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  1. I just discovered that a regular customer to the store I work at is Kelly Conlon, bassist for Death on Symbolic, session bassist for Vital Remains, and Monstrosity's bassist on Millennium and In Dark Purity.

    The coolest part? He complimented me on my bass on Halloween.

    Just thought I'd share.

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    2. Bashe


      No shit? That's awesome. Kelly is one of the lesser known Death members it seems, and having him as a regular in your store sounds neato.

    3. myk


      st.alfonzo said:
      Interestingly though, there's probably been a fair few VIPs that have crossed our paths at some point or other, it's just that half the time our knowledge and interests aren't nearly deep or widespread enough to be able to recognise these faces.

      Yeah, I recall seeing this guy at a small local supermarket. I also met a guy who became the minister of economy a few days later, at a party.

    4. Danarchy


      Never met anyone famous myself, unless you count the guys from the Legendary Pink Dots, but that was at one of their shows. A friend of mine was working at the Bellevue Barnes & Noble once rung up a bunch of books for Bill & Melinda Gates. Also, the guys from Soundgarden are frequently sighted in my hometown. Back in the early 90s my mom caught their bass player listening in on a conversation about Frank Zappa with the owner of a local record store. Also, an old high school friend of mine was in a couple local bands that were rather well-known to the area and recorded a couple albums.