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  1. Ever had those times a song regardless of how long its been since you last heard it somehow manages to pop up in your head without even trying to think of it, and keeps playing over and over?

    Just recently the Inspector Gadget theme song keep playing repeatably in my head even though I haven't even seen the show in over two decades.

    Is there any particular reason why this sort of thing sometimes occurs with peoples minds?

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    2. AndrewB
    3. FireFish


      Music is something odd, and it has been proven to ignite the memories in the brains of people with alzheimer or memory loss.
      But theme songs of shows one watched for days as a kid... damn those are tough nuggets, lol.

      Recently i had these haunting my brain...

      Power rangers theme.
      THE Spiderman theme.
      teenage mutant ninja turtles.
      Is-no-good theme.
      Dragonball Z theme.
      Yu gi oh theme. (from 1999 and early 2000 - yuuuu giii oooooh)
      The super mario world themes (super nintendo.)

      To many to list, but it has died out a lot lately.

    4. Cupboard


      Darkwing Duck, goddamn. I can actually say I haven't heard that in maybe 15 years. It's one of those things which I know I used to watch, but kinda forgot about it even though it was pretty badass at the time.

      Also yeah yu-gi-oh is a repetitive one for me as well. I love the bass line halfway through the song ftw.