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  1. Source port devs, how do you gals and guys go about keeping yourself working through the harder features to implement?


    The doc told me I needed a break (from uni) so I'm trying to keep myself happy with Eternity work, but EDF weapons is proving a real bitch to get in, especially if I wanna keep demo compat. Pretty hard putting all this work in but without a real visible result.

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    2. printz


      Whenever I'm out of duties (work, home stuff), I meditate until I have something voluntary to do (such as this port programming hobby, map editing or reading a book...).


      It's usually a feeling of competition and maybe even obsession (I want things done) that drives me to finish EE stuff. But if it starts feeling tedious, I just avoid doing it, and instead I meditate again until I find something else interesting, not necessarily Doom related. The world is big.

    3. printz


      It may help to write down in notepad++ or a notebook all parts of the problem, so you can crunch them individually.

    4. Altazimuth


      Good news, I managed to work through it and came out the other end with a semi-functioning thing: https://github.com/team-eternity/eternity/commit/1069b8592635