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  1. I remember him being a part of the forum leaders here but now he's no longer on the leader list.

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    2. SavageCorona


      I'd read that ^

      I bet it'd be some really fancy looking hardback with 1 page in it with "DON'T." written in giant bold letters.

    3. Mithran Denizen

      Mithran Denizen

      Heh, I was strolling through my university's library a couple weeks ago when I randomly found one of Grazza's books in the collection.

      It got me thinking about how many names have come and gone on these forums over the years. Glad to hear you're still lurking with us, Grazza.

    4. Grazza


      Well, we (i.e. my company, Gambit) do have a book in our future programme called Chess Strategy for Kids, which might be suitable.

      If you desperately want something new(ish) by me, then there is a revised electronic edition of my Torre Attack book. There's a Kindle version (with a free sample, including a description of what is new), but I recommend the Chess Studio edition. It's not really a book for casual players though.