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  1. I really need an excuse to play Diablo II again, I'm going to have to find someone to play a co-op game of D2 with.

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    2. Dragonfly


      I would be interested. I've never played past Act 2, despite loving the game. Something always finds a way to stop me playing and then I either get back into Doom mapping or something else, heh. The only issue you and I would have of playing coop is:

      - Timezones

      - I work shift work, as in, different hours every day / week.

    3. Ichor


      Excuse 2: Ladder resetting next week (30th).

    4. Avoozl


      Star Trek Online the game I usually play is currently on an extended maintenance of 8 hours now, perhaps this would be the perfect time to fire up D2.