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  1. Altazimuth

    Improving the link to the Eternity subforum

    1. Yup, totally. Eternity isn't a TC or a source port any more. Eternity is just EE now, and Eternity Engine makes clearer just what the subforum is. 2. A bit less clear on this. Boom has a successor that derives from its name and is pretty popular. I dunno how I'd brand it though.
  2. Altazimuth

    New features added in Eternity

    Yeah that's fine.
  3. Altazimuth

    New features added in Eternity

    I'm not entirely sure I see the point in doing so when Quasar left a precedent of fixing broken behaviour in Heretic (the tornadoes come to mind).
  4. Altazimuth

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    I think including the label by default just isn't intuitive. It makes a lot more sense to manually add a label to the name of the map than remove it. Also it takes me reading and effort to know you have to manually set the label.
  5. Altazimuth

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP01:_Entryway The intermission screen calls it "Entryway", the automap calls it "Level 1: Entryway", community people tend to call it "MAP01" or "Entryway" or similar, so going by the wiki's article naming convention isn't a sure thing. At this stage I'd put forward my idea: A defaults section. I didn't want to bog implementation down with this feature but it seems like it can solve this issue, so I'll put forward an extra thing. Within the defaults section can be a default label which is some kinda format string, though such a feature would be a bit of a kludge to get reasonably flexible (you'd need specifiers for lump name, episode number, map number, overall number, and the ability to have precision or whatever if you wanted something like "LEVEL 01"). Then you can just default the label to nothing and if people want the label can be "%l" for lump or whatever.
  6. Altazimuth

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    Speaking of I have a feature suggestion I'll save for the moment, but I just wanna say don't hard-code any defaults too hard.
  7. Altazimuth

    Would a hardware-accelerated renderer ever be added?

    Pretty sure you explicitly said years back GZDoom wouldn't get them anyway, and I can see why. 3D floors eradicate the need for them. Anything a combo of 3D floors and portals can do can be done with edge portals and 3D floors, and given GZDoom's polygonal renderers there's no particular downsides to 3D floors over edge portals. Eh. I'm not sure. Using an existing implementation reduces work but also makes for lots of compromises and requires inheritance of all sorts of whatever legacy crap that GL renderer has. I'd rather learn from and improve on the GL renderers of old than just just drop them straight in. I wanna see a GL renderer that does limited computation triangulation of scenes based solely on things that update! We can make the wheel better, but sometimes that means reinventing it just to get away from the older ones. In other news I'm going to toy with an improved render-to-texture GL renderer that should be faster. I've not had time to do so the past few days, but hopefully soon I'll have time to implement it. It'll likely be GL2.1, but that doesn't mean þe olde renderer is going away since every user counts and I don't wanna lose compat with even the most rotten of potatos. It should just improve a certain constant (based on screen size) performance bottleneck.
  8. Altazimuth

    "UMAPINFO" discussion

    And what about maps that don't want a label at all?
  9. Altazimuth

    PrBoom Plus uncapped frame rate issues

    Could also be related to frame timing issues, which I know Vulkan at least provides ways of dealing with. I can't notice any stutter in EE so it's hard for me to test, and every time I try adopt Crispy's fix it seemingly works for one build, then magically breaks. It's like the program is gaslighting me. @Graf Zahl do you use VK_GOOGLE_display_timing in the Vulkan renderer for GZDoom to schedule presents so that they don't happen too early, in order to minimise stuttering?
  10. Altazimuth

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    PRBoom+, if it has one singular singular successor with a different name, won't care immensely about naming when it has momentum already. Offer improvements people want to PRBoom+ that don't compromise the project's integrity and people will come. It has its niche and it's successful within it. As long as other ports respect a port's niche then they'll be fine; hell even if EE managed to support most PRBoom+ complevels it'll never knock it out of its niche. PRBoom+ isn't Eternity. It doesn't need releases specifically for it to do well. GZDoom being able to play PRBoom+ WADs isn't some awful threat to the port that means potential users will be lost. It doesn't need to be.
  11. Altazimuth

