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    When I have to apologize, just know I won’t mean one word of it.

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  1. For real this time. I'm 22 now.

    in b4 that comic. Yeah, that one.

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    2. GreyGhost


      Mr. Freeze said:

      Heh. Thanks.

      You're welcome.

      where is my map 40oz
      you said there would be mappage

      While 40oz is shovelling coal into his PC's boiler, here's a bit of nonsense I threw together that's thematically related to my last offering. It requires an engine that supports MBF sky transfers, and for a laugh - see what Skulltag's OpenGL renderer does to it.

    3. Philnemba


      Happy Birthday Freeze man!

    4. Use


      Technician said:

      Is there a joke here?

      That would be Hellbent. omg birfday