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  1. flubbernugget

    Let's settle this: what is a 'teleport trap'?

    I was referring to bullet two in the other thread
  2. flubbernugget

    How common are teleport traps in newer WAD's??

    Making their use even more perplexing...lol
  3. I remember around 2010-ish that all of the best WAD'S used them incessantly to my disdain. Is this still a common trend? I haven't played a good deal of Doom in a while and don't really have the time to trough through maps, but I'm pretty curious.
  4. flubbernugget

    How common are teleport traps in newer WAD's??

    Off the top of my head, Scythe2 was pretty liberal/egregious with them. I liked Speed of Doom for being a lot better about it.
  5. flubbernugget

    VPN Security

    With the whole ISP controversy I'm interested in getting a raspberry pi to set up as a VPN server, but all the tutorials end up saying "you can look at all of your private files anywhere." I know that's one of the uses for VPN but it's not what I'm interested in. My understanding is that they have something set up for network access like this. VPN (in my house) -> ISP Router -> ISP - > Personal device So if I access the Internet outside my house, I should be encrypted and secure. However, if I'm inside my house the connection would look like this, Personal Device - > ISP Router -> VPN (in my house) -> ISP Router -> ISP And I am no longer secure, because the encryption is between my personal device and the VPN, and my ISP isn't between those two. Are my assumptions correct? And if they are, how can I secure myself from inside my house?
  6. flubbernugget

    VPN Security

    There's a couple of reasons I want to do this on my own: The "home network encapsulation" feature is appealing for when I'm not home (unless you're saying those other services can do that) Having a physical device for my parents to see and recognize as an "encryptor" would probably help them in understanding how to use it I would rather pay a flat fee for the service than a monthly fee, and 5 minutes of Google says most free VPN servers aren't in my country. I Like doing this kind of stuff and it's a a good learning experience
  7. flubbernugget

    Remote Desktop Software?

    I didn't think TeamViewer worked over a lan? Also what are the chances of ssh working for this? I don't know much about it on Windows other than it being "awkward".
  8. I guess the thread says it all. I've programmed a video game in c# using XNA and I am currently doing systems programming on a raspberry pi in C.
  9. Have you watched the videos? He explains everything as though it is being written from scratch. It's not just "move this file here and change this #include" For anyone that's seen my infrequent ramblings of struggling with code I on here, this is really exciting for me :-)
  10. flubbernugget

    "Low Level" API's

    So I've been trying to work with my webcam in C and Linux, and the API's I have been trying to use to interface my hardware are a nightmare to work with. First I had to work with l4v2 to interface directly with the webcam. The api was huge. No big deal. I figured I could search through it like I do when I worked with MSDN. Well it's all pure html, but a little google-fu fixed that. But I still found myself calling the wrong functions at the wrong times, and generally over-viewing the documents with little understanding of what's going on. I found example code that did what I needed to do with a little tweaking. So I got what I needed but didn't really learn much about what l4v2 does or how it works. Well I basically had to put the image from the webcam into memory. Done. But I want to show that everything is in there correctly. So why not make an image file out of it? Because holy crap this documentation makes no freaking sense that's why. I installed Libjpeg or turbojpeg (or whatever the hell it is) from a .deb off the official website (apt-get gave me a bunch of middle fingers trying to install the api "officially"). The install appeared to work, but when I went to make an executable, gcc gave me assloads of linker errors. Thats a cringe in and of itself, but whatever, I've gotta trek through it. Well I looked through the website and the directory it said all the api files were in didn't exist on my system. Awesome! That's probably where all the linker errors came from! I sat and thought about how to begin looking for the files and how to put them where the linker could find them. After about a week of thinking about it I finally came up with a solution...try a new api. Enter libpng. The documentation is...interesting. It's all example based. The expectation seems to be that if you need specifics, you can flip through the header files....what??? Maybe that's why all my first linux tutorials were going on about how awesome grep was when I just couldn't see it. Either way, I can't seem to find function descriptions, just their prototypes. Kinda helpful...ish. I'm pushing through getting my webcam data into a pretty picture, because at least all of the header files are where the fuck they need to be. Things are painfully slow, but moving along. Well now I'm looking through some of the example code, and when I try to use a function in the api for cleaning up the heap, I get an "undefined reference" error from gcc. So I grep through all the header files to see why this is happening (please just trust me that this isn't a spelling error). I cannot find this function call anywhere in the entire directory all the api code is in except for this one example file. And I don't remember the flag off the top of my head, but yes, I did a recursive search. Nothing. Whyyyyyyy tl;dr: When I was working with .NET I could get done what I needed to get done fairly painlessly with the MSDN. Now with these low level C api's I'm banging my head against a wall trying to find the information I need to use the api, and that information seems to be wrong when I can find it. Is this just part of the struggle with working with C, or am I working with these api's the wrong way?
  11. flubbernugget

    "Low Level" API's

    You can love to code and hate documenting it. Does anyone really like documenting code??
  12. flubbernugget

    "Low Level" API's

    In all honestly I never thought to file a bug report. That always seemed like something left for "real" software developers to do. Are a lot of the C libraries open source? That would explain why they're less professional than something done "on the clock"
  13. flubbernugget

    "Low Level" API's

    It was in the example.c file of libpng.
  14. flubbernugget

    "Low Level" API's

  15. flubbernugget

    Biased Algorithms?

    If society stopped discriminating wouldn't the algorithms stop in return?
  16. flubbernugget

    Why some countries use such old constitutions?

    Maybe income inequality/gini ratio? I read long ago from a history text book that since the main purpose of the bill of rights was to placate fears of the American people, their main reason for being picked was for ease of interpretation and lack of controversy, as opposed to the actual political power they granted the American people.
  17. flubbernugget

    Mafia Round 6 - Town Wins

    Who's mafia?
  18. flubbernugget

    Mafia Round 6 - Town Wins

    You're saying you would vote me if you were mafia and darknation and bytor are voting me. Just saying
  19. flubbernugget

    Mafia Round 6 - Town Wins

    vote: dn He asked for it.
  20. flubbernugget

    Mafia Round 6 - Town Wins

    I want to see how far I can go without looking at my role pm. I am the mafia. I've made a post like this once before, and I was mafia when I did it.
  21. flubbernugget

    Mafia Round 6 - Town Wins

    I'll jump in if there's still room
  22. flubbernugget

    Are Microsoft Office products the worst?

    I still like the ribbon
  23. What exactly does 80% severed even mean? Also I think peaceful protests and riots go hand in hand. Like less would know about the legitimate protests without the violence.
  24. flubbernugget

    Killing floor 2's harsh EULA

    With the exception of fulgrim's example isn't this something server admins should be handling?
  25. flubbernugget

    Cracked defends Pedophilia

    Here's a taboo question: Is a pedophilia victim traumatized more by their innate psychology or due to society's standards? I'm thinking back to the cultures Maes describes where pedophilia is "acceptable," and wondering how being the victim in one of these situations changed them as a person.