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  1. I just bought this (scroll down): http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ALIENWARE-ANDROMEDA-X51-i7-3770-Upto-3-9GHz-1-5GB-GTX660-8GB-RAM-2TB-HDD-/261594464313?pt=AU_comp_dekstop&hash=item3ce83ec039

    Because my current 5-6 year old PC is aging away and has already started to show worse signs such as a failing PSU and loud CPU fan I desperately needed a new PC and this one seemed pretty good for the price, I would very much like to know if I made a good choice or not.

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    2. Avoozl


      Well it looks as if simply upgrading to the 970 won't be easy, after looking up a lot of threads on the same model of computer I bought (the Alienware Andromeda X51) there's not a lot of space for a new card such as the 970, it can be freed up by moving the fan but there's still the matter of the power supply needing to be replaced for a more capable one.

    3. Blastfrog


      Could've gotten better for the same price had you built it yourself.

    4. Avoozl


      It was around $1000 which I thought was good enough for a refubished Alienware.