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  1. Aaron_Black


    Thanks for the info, will be very helpful! Aaron
  2. Aaron_Black


    Hey all, Whats the deal with the bridges that allow you to walk both on them and under them. I have tried to find a picture but cannot. An example is on Level 1 of Enjay near the begining there is one you walk under before walking over it to get a key. How do they work etc and how would you put one in your own map? Confused lol.
  3. Aaron_Black

    E1M3 Acid Pit

    Yeah I died. Bad times!!
  4. Aaron_Black

    Why the hell is hell mostly gothic?

    I think it is about mood setting. The medievel period is always associated with dark and mystical events (like witch burnings etc) so the zeitgeist and popular culture has us associate bad things with gothic/medievel times and the architecture is a predominant feature of that period. Look at Evil Dead 3: Army Of Darkness. Interstingly, this film was released in 1992 and Doom was released in 1993.
  5. Aaron_Black

    Favourite texture - and why?

    I totally agree, COMP**** and affiliates are great. They have such a variety of uses, thats what makes them best.
  6. Aaron_Black

    MIDI Converting Software, Suggestions?

    LOL Well, thanks for the advice. To make music for doom of an already recorded song, is it an idea to actually program it into a midi creator from scratch??
  7. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    I think I will be ok, but thank you for the offer.
  8. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    Somehow I think you totally missed my point, so I shall explain it a little simpler. What I was trying to say is KNOWING it is me, and PROVING it is me is two different things, and EVEN if they choose to press charges, first they would need to prove that I (*INSERT REAL NAME HERE*) am Aaron Black before they could even think about pressing charges for the DooM map. So the question is, is it worth the financial cost for a small cheese factory?? To be fair, when it gets released they will know who made it anyway. Proving it is a different kettle of fish. Aaron Black is my pen name, if you hadn't gathered that Hellbent.lol
  9. Hi all, Looking for a MP3/WAV to MIDI converter (for free, obviously), anyone got any ideas or suggestions? There must be a decent freeware one out there.... Aaron
  10. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    Lol - Works everytime.....
  11. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    I will run the risk. At then end of the day, if someone is mentally unstable enough to committ mass-murder then making a DooM map is the least influential of possible variables involved IMO.
  12. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    My level is not far from completetion so should be publishing it soon. I may change some of the textures at a later date and re-release it, but thats not a priority at the moment. Have another DooM build project in the pipeline. None of my old workmates are doomers, but a lot know I am building it. To be fair, like everything I ever release (DooM and Non-DooM alike) I use a 'Pen Name' anyway so if they wanted to take me to court they would first have to prove that Aaron Black is me, good luck to them lol.
  13. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    You know what, I think I will test the water. What is the worst that can happen?? lol
  14. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    It is a pretty accurate representative of the factory. Obviously I have Doomified it quite a bit, but the layout is pretty accurate. I did not use a blueprint to make it, I did it totally from memory. If I get legal action taken against me I shall let you all know lol
  15. Aaron_Black

    Legal Implications

    Yeah I didn't think it would be a 'Crime' persay, but maybe a civil issue. Of course I make no references to the company in the .wad and I actually got on with my Boss pretty well. I am not making it because I hated the place, more that I always thought it naturally would make a good DooM level. Anyway, thanks for the advice guys! Aaron