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  1. This seems as good a time as any, so: I'm leaving Doomworld.

    Thank you to everyone in the community for years of entertainment. Doom is the gift that keeps on giving, but only thanks to all of you spending countless hours creating and sharing content, participating in discussions, and playing the game.

    I have been inflammatory with my posts, sometimes needlessly so; but then, nobody argues with passion if they didn't care for the people involved in these discussions. No harsh feelings, this is a great community filled with awesome individuals, and my apologies to anyone I may have offended.

    Keep on Doomin'.

    1. Memfis


      dew liked this

    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Doom or Doomworld? In any case, good luck, I'll miss your inflammatory posts.

    3. 40oz


      thanks for being a cool dude. I enjoyed your maps and your reviews have been tremendously helpful for me. I hope you change your mind, but if not, thanks again.