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  1. cybdmn

    Best Doom Console Port?

    As i said, i have done that years ago. However, these tracks are grabbed from the sound output of the 3DO. I get managed to extract the tracks from the cd too, but all i have ever found, able to play these, is an very old version of Goldwave. But even this can't handle them correctly. The sound plays with the wrong speed and distorted.
  2. cybdmn

    rare Doom I/II commercial add-ons

    Heh, i must have a deeper look at my floppies at the weekend. These come from D!Zone 150 if i am right.
  3. cybdmn

    The Fall of Newdoom

    Maybe in jail? http://rome.ro/smf/index.php/topic,6314.0.html
  4. cybdmn

    Claustrophobia 1024 -- Fixed version released!

    Have it downloaded and will play it soon. I liked Congestion 1024 really, so i hope i will like that too.
  5. cybdmn

    Best Doom Console Port?

    No it hasn't. It is a kind of special AIFF Format used for the 3DO. In fact a 3DO cd isn't even readable on a pc without some special drivers. I've ripped the music some years ago, you can find it, if you head over to the doom depot.
  6. cybdmn

    Best Doom Console Port?

    Heh, yes. The music sounds somewhat raw and brutal. I liked it too, to play this without music, there was some kind of white noise in the beackground which is scary aswell. I think my personal favourite is for the Jaguar, i've played it pretty much, even with the pad which is a pain in the ass, but it is the only port, where you can easy access to every single weapon. The PSX Doom is somewhat neat, but mostly too dark for my taste. And for the 3DO Doom ... forget about that. The only thing worth to mention is the music, which sounds great. That applies for the SNES port too, plus, the music sounds like shit.
  7. cybdmn

    Doom 95, Anyone?

    There are two different versions of The Ultimate Doom out, at least in europe. One contain the MS-DOS version only, the other have both, MS-DOS and Windows 95 version on the disc. You can recognize them if you take a look at the cover ... http://www.onlinegamesdatenbank.de/index.php?section=game&gameid=16588 http://www.onlinegamesdatenbank.de/index.php?section=game&gameid=1295
  8. cybdmn

    The Fall of Newdoom

    Thats exactly, what i thought. Arrogant and childish. At least, it's over now. In fact, such a behaviour will always come back at you, even if you pay for the server and stuff. This is for sure, i can tell that, for i am running a forum for years now. Nobody cares that you pay, even if it is a shitload of money, and nobody will pay on a regular basis for a service he gets for free elsewhere. It is okay to define some rules, as long as they are near to the common sense of rules within the net. But you will get in trouble if you act like an emperor. Sometimes it is even hard to handle critics, most of the time you have to stay cool. But mostly, a good community don't need to be moderated all the time. If the people like their playground, they will keep it clean. ;-)
  9. cybdmn

    can't remember/find a certain map29 remake

    This is The Dying End, but it wasn't this, said Christoph.
  10. cybdmn

    The Fall of Newdoom

    That answers much. Back then, short after the release of the Absolution TC i entered newdoom and made some posts. In one of these i must have said something positive about you. Later i received an email from one of the staff (don't remember which one), which semms to be annoyed, because i said something positive about a member who was fallen from grace. I answered him, that i know nothing about the something, i only spoke about MY experiences. He then answered, that it will be okay, but i shall be warned, never to do that again. Now i know WHY. After that childish behaviour i decided to stop posting there. Actually, last time, i found one unfinished map on one of my harddisks, which you send me years ago, while we talked via ICQ, and asked to myself if you are still making maps. I looked at WIP, but saw that you haven't updated something for ages.