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Status Updates posted by Avoozl

  1. Finding it difficult to make friends both online and offline, it's been like this for some time now, I wish I knew what it was holding me back.

    1. Linguica


      The best way to make friends as a childless adult both on- and offline is to find hobbies that interest you and find places to interact with other people who share the same hobby. The best way to make friends as an adult with kids is to join the PTA.

  2. I have forgotten how to make 3D floors in GZDoom Builder, could someone please link me a reliable video on how to do them?

  3. Because I am not doing much with my life I am deciding to try my hand at creating music, the genre's I have in mind are ambience and synth. The problem is I really do not know where to start.

  4. This new forum layout is confusing.

  5. Apparently there's someone working on recreating the Metroid Prime engine in the effort to make a mouse and keyboard enabled PC port which requires an iso of the original game for the game resources. For the longest time I was actually wishing someone would do something like this and it's actually happening now, I really hope Nintendo doesn't discover this project as I would really like to see it completed, it would give me an excuse to actually play through the game unlike with my second-hand copy I barely ever played. This would be the next best thing after the Another Metroid 2 Remake fan game.

  6. Hey, I haven't seen you post here in quite some time. I hope all is well.

  7. I had to reinstall my computer due to a brick but after reinstalling everything I have forgotten how to switch YouTube back to the previous layout.

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    2. Avoozl


      Well it worked for me before, I don't see why.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      Try adding ?disable_polymer=1 to the end of the URL.  Like:








      Use the & if there's already a ? in the URL.

    4. Avoozl


      Also thank god I recovered all my browser logins and bookmarks.

  8. I am really enjoying ROTT on the GL port, I don't know why I didn't try this game sooner. It feels like an in between of Wolf 3D and Doom as far as the engine is concerned, but it also does things which even Doom doesn't. Also it's great to find yet another nazi shooter.

    1. Avoozl


      The only real problem is it uses general midi, on the original dos version I set it to use the better Roland Sound Canvas music while using the Munt MT-32 emulator.

    2. KVELLER


      If you can find some MT-32 soundfonts, you can use something like VirtualMIDISynth to have quality music with general MIDI.

  9. I have decided to give Rise of the Triad: Dark War a try, but after looking around on the internet I cannot find any kind of source port for it so far.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      ^ Perhaps, haha.

      My main point of discontention with the game is the fact that it's kinda, hmm, "delusive" in terms of gameplay.

      On the surface it looks very much alike with Doom and its relatively small and easy to navigate levels (talking about the original stuff here ofc). There's the gunplay, the fancy jump stuff and the insane enemies. Sounds merry-go-round eh??

      However at some point you realize that it is actually Wolf3D under the hood, and I don't mean just in terms of the game engine.

      Mazes mazes mazes mazes even when it's all a huge open area. Or corridors corridors corridors, everything looks absolutely identical and barely any possibility of distinguishing any particular location from any other location. I prefer my linearity.

      So in my playthru, I would end up spending up to 50 minutes (not joking!) just wandering around after cleaning the enemies up, looking for that one goddamn mandatory pushwall that I missed. IIRC this is especially expressed (and aggravating) in E3 and E4, where the levels get big.

      Furthermore, the boss fight. Absolutely mind-blowing mechanism. I'd be genuinely AMAZED if anyone back in 1995 was able to figure this out on their own. I mean, it's definitely a step ahead of every other contemproary game with their "JUST ANOTHER ENEMY WITH 10X MORE HEALTH AND 10X STROGNER GUN" (e.g. Doom, Wolf, also Duke I think) , but maybe the step was... too far ahead.


      PS all ROTT ports crash all the time for me. 

      @Coraline you're our only hope, don't disappoint

    3. Avoozl


      Ah, so there was source ports, they just didn't turn up in my google search for some reason.

    4. KVELLER


      @bzzrak What in the hell are you supposed to do at the end, anyway? I got there, got stuck, and called it a day. Haven't touched the game again ever since, and I don't plan on doing so, either.

  10. I finally got around to trying Blood on the GDX port and it's much better than I expected, but something feels off about it and I can't quite place it.

    1. Gothic
    2. KVELLER


      It's still in development. Personally I'm waiting for it to be actually finsihed.

  11. Is youtube failing to load for anyone else?

    1. Remilia Scarlet
    2. Avoozl


      I guess it must've just been my connection although it's odd how it was only targeting that one website.

  12. Looks like the formally PlayStation exclusive Nioh is actually getting a PC release now.

  13. This Diablo 2 remix is epic, I couldn't help but laugh at some of it.



    1. GarrettChan


      Using SEs from the game to compose music is always amazing to listen to.

  14. Hey, did you just come back? It's been a while.

    1. HavoX


      It appears Real Life™ took a toll on him.

