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  1. It's just amazing. Great job, blob!
  2. Nice demos Daiyu_Xiaoxiang! I was a little surprised about that pl2 map10 run. I think it's possible to do this under 5:00 so maybe you'll give it another try? Absolutely well worth seeing was your 16:18 in map28 Bloodwall! The way you catch that rocket from the cyberlord in the big hall at the end was so pathetic. I've watched the demo 2 times, it's great.
  3. Oha, very nice stuff! Holy sh*t, that's kind of a comeback, dew :) In your episode demo one can see so wonderfully how hard the momentum capture of speedrunning really is. Especially the inaccuracies make it all better and much more interesting, because they are so typically human. So I advise all specatators NOT to follow dew's own commendation in bypassing map09 but rather watch, enjoy and cry mercy with him and his challenge there (like I did with pleasure)! Whoever criticize this should do it better first. It's just great, dew .. go on with this.
  4. awesome dew, you did it at last! Although rushing this fantastic map is still kind of absurd for me because of its beauty, but that's not the point right here, so whatever .. really great work! I know how hard you tried :) I also enjoyed _MethoD_'s and Archy's demos. Very impressive! Keep going, guys .. you really rule this game
  5. Wheeew! Nice to see what's going on in here. I've just been on holiday for a few weeks and then there's so much activity in this thread of my very most favorite megawad. Nice work on map01 skepticist. I managed that even a little below 2:00 with much effort one time, but 1:34 is just incredible. So you see dew, this is your man for a maxing of 17-18-20. I'm just too bad for Gusta's maps at all. And thanks to vdgg for acquiring my taste for tyson demos. They aren't so boring I exposed first. I watched them all with great pleasure! Many breathtaking moments in there, especially in your last map02 run. z0diac's tyson on map10 is also worth to see. I wish I could do that precise monster infight action to happen in my max-run tries.
  6. My awe to you dew! You do so constant and well indeed. I've just astonished your new ones. Really great job! Though map10 can be better, it will never be below 1:00.00 i think. And map07 will probably only be beaten again by yourself. The new map15s reminds me a little of my very first pl2-run (0:56 in map30) in the end :) For myself .. well .. I've deviated from it somehow :( But it seems like we 2 are the only guys left, that are basically interested in pl2-speedrunnin' or pl2 at all. It may be possible my motivation will reborn with the upcoming winter months. And then it's really time to strike on those map-design masterpieces map23 and map26. It's still so fun to see even you getting so nervous in your 2:14 at map23 again and again :) I love that demo so much.
  7. map10 UV-max in 5:25 I had to improve that one .. thx to skepticist ;) p210-525.zip
  8. map26 UV-max in 11:22 awesome map! p2261122.zip
  9. Hello DooMers .. thx to skepticist who inspired me to come to this forum and drove me doing some more uv-max runs for PL2. Also like to thank dew and enjoyed his fights with kimo_xvirus in this thread :) Here they are, but don't expect too much, cuz I'm just an avarage "gap-filler" of the dsda-table: map30 UV-speed in 0:56 map10 UV-max in 6:44 map19 UV-max in 12:28 map06 UV-max in 13:38 By the way, I currently don't think that a second edition of PL2 would be released soon. It's a little late in the meantime, so keep on demo-recording for this one. It's just a great top megawad in my opinion. Feel free to be impelled this way, Gusta ;) p2-pa1ny.zip