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  1. I will probably not be working on Eternity for a bit, as we have adopted a lovely dog - which we brought home yesterday.


    Here she is on her way home from the rescue centre:


    1. Fonze


      That's awesome Alta; she looks like the sweetest little trouble-maker there is :)

    2. Altazimuth


      No trouble made so far, though she did accidentally (I'm certain it was an accident due to the circumstances and her reaction) fall into the pond in the back yesterday. There's also been a single "accident" but she isn't fully toilet-trained yet; we just need to teach her where she should go, which will take a bit but we're patient and positive. She's still becoming fully confident with her surroundings and with us, but we're hoping to give her a new start in life.


      She's extremely sweet. I slept downstairs last night so that she didn't have to be on her own (she'll sleep upstairs once the number of accidents reduce), and she happily fell asleep by my side. She's already warming to us, which is lovely.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Aww, she's so cute! I hope you two will enjoy the time you spend together!