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  1. Decided to get back into Doom since it's been too long for me, I am also looking to improve my ability to make maps and I have come up with some custom industrial textures which I want to see how well they would work with a test map.

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    2. Doomkid


      It looks like, in mapinfo, you'd simply type:


      sky1 sky1 (number here)


      when defining the sky for the map. 0.01 being a slow scroll, for example.

    3. Avoozl


      I did forget to mention that I am using GZDoom Builder and the map is going to be in UDMF. I don't know if mapinfo works that way with just any texture.

    4. Ichor


      When I updated GZDoom to 2.4.0 (this was before 3.0.0), I was using the skies definitions in the MAPINFO with the old format (i.e. 20 instead of something like 0.2). When I played my maps, the skies were scrolling at insane speeds.