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  1. Holy Jesus on a pogostick, this thing rules.

    *5 Strings for easier hand movement
    *Fretless w/ lines and dots
    *Singlecoil pups (although I might switch them out)

    +The sustain on this thing is amazing. Each note rings for a very long time.
    +The neck is smooth as butter and thin enough to wrap your hand around (too bad my wrist is double-jointed :()
    +By far and large, it is the best-sounding bass I've ever played.

    -Pickups are a little "eh"
    -It's heavy as fuck (mahoghany body, maple) neck. I've had to switch my strap for a padded one because of a bruise I got.

    Soundclips coming soon.

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    2. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Anyone know a website that allows uploading of .wav files?

    3. stewboy


      Why not convert them to mp3?

    4. Planky


      Mr. Freeze said:

      Anyone know a website that allows uploading of .wav files?

      Not of the top of my head. You could always load it onto youtube with a picture instead of a video