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  1. Ribo Zurai

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    Question, where will be the stopping point for the wad? Will you attempt to do all 32 of them or is it 17(32?) the end?
  2. Ribo Zurai

    Sunder - Map17 is here!

    I-is it okay to cry? I'm almost tearing up jesus christ
  3. Ribo Zurai

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    This is actually breathtaking. Outstanding!
  4. Ribo Zurai

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Wonderful pics! Also, I was wondering if you're gonna make a more vanilla compatible version, noticed that you have custom weapons and monsters.
  5. Ribo Zurai

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    That's some outstanding work! It will be worth the wait in the very end.
  6. Ribo Zurai

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Holy shit. The details are insane.
  7. Ribo Zurai

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    Bloody hell this looks AMAZING. Godspeed with your project!
  8. Ribo Zurai

    Newgothic Movement 2 - Public Beta

    I'm so glad to see one of my favorite slaughterwads coming back to life. Will play as soon as I come home from work.
  9. Ribo Zurai

    What's the best song in a WAD you've ever heard?

    This one from Drown in Blood. I will probably never forget this song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-GcNiw0f1s
  10. Ribo Zurai

    Wad Wishlist

    I just want to see Sunder become a full megawad.
  11. Ribo Zurai

    Sunlust [on /idgames]

    [dooming intensifies] This looks completely mindblowing.
  12. Ribo Zurai

    Whitemare 2

    These look gorgeous, can't wait to see more.
  13. Ribo Zurai

    [Release] Escalation II: Centurion Night now out

    I'm digging the series so far. How many are you gonna make? Also, are you gonna merge them into a single wad? That'd be cool.
  14. Ribo Zurai

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So, I'm trying to expand my currently big wad collection, and it wouldn't be complete without a mod that I used to play in December of 2010, which sadly was lost during a system crash. This is what I remember from it: - It was compatible with Skulltag/Zandronum - One of the weapons was a throwable Blood Orb, similar from that one from Zen Dynamics (however the orb floated on the marine's hand, with this sprite https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/64x64q90/20/yped.png) - There was a tommygun from Blood without the altfire, it's ammo used drums like Blood instead of Doom's clips - There was a super shotgun based on Doom 3's style ( just like this one: http://youtu.be/29yYkKvW1iI?t=25s ) - I believe it had a monster replacement wad that game together with the weapon wad in the same zip - The Megasphere/Soulsphere was sometimes replaced by one of four rings that would fire a powerful stream of elemental energy corresponded to it's color. All the four rings could be merged into one powerful ring by using it's alt-fire - A few weapons/monsters from Realm 667 (possibly more weapons from there than I imagined) Thanks for your attention.
  15. Oh god this is beautiful. Looking forward new pics.