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  1. chischis

    Stronghold: On the Edge of Chaos released

    Christ, it's like some people are forgetting that you can SAVE YOUR GAME. (Though the lives thing is clearly an issue, and you should definitely be warped back to the hub before the mission you started.) I'm liking this. It has a professional Strife-era quality to the design and build that makes it stand out immediately. Single-player it's not great fun, but it's not bad either, just a touch slow with all the waves. 10 feels a tad padded-out. The in-game writing with NPCs seems solid if rather dryly written. I've seen worse, but it's pleasing to see no typical fan-game grammar and typonese. The shop area is great, and the hub system gets a thumbs-up. But it would be nice if there was more changes in the NPC texts to show you're making progress through the missions. The only real thing that bugs me is, since using Perkristian's sound and weapon sprite mod, going to these new weapon sprites - which are good sprites, but have a very small number of animation frames - is off-putting. They feel very clunky now, and are crying out for extra frames. Otherwise, between this and Minecraft, I don't think I need to worry about PC gaming any more. Commercial games may mostly suck, but it's relieving to see indie projects like this coming out. Good work Tormentor and the team. :)
  2. I take it back, this has been completely playable on UV -fast until MAP07: you get to the Mancubus trap and it becomes completely impossible. noclip time... Edit: In the unlikely event SoD gets another release (?), I'd recommend warping in a soulsphere when setting off the Mancubus trap, at least.
  3. 7 maps into this now, finding that the mancubi / cyberdemon area in MAP07 is really pushing it on UV -fast (and the BFG secret on the previous map is totally impossible on this difficulty without already having max armour/health and a BFG). But overall, very superbly constructed, interesting styles, consistently different and interesting challenges. But then the last megawad pack I played was the Claustrophobia 1024 sequel which suffered - in the last couple of maps - from total and utter overplacement of monsters, making it impossible on UV -fast. So far SoD hasn't fallen foul of that.
  4. chischis

    High quality original Doom sfx - updated 01-08-10

    Maybe not Perk, but it's like any great Doom MegaWAD, the journey is where the fun lies, not the ending. :) Thanks again for the update, great work as always. Doom with this and the additional weapon sprites you made, feels like it's had the "refresh" it's needed for so long. Superb work, sir. :) But please can we get 16Bit samples some time??
  5. chischis

    Claustrophobia 1024 2: :[Released!]:

    I'm up to MAP25 "The Process". KingKill33 is officially my favourite mapper of the moment. Every single map he has done that was included so far has had tight, compelling, diverse gameplay and his vibrant, bright "arcade-ish" visual design has been a welcome change from the usual gothic mopery. Excellent pack, although I wasn't fond of "Darkness Abides". Sorry Jodwin, the gameplay on this one boils down to constant "teleporting monster switches, oh fuck RUN AGAIN!". I don't mind that Hell-Revealed-ish style in larger maps, but not in such cramped conditions. Edit: Skipped MAP28. Visually excellent, gameplay is the definition of suckitude. This mapset has been entirely completeable and a great challenge so far on UV-fast, but unless there's something I'm not seeing, it's IMPOSSIBLE to stay alive on this map with this difficulty. Too many monsters, no cover (that doesn't mean "a place to hide") and the arch-viles add insult to injury. I'm reminded of the "infinite chaingunners valley" in a map from a previous Community Pack. Some challenges just are not fair (yes, I went through Hell Revealed 2 on UV-fast, even Deus Vult). Edit 2: And MAP29... sorry but this kind of "box in the player with a load of enemies and arch viles and make them run around without cover like there's a lost soul up their arse until some switch suddenly appears" gameplay isn't fun and is just frustrating. Bad design. But then it follows up with one of the most inventive and intruiging maps I've ever played: MAP30 "???". Very clever, abstract and fun.
  6. chischis

    Claustrophobia 1024 2: :[Released!]:

    Might be titled such as a play on music genres. And, incidentally, that definition might explain why much minimal house and techno is utterly worthless. But anyway... Looking forward to playing this, Claustrophobia 1024 was tremendous.
  7. chischis

    Plutonia 2 - How good do you think it is?

