b) anyday, but I would "settle" for c) if there was no other way to rid the world of such a dangerous predator (and also to avoid a comeback).

      Since gun control wouldn't stop the thug/thief from arming himself, I don't see why it should be applied to me, a law abiding citizen, if not to make me feel weaker and less secure. And what's worse, the thief/thug knows that he isn't likely to find any resistance in a country where both:
      1. Legal ownership of guns is restricted
      2. Police is ineffective towards criminality
      I say, fuck that, and feed them magnum lead.