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  1. I have decided to give Rise of the Triad: Dark War a try, but after looking around on the internet I cannot find any kind of source port for it so far.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      ^ Perhaps, haha.

      My main point of discontention with the game is the fact that it's kinda, hmm, "delusive" in terms of gameplay.

      On the surface it looks very much alike with Doom and its relatively small and easy to navigate levels (talking about the original stuff here ofc). There's the gunplay, the fancy jump stuff and the insane enemies. Sounds merry-go-round eh??

      However at some point you realize that it is actually Wolf3D under the hood, and I don't mean just in terms of the game engine.

      Mazes mazes mazes mazes even when it's all a huge open area. Or corridors corridors corridors, everything looks absolutely identical and barely any possibility of distinguishing any particular location from any other location. I prefer my linearity.

      So in my playthru, I would end up spending up to 50 minutes (not joking!) just wandering around after cleaning the enemies up, looking for that one goddamn mandatory pushwall that I missed. IIRC this is especially expressed (and aggravating) in E3 and E4, where the levels get big.

      Furthermore, the boss fight. Absolutely mind-blowing mechanism. I'd be genuinely AMAZED if anyone back in 1995 was able to figure this out on their own. I mean, it's definitely a step ahead of every other contemproary game with their "JUST ANOTHER ENEMY WITH 10X MORE HEALTH AND 10X STROGNER GUN" (e.g. Doom, Wolf, also Duke I think) , but maybe the step was... too far ahead.


      PS all ROTT ports crash all the time for me. 

      @Coraline you're our only hope, don't disappoint

    3. Avoozl


      Ah, so there was source ports, they just didn't turn up in my google search for some reason.

    4. KVELLER


      @bzzrak What in the hell are you supposed to do at the end, anyway? I got there, got stuck, and called it a day. Haven't touched the game again ever since, and I don't plan on doing so, either.