  15. I'm kind of disappointed to find out how Beyond Good and Evil 2 is going to be a prequel.

    1. ShoDemo


      So, there is most likely no Jade in this new game, am I right? She was a really well designed character and I would want to see her again in a game.


      Also, I don't know if I am the only one, but I always wanted to see what they could do in a sequel, with Jade's healing powers that were revealed at the end of the first game. I guess it is a wasted opportunity.

    2. dew


      Well, it's not like the first game ended with a cliffhanger- oh wait. I find the new game both frustrating and exciting. The devs are obviously dodging continuation of the original story that was anything but resolved, but the new pitch looks sooo cool...


      Here's to hoping that the game will be successful enough to fund a real sequel!

  16. I just listened to Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, I think I may like this kind of music now.

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    2. Obsidian


      I still remember Kashmir.wad. :P

    3. Doomkid


      The Lemon Song!

    4. Tristan


      Oh cool this means I get to plug Rainbow's Stargazer again, second time in two days. It's pretty to similar to Kashmir (but better, imho) \m/


  17. How do you take screenshots in Doom 64 Ex? I tried the old fashioned way by using PrtScn and pasting it on MsPaint but it was just completely black.

    1. scifista42


      I quickly looked into "Options -> Controls", and in category "Non-bindable keys", it said "Screenshot: F5".

    2. Avoozl


      Ah, thanks. I don't know how I missed that.

    3. scifista42


      Where I said "Options -> Controls", I meant "Options -> Controls -> Bindings".

  18. I am trying to figure out what kind of instrument this sound is based on in Donkey Kong Countries Fear Factory music track at 0:45 of the link I posted, I am guessing some sort of wind instrument. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fXOAnZahss&feature=youtu.be&list=RD8fXOAnZahss&t=45


    1. Avoozl


      I could be wrong though, it might just be a random synth sound.

    2. Doomkid


      Sounds like synth. Sounds kinda-sorta like its trying to be a Viola or maybe even a Sax, but it isn't quite either.

    3. Tristan


      Yeah, I'd say it's closer to a viola than anything else as far as real instruments are concerned.

  19. I really do love Duke Nukem 3D's moody music, two of my favorites would be Gotham and Water World.

    1. Misty


      I like Spook and Taking Names ;)

  20. I've been looking up Youtube vids of Doom 3 graphics mods but a lot of them seem to over do it with reflections and bright neon lighting. I think they ruin the original art direction of the game.

    1. ⇛Marnetmar⇛


      Let's not forget bumpmaps used for things they were never intended for.

    2. DoctorGenesis


      It gets worse with Quake 2.

    3. Da Werecat

      Da Werecat

      Strong artistry and restraint are rare guests in amateur graphics overhaul mods.

  21. Apparently the Tasty Spleen community will be holding a 500 frag Deathmatch to celebrate Quake 2's 20th anniversary, I think I may get involved for the fun of it.

  22. I hate these Kleer Skeleton's in Serious Sam 3, they can be very annoying to deal with even with powerful weapons. They are like Demons/Pinkys on steroids.

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    2. Albertoni


      Rocket launchers aimed at the floor, my friend. If life doesn't give you grenades, but gives you rockets, turn those rockets into grenades.

    3. GarrettChan


      @R1ckOh yeah... totally forgot about the secret exclusive weapon...


      @AlbertoniNice sentence, love it. Just in case you're not joking, hitting the ground with rockets doesn't deal much damage, and you have a risk to "launch" the Kleer towards you, but it's difficult to compare because there's no such thing in 3.

    4. Albertoni


      I was half joking and half giving an idea. I don't remember much of SS3, sadly.

  23. I have finally dropped soda and am drinking plain spring water, I got started with a 24x600ml pack and am going to go from there.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dragonfly


      Year, not rear. Phone autocorrect combined with no edit button. Ew.

    3. Nevander


      I want to as well but Mountain Dew is just too delicious.

    4. Avoozl


      The only problem so far is I seem to be more tired than usual now, it might be withdrawal but I don't know honestly.

  24. I hate it when Youtube video suggestions spoil parts of movies or TV shows.

    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      I wish I had the power to dismiss the suggestions forever.

    2. geo


      Usually the Youtube thumbnails ruin the surprise. Top 5 video games of all time! Mario 3 and Half-Life 2 are in the thumbnail. Top secret hidden bosses of all time! Thumbnail has 3 bosses I've never seen before.


      What about spoiler warning.... as they're showing what they're about to talk about and the background footage spoils it. How about a video game Youtuber just randomly talks about TV shows and movies to spoil them when they go out of their way to NOT spoil video games they talk about.


      Oh I can go further.... trailers that spoil movies. Terminator trailers in particular.