    I barely even lurk here, but I thought I had to say something... Plutonia 2 is one of the very very finest map-packs I've played for Doom, full stop. Another particular favourite of mine is Super Sonic Doom for sheer inventiveness, but as "old-school" packs go, Plutonia 2 is full of fantastically memorable levels. Map 29, what can I say? They were obviously trying to lead up to that. One complaint: backtracking and not knowing where to go after hitting some switches rather dimmed my enthusiasm. But it was still a hugely memorable and stunningly-made level. Someone commented on iD Games that the level design in this pack make modern FPSs look sad. Well, I'm tempted to say similar. I had more fun playing Plutonia 2 than MANY commercial FPSs, recent or otherwise. (FEAR 2 may have excellent combat, but yeah, the levels are so linear...) But I'm one of these nutcases that would consider Doom mapping an art. I'm tempted to do an overview on my blog, we'll see. I'd have to collate some screenshots of choice levels. Problem is there are many! Bravo, Plutonia 2 team. Thankyou for some priceless gaming hours. :) Edit: And I'm pleased to say the whole thing was quite feasible on UV -fast, even the final boss map, and MANY mappers fall foul of making MAP30 nearly impossible and unplayable on UV -fast. Edit 2: Thought I'd add this: I've been playing Doom since about '94, and I've gone through all the major megaWAD releases. Curiously though I never could really get far into Alien Vendetta, didn't find it much fun...
  8. chischis

    Scythe 2 Completed

    Managed to complete maps 28 and 29 on UV -fast, pistol start on map 28. Quite possible, and very tough. I must be a glutton for punishment (28 had some nasty moments, specially with those super-flying-baron things), but I've been relishing the challenge so far. Not for everyone, but they are good maps. Thank you Erik! :)
  9. chischis

    High quality original Doom sfx - updated 01-08-10

    Perk, please check your PM :)
  10. chischis

    High quality original Doom sfx - updated 01-08-10

    I'm sure some Decorate work in ZDoom can accommodate the latter. But I would still like to have 16-bit sounds. The other attributes, I agree, are less important, but the noise-floor at 8-bits is unpleasant at times.
  11. chischis

    Doom2.wad is a bit... odd, isn't it?

    Start another thread? :)
  12. chischis

    High quality original Doom sfx - updated 01-08-10

    I hope so! This is an overhaul of one of the fundamental components of Doom, and is the sort of thing that partners nicely with the additions a source port such as ZDoom brings.
  13. chischis

    High quality original Doom sfx - updated 01-08-10

    Perkristian, please go post this on the ZDoom forums, along with your sprite updates. I do think your weapon sprites and updated sounds are some of the most vital mods that have EVER been created for Doom in its long, long life. I've been using your updated weapons for a little while, and they do make a tremendous difference. But with the additional sounds, Doom feels somehow more kinetic, alive and visceral. Bravo sir, and if you don't mind my saying: fucking fantastic work. I've tried a few of your music remixes, and they're very well produced, too! Edit: Perkristian, I have a little request: for modern ports, it would be nice to have a version with 16-bit WAVs, optionally 44.1kHz and stereo where possible.
  14. chischis

    Doom2.wad is a bit... odd, isn't it?

    Explains why many still play the game today, and I - at least - find Doom 3 and so many modern FPSs and other games that shoot for realism, ultimately less inspiring. Playing through Claustrophobia 1024 and NewDoomCP2... I'm repeatedly stunned by the imagination of Doom fans. One minute I might be running through another blasted tech base, the next, marble platforms suspended above endless red, hellish voids, or plowing through ancient and decrepit castles or abstract valleys. The Doom engine's lack of visual dexterity (a pretentious way of saying it can't do real 3D or curves or whatever), means a mapper has to use their imagination to craft something from limited tools. It's the same with any art - and I do think I would class this as an ART - inspiration often comes from limitation.
  15. chischis

    Claustrophobia 1024 has been released

    Jimmy! Your efforts are much appreciated, sir. :) Phew, without that page I wouldn't have got the hint for map 15's secret. Even then I still can't find it without noclipping. >.<