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  1. I've noticed already that a few members have avatars mentioning how they are blocked from Everything Else such as gggmork and Technician, did the mods/admins set their avatars that way or did the members set them themselves?

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    2. Maes


      FireFish said:

      Globalization... The emergence of a worldwide market, governments trading and cooperating

      Worldwide trade is just one of the aspects of globalization, had that since the 16th century I believe...

      FireFish said:

      and the rise of different cultures in all sorts of nations ?

      Each nation sort of had its own independent culture for centuries or millenia now, depending on how old they are and what they went through, and some did so in relative isolation, so no, it's not about that. More like a "melting pot" or "americanization" we-are-all-the-same effect. Or if you prefer, a vacuous commercialization of a vague "Ethnic" (of which ethinicities, really?) ... thing.

      Globalisation also means that the decisions of a voter in the USA will affect the lives of people thousands of miles away, quite possibly in a definitive way. Or the choices of a German voter may condemn tens of millions citizens in other country to a slow economic death over many decades (OK, I'm bringing in the concept of collective responsibility in a democracy, here, that's another can of worms). Or, the ideas of a long-dead prophet of a certain religion may bring socio-cultural changes in a far-away land, in ways that even he couldn't anticipate.

      What is really "new" compared to past centuries, or even WW2, is how quickly not only goods and people, but also ideas can move around.

    3. FireFish


      But, on an internet which attempts to force people to the sites and views of their own language, nation, and filter bubble (basicly most big search engines).

      Jumping on an airplane, starting a war, attacking something, sharing a religion... Yeah, its a lot faster now than 20 years ago. Hell... things even air on the news at the end of the day. ;-)

      Or... Lets do the Roman thing again and force everything to become like the west... thats a nice and bland world.


      I havent seen those EE ban avatars outside of blogs. Are those People still here or did they leave DoomWorld ?

    4. Maes


      Some weren't active in other forums besides EE, so yeah, that's quite normal.

      As for the Internet...IMO, its biggest failure has been precisely the failure to "level" all countries to the same level of Western Democracy (which, as Winston Churchill had said, despite its flaws, was "the best of possible worlds"). It wasn't able to eradicate superstition, skews and kinks caused by local politics. On the contrary, it took market, political and law systems by surprise, and it still keeps on doing that.

      By surfing, one could initially think that we're living in some sort of globalized, Western-type democracy, with unified laws, unified politics, unified culture, unified economics etc. but that's far from the truth, and usually in quite unpleasant ways.