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  1. cybdmn

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Got mail too. This is for the standard edition, no mail regarding the beast edition. And the tracking isn't working, which means that they haven't actually shipped. The items are shiped via USPS, so they come from the US, so it could take at least a week or more to somewhere in europe, from my experiences.
  2. cybdmn

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    More like busy crafting emails advertising other games every two or three days.
  3. cybdmn

    Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy"

    I have read it some years ago. Inferno was kind of interesting, but Purgatorio and Paradiso was boring, and a pain in the ass to read.
  4. cybdmn

    Wolf 3d game in 2019

    There are various retro style fps on the market or in the making, and you should look at them. If they are successful, or show some serious potential, none of them try to mimic the beginning of those 90ies fps. Instead they aim for the kind of games which where on the peak of the 90ies fps. Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Quake. These are the games where all the 90ies nostalgia came from, and there are reasons for that.
  5. cybdmn

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    Regarding Arcane Dimensions i think while the mapping is brilliant, sometimes they go over the top with the enemy hordes and monster closets.
  6. cybdmn

    WRATH: Aeon of Ruin (a new game from 3D Realms)

    Great. Will be an insta-buy for me.
  7. cybdmn

    Heretic on Steam

    I made backups of all my floppy discs using dd.
  8. Betruger(in fact it should be Betrüger) is german, meaning fraudster. Could it be more obvious?
  9. cybdmn

    Dissecting Doom's Inferno depiciton - Help

    This picture does not compare to Dantes Inferno. In Inferno, hell is depicted as built in circles, each for one mortal sin, coming from the outer end to the most deadly sin, treachery, to the middle of hell, where on the center Satan resides in an frozen sea, chewing on the three arch betrayers, Cassius, Brutus and Judas. Limbo is in the outer region, there are the souls which are sinners without guilt, like Vergil a poet who lived in pre-christian times, who guided Dante through Limbo and Inferno. Slough of Despair should be the same as Limbo, at least it sounds like it. In Inferno, Limbo is a swamp where all the souls who can not go to heaven or hell wandering around. Hell Keep could be where Minos sort the souls by their sins. Dis is a city in hell, where the heretics are tortured. So much for my memories from reading the Divine Comedy.
  10. cybdmn

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Only thing you can do, is to get yourself on the waiting list. But there is no guarantee that you get one, as stated on the link. https://limitedrungames.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=51e5c55f587138a441b305c17&id=6ef6b995f5&e=0ed74694e6
  11. Seems pretty understandable to me. I was always under the impression, that inside id always there were always strong tensions, and many ego wars happened. Tom Hall fired, and "kremlined out" of the books, like mentioned by Sandy. A thing also mentioned in these Coop with Bobby Prince videos posted here some time ago here. Bobby said there too, that Tom Halls influence on Doom is underestimated. Look how Romero was kicked out, and Paul Steed fired in retaliation in the Doom 3 internal discussion. And finally the drop out of Adrian Carmack.
  12. Just create one for yourself, it's not rocket science, there are even online ico generators.
  13. cybdmn

    'Original' copy of Ultimate Doom?

    I have the version on the second picture, and it contains DOS version only. First picture seems to show this version: https://ogdb.eu/index.php?section=game&gameid=1295 Second picture this: https://ogdb.eu/index.php?section=game&gameid=16588
  14. cybdmn

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    I expected The Dying End by Christopher Lutz in this list.
  15. cybdmn

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    The text must have changed, i saw it too. I do not understand why there should be any customs fee, if the items are sent from Ireland, it's the european union. I have ordered both editions, for these will definitely become collectors stuff. Edit: On the Sigil website it still states that the beast box is limited to two boxes per customers, but not on the actual order website.
  16. cybdmn

    Jaguar Doom Conversion

    Of all the console ports back then, the Jaguar port had the best graphics. In my opinion it even beats the PSX graphics, by far.
  17. cybdmn

    Doom Clone "Gloom" Source Code Available!

  18. cybdmn

    Did Dante's Inferno influence Doom in anyway ?

    Because purgatory, and paradiso even more are boring. Inferno is by far the most interesting part of the divine comedy.
  19. cybdmn

    Best NRFTL level?

    1. Yes 2. Inferno of Blood (The BFG secret is amazing)
  20. cybdmn

    Eureka 1.24 Released

    For those who can't wait, here is the complied app. https://files.fm/u/5c7ggkwn I didn't do testing, just compiling and do a start test on OSX 10.9.
  21. cybdmn


    And the icculus port, but neither of them is in active development. That’s why I wrote „in fact“.
  22. cybdmn


    Now, more than 20 years after the release date of Doom and DN3D it is obvious that Doom have won this battle, which never was one. For me it sounds a little bit funny, when todays kids ask questions like this. Back then this wasn't a question, if you where into fps games in the 90ies it was never a question of this game or the other, it was more like this game AND the other. After Doom we played every fps we could get, Rise of the Triad, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Blood, Redneck Rampage, Dark Forces, we played them, and we loved them, while everybody had his favorites. My favorite was always Doom, because the gameplay was always more sophisticated. The weapon balance was better, every weapon have more punch and is in game for a reason. It is not just like get bigger weapons for bigger baddies, some weapons are simply more effective against certain enemies, while other enemies could be killed easier by other weapons. Which brings us the the second reason, i like Doom more. The enemies are as thoughtful chosen as the weapons, not just bullet sponges which could suck more and more bullets, the worked completely different. There are enemies like the Imp who fires slow fireball, which coul be dodged rather easy. And than there where the hitscanners, who could be a real threat, if you didn't take them out instantly. And i found most of the maps a little bit bland and repetitive, especially in the second episode. But in the end i play Doom AND DN3D every now and then, but have to say that i rarely play any user content for DN3D, just because the Doom community is far bigger and creates much, much more high class stuff every year. The DN3D community suffers from some real problems, the community is rather small, with not so many good mappers. There isn't even one modern source port as usable as GZDoom, PRBoom+ or Chocolate Doom. In fact there is just eDuke32, which works, with a completely broken multiplayer. And there are no comparable modern tools for DN3D like (Gz)Doom Builder or Slade. There is Mapster32, which is a direct port of the old Build Editor, which is far from intuitive. It still woks like an DOS executable, single window, no easy way of switching to other applications and an old very rudimentary GUI makes it a pain in the ass creating maps for it. You still have to print out lists with all the "sector effectors" and stuff to implement these stuff into your maps. No help from the editor. And as far as i know, there are no modern tools for the asset management, for adding textures and stuff, you still have to use the old DOS tools. I may be wrong at this last point, but last time i took a look at the tools, this was how it was.
  23. Never heard of Schroedingers Rabbit?
  24. Back then there was Sidrial by Fountainhead Entertainment.
  25. I highly doubt it. IIRC the publisher was EA, and id stopped their mobile division years ago. Nobody seems to care about the mobile stuff anymore, especially not the java/BREW stuff. Outside of iOS/android there is no market for games for cellphones anymore.