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  1. This video is new. In the iPhone version it is inside the app, called "credits nerve.mp4", there were no such video in the XBLA version. Easy to see, that its new, because Todd Hollenshead is credited, who is an nerve employee since 2018. XBLA and BFG Edition versions are older.

  2. The new Wolfenstein game is released completely uncensored, sort of. Microsoft (for the Xbox One) and some retailers will not sell the uncensored version in germany, but they get an USK (german rating board) rating for the uncensored version, which means they could legally release the uncensored version in germany.

  3. 7 hours ago, WadArchive said:

    The 'UnityFS' header means that it is in an Unity assets bundle, there are tools to extract it however I don't think it compress it so as you did you could just pull the IWAD out. I googled a bundle extractor to get the doom disk file. From there wrote a program based on the format on https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Diskfile, but where it says 'big-endian' it needs to be 'little-endian' as mentioned earlier in the thread, and then extract all the content .



    Yeah, googleing a little bit said the same, that it is an unity assets file. Copying the IWAD out into a new file, using an hex editor means that its uncompressed. And seeing the paths i the file, i came to the same conclusion, that its a format like those diskfiles in the XBLA releases of Doom/Doom II.


    Did you had a chance to compare MAP06 from an original IWAD to the one thats inside of this IWAD? There must be a reason for being on the end of the WAD.

  4. Okay, i managed to get doom.wad and doom2.wad out of those disk files using an hex editor. Changes to doom.wad are as mentioned here before, new menuback and NIN-Logo removed from E4M1.

    As far as i could see, in doom2.wad MAP31 and MAP32 are changed like in the BFG Edition WADS, former humans instead of SS, every swastikas and stuff removed.


    MAP06 is now at the end of the WAD, though i haven't found any changes until yet.

  5. On 7/28/2019 at 5:15 AM, WadArchive said:

    I have done some digging into the WAD files include in the switch release. As mentioned in another post that the format is basically the same as the Xbox Live Arcade file format



    How did you extract the wad files? I managed to copy the ipa files from my iphone, and extracted them. Thats what i get:




    Opening doom_disk and doom2_disk with an hex editor telling me "UnityFS 5.x.x 2018 3.12f1" in the header.

  6. Sigil is a good wad, presenting good visuals and a lot of fun, and some not so fun things on the other hand. Some praise it more than it's worth because of being a Romero wad, others turn it down because of being a Romero wad. Would it be as famous and praised if done by another author? Certainly not, but still its fun to play.


    NRFTL for me is another thing. This adds the maps to Doom II it deserves. And in my opinion NRFTL deserved definitely the cacoward.


    I wish, id Software would had hired those two guys to create a new classic 32 map Doom game for releasing in "the year of Doom".

  7. 9 hours ago, xttl said:

    Did anyone in Germany get their box from Ireland instead of US, as was originally advertised on LRG's order page? (not that it would help me in any way because I do not live there)


    Actually, mine came from the uk, not Ireland. No customs fee at all.

  8. The last time I got a real nostalgia flash, which brought up memories of how it felt back then, was when I tried Calico. Seeing the Jaguar typical Doom graphics was a heartwarming moment.


    When Doom on the Jaguar was released I couldn‘t stop playing it. Even with the not so comfortable Gamepad, it felt so grim and dark. There was always a feeling of being alone and forgotten within the hallways of the game.

  9. 4 hours ago, Nine Inch Heels said:

    As for bringing back the scary days of classic doom... You can't experience a particular thing for the first time twice.


    This! Unfortunately this is so very true. I wish I could experience my first time in Doom again.