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  1. Maldoror

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    Sorry for the bump, but could anyone tell me where the music from the Furnace is from? IG seems to be gone I can't ask him directly. EDIT: I did see the trackdown (page 20 I think?) but the music people mentioned sounds different than the one in game. :/
  2. Maldoror

    Doom 2 was a terrible game

    Doom 2 was very bad level and atmosphere wise yes, except for a few shining moments like Dead Simple. The monsters were great though. It was a big letdown as a standalone game BUT it was an absolute goldmine for modding and it allowed the creation of many amazing Doom wads that made Doom what it is today. That's why I both hate and love Doom 2. On the other hand I really wish they toned down SSG a little. Doom 1 had great weapon balance - every situation asked for a particular weapon - but in Doom 2 we can basically solo everything with it. :( It's a fun weapon but still.
  3. Maldoror

    Slaughterfest 3 [Beta_C released, 05/08/2017]

    I love Slaughterfest, keep it up
  4. Best: E1M1: Hangar: Classic indeed E1M2: Nuclear Plant - Great level, great music and fun maze E1M3: Toxin Refinery - Great atmosphere E1M5: Phobos Lab - Same, and music is epic E1M8: Phobos Anomaly - Just epic, too bad the Barons are such pushovers E2M1: Deimos Anomaly - This is where you really start diving into Hell E2M3: Refinery E2M8: Tower Of Babel - The last great level imo, fantastic music and climax E3M1: Hell Keep E3M2: Slough Of Despair E3M6: Mt Erebus E3M9: I wonder why everyone hates this map, I thought this was a cool idea MAP07: Dead Simple MAP08: Tricks And Traps Worst: E1M4: Command Control - Boring E2M6: Halls Of The Damned - Crap E2M7: Spawning Vats - Bleh E3M7: Limbo - Booooring Almost every Doom 2 maps - Doom 2's new monsters and the SSG are great but the level design was really awful imo. Most of the maps are ugly and boring :/ Honorable mention: E3M8 - Could have been much better, Mastermind is a cool monster but she's so underpowered it ruins the level - besides there's no climax or anything (like in E1M8 or E2M8), the boss is just... there
  5. Maldoror

    Pirate Doom! [GZDoom pwad] - new map 06/05/14

    Just finished it, this wad is good for ye health! :D I think it's one of the best I've played so far. The level design was very good, tons of details and all the levels looked great (especially the lost city). There were a lot of fun little ideas as well - like the freak show (and actually the whole circus level), the bank alarm, the "try your luck" room, the battleships level and many things I forgot. However the hell level felt a bit rushed and the lost city level was a bit too large and sometimes confusing but overall it's a great wad and definitely worthy of a cacoward. Very nice work on the sprites too! (by the way that revenant in the underwater level was a low blow lol)
  6. Maldoror

    Things about Doom you just found out

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm-V5jgvwdo#t=1m25 Hopefully this wasn't posted yet, it's pretty self-explanatory - never noticed that and I've been playing Doom since its release almost
  7. Maldoror

    Doom livestreams

    Hey, you're offline right now but I hope you'll stream again eventually!
  8. Maldoror

    What did scare you on doom when you were little?

    - Demons (used to be terrified of E1M3 because of this) - The dark maze in E1M2 - The demon maze in E1M4 - E1M8 obviously, I was terrified of the barons - E2M8 - Cacodemons - E2M1 because of the dark room where you get the plasma gun - Doomguy's death scream - Doomguy's face when he's getting close to death - Revenants - PSX Doom
  9. Maldoror

    Things that you thought about Doom that weren't.

    This, so much. I've been playing Doom for more than 10 years but it's only one year ago that I noticed that the imps were the ones doing the noise
  10. Maldoror

    Aubrey Hodges info

    Hey Aubrey, like most people here I'm a huge fan of your work :D I remember playing doom on my psx at night when I was a kid - that was really something haha. There's something I've always been curious about though. Was adding this techno song on lvl 59 (Club Doom) an idea of yours? It was an unexpected track obviously but I've always loved it. :D Are you a fan of this kind of music? What's the story behind this song? Sorry if that was already asked but I don't have time to browse the whole thread right now. :(
  11. Maldoror

    Scythe2 - final version released.

    New maps are pretty fun... and I like the huge shortcut in map30! Pretty solid level design as well. Great job Erik!
  12. Maldoror


    Top 10 Material
  13. Maldoror

    Scythe 2. Version 2

    Legendary 5/5 Everything from the levels to the musics is great
  14. Maldoror

    Needs More Detail

    Fun little set of maps, but nothing too special 4/5
  15. Maldoror

    Crimson Canyon

    Just beat it. Last two levels did feel out of place and some levels were a bit too long and annoying (like map 5) but overall it was fairly good. I liked the way you used the Archviles, the Spider Mastermind and the Cyberdemon. Not too soon and not too much. Overall I'd give it a 3,5/5. Fairly good but a bit too long - on the last levels you seemed to be running out of ideas.