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  1. I'm kind of disappointed to find out how Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going to be a prequel.

    1. ShoDemo


      So, there is most likely no Jade in this new game, am I right? She was a really well designed character and I would want to see her again in a game.


      Also, I don't know if I am the only one, but I always wanted to see what they could do in a sequel, with Jade's healing powers that were revealed at the end of the first game. I guess it is a wasted opportunity.

    2. dew


      Well, it's not like the first game ended with a cliffhanger- oh wait. I find the new game both frustrating and exciting. The devs are obviously dodging continuation of the original story that was anything but resolved, but the new pitch looks sooo cool...


      Here's to hoping that the game will be successful enough to fund a real sequel!