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  1. crashhelper

    Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

    Doge? Cakes being a lie? Why would I fill my post with such worthless and insignificant garbage? I'm here on a mission of Truth. Everyone must know the reality of Project Vega, that it is not a mere game, but an ass-seeking device created by carnevil in exchange for having his ass raped once less per day. But you already knew this, didn't you? The real reason you're trying to ridicule my post is simple: you're a clone sent here to spread misinformation and cover up The Truth! That's right, I've discovered your identity. And now, everyone knows. It's too late. Everyone reading my post will have realized that the real Marceak is nowhere to be found in this thread. Most likely, he is in the cum caves as we speak, or even the cum vortex. Now, vanish! Vanish, I say! Your campaign of misinformation-spreading is over, and the number of cheeks you've made boil is equal to zero.
  2. crashhelper

    Justin “Jew Wario” Carmical Dead at 42

    I highly suspect his suicide was a mere facade, and that the man is indeed still alive. He's probably working on Project Vega as we speak, just like Steve Jobs and Billy Mays are confirmed to be. In fact, reports show a possibility that his mere inclusion on the development team may have quadrupled Project Vega's scan radius.
  3. crashhelper

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    Weird door texturing on E4M5: Also in E4M5, behind the teleport destination in the main room: This one actually lags the game really bad. The closer you are, the more it lags.
  4. crashhelper

    Switcheroom (coming very soon)

    A lot of these maps have empty REJECT tables, which is bad for demo synchronization. It's even worse on ports which don't "handle" REJECT overflows, where you get this: It's not even consistent from one playthrough to the next, so demos can actually desync in different ways each time you play them.
  5. They can set these laws however they want, but that won't change the fact that all they really want is a little bit of that obamathrax.
  6. crashhelper

    gamermaker "wads"

    The original FPS-making tutorial for GM used several doom assets, including the SSG and cacodemon sprites. I would not be surprised if the barrel sprites were also used.
  7. crashhelper

    troll wads

    How comical! How comical!
  8. crashhelper

    troll wads

    They are not.
  9. Yeah, that totally sounds like "These moral standards are widely accepted." and not "You're wrong and you need to reevaluate everything you believe."
  10. I wouldn't even be debating this if it weren't for you saying "Oh yeah, by the way, if you disagree with my opinions, then your views are stupid and stinky and you're a bad person!" here: here: here: here: and here:
  11. But that's subjective. Whether most people would or would not consider that to be an asshole move is irrelevant. That's subjective again. So? What does that have to do with anything? There's something wrong with me because most people would hold that opinion? That's just silly. Whether most people would consider it that way or not is irrelevant. Morals are still subjective. My actions are not "less right" simply because more people believe they are wrong.
  12. In what way are they an asshole? They're obviously not insulting the dead, as you said yourself.
  13. No, that's not it. It's not the end of the story. You haven't explained how or why anyone is "entitled" to a "proper" burial done "respectively". Nice. Now if anyone disagrees with you, they clearly have "fundamental flaws" with their belief system. Your arguments are totally undefeatable, now! You have no weakness!
  14. I honestly don't see what's wrong with this. They're already dead. You can't show disrespect to a dead person because they're not a person anymore.
  15. crashhelper

    what the most disgusting/weirdest boss you ever played.

    King Ralphis from UAC Military Nightmare.
  16. crashhelper

    Max # of linedefs in DB2

    I really should have put a README file with UDMFConvert. The output file is actually a text file, the contents of the TEXTMAP lump that should be placed in the wad, in order like this: MAP01 <- Empty lump TEXTMAP <- Output from converter BEHAVIOR <- From hexen-format map SCRIPTS <- From hexen-format map ENDMAP <- Empty lump
  17. crashhelper

    Printing levels - any recommendable tool?

    Doom Builder has an Export Picture item on the File menu.
  18. crashhelper

    UDMF utility beta testing

    I did get the dependencies into system32 and they seem to be accepted, but the program still throws the same error.
  19. crashhelper

    UDMF utility beta testing

    Alright I opened it in Dependency Walker and found
  20. crashhelper

    UDMF utility beta testing

    I have visual c++ 2005 express installed.
  21. crashhelper

    UDMF utility beta testing

    Actually it doesn't seem to work at all. C:\>wad2udmf -h The system cannot execute the specified program. C:\>
  22. crashhelper

    UDMF utility beta testing

    If you read the readme, it doesn't support hexen format maps.