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    @Graf Zahl I didn't know a port's primary purpose was to be the most popular. I get why but PRBoom+ has name recognition and endless posts about it. If we're not making some brand new port why lose that? It's just going to confuse people, especially those new to the community or those watching old Youtube videos that mention the port by name.
  12. Altazimuth

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Not UMAPINFO, all the other fucktillion random ramblings. We need to keep FOCUSED.
  13. Altazimuth

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Scope creep.
  14. Altazimuth

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I'll be trying to help anotak out, or at least trying to support playback of anotak's PRB+ demo format in Eternity. Demos are extremely important to PRBoom+ and without it this fork is a dead duck in an additional way beyond the UMAPINFO implementation being C++, which even as a mostly-unrepentant C++ apologist I reject, as it leaves use with the port with the alleged "reference" implementation of the feature unable to have this implementation used by Crispy, or other similar C-only projects. C++ will do as a stopgap in the meantime though, and your implementation works just fine so as it stands it works for a good proof of concept. As an aside, why does https://github.com/coelckers/prboom-plus/blob/master/prboom2/src/scanner.cpp#L422 make it lower rather than upper (given that WADs are all upper to begin with, which will be the more likely format used)? Could I request that upper be the default, just so that the data in the demo footer doesn't need any additional messing with in every port that would want to support this format?
  15. Altazimuth


    Bethesda: "Hey guys we're showing more Doom Eternal content today at our E3 press conference!" I_G: "Hold my beer."
  16. Altazimuth

    Going to QuakeCon? Check in here.

    Sadly no BYOC stuff, but I'm going!
  17. Altazimuth

    The Visual Studio 2019 Dillema

    OK I sorted it out go pull and look at the documentation for building with VS 2019.
  18. Altazimuth

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    EE uses "-vanilla", yes. "-complevel" is not currently supported.
  19. Altazimuth

    The DWIronman League dies to: Base Ganymede

    What's the issue you have with demo playback? I can try look into it when I get back to working on EE proper.
  20. Altazimuth

    The Visual Studio 2019 Dillema

    The trouble is that the props file is in a location something like this: C:\Users\Max\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MSBuild\v4.0\Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user.props. I could create a props file and add that to the project, but then you won't be able to enjoy other projects with the same macros already working. I'll probaly make a temporary solution, at least.
  21. Altazimuth

    Good Soundtrack, Bad memories [videogames]

    Without Stickerbush Symphony I probably would have been a LOT angrier at the levels it appears in. Silver Surfer has a phenomenal soundtrack, but is a nightmare to play. I really regret trying to beat it. Battletoads also has a great soundtrack, but the track that plays during the Volkmire's Inferno flying section is permanently etched into my mind, as well as the track that plays during The Revolution. Finally, Sonic 06; no further comment.
  22. It wouldn't be on the status bar. Given that that's how it is in the original, that's fine then.
  23. It's a tempting proposition. The trouble is I have no idea what would need to be changed. I've wanted to try do this for a while now. New ammo could easily be defined but Mordeth is correct, there's currently no way to display new ammo types in the HUD. My question is if any new codepointers are defined or what have you, which might make things a bit trickier.
  24. Altazimuth

    Eternity Engine 4.00.00 Völuspá

    This milestone release is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, Kaitlyn Anne Fox. This version also marks the first stable release after the migration from SDL1.2 to SDL2. Readme File Official Win32 Build (XP or up, latest x86 Visual C++ 2015 Runtime required) Official OSX Build Source Code: .zip, .tar.gz Documentation is available on the wiki (some new features are still in the process of being documented) WINDOWS USERS: It's of the utmost importance that you update your midiproc (provided in the Win32 zip)—as well as Eternity—and I would personally suggest also deleting any old dlls before moving the new files in. Please note that the translation range from red to pink is strictly temporary, for internal use, and shouldn't be relied on when making mods.
  25. Altazimuth

    Eviternity crashing with latest build of EE

    People from the future: This was fixed and in uploaded dev builds a couple days before this post was made, but not incredibly well advertised. You don't need to worry about it.