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  1. I logged into youtube and when I opened the video manager link I noticed every single video of mine had 5-6 new dislikes each, quite a few of the videos were fairly new which had no ratings until the disliking happened which made it obvious, I looked through the video analysis thing and according to it all the dislikes were all issued at the same date by the same country which was UK.

    I guess someone just didn't like any comments I may have made on other videos and trolled me with a mass disliking spree, I really don't understand why people even go through the bother just because of something they probably didn't like.

    1. Krispy


      Avoozl said:

      I really don't understand why people even go through the bother

      Because some people just have no life.

    2. geo


      Yeah one or so people must really hate you. I get that with Steam reviews. Two people have bluntly told me they just disliked all of my reviews, because I wouldn't trade with them on TF2.

    3. 40oz


      Likewise, do you really value your likes?

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