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  1. Icytux

    Share Your Marine

    My Dude
  2. The SSG ruined dooms gameplay since doom2 was released. Shit weapon for a shit sequel.
  3. Icytux

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Trying out mapping again. Trying to make a simple short and fun map. Simple kind of flew out of the window...
  4. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93940386/Forgotten%20Valley.MID Finished track!
  5. Takin that map07 seven slot that is left! Heres a WIP of what i've got so far: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93940386/TVR.mid
  6. Icytux

    [FOUND] Doom Sky source files

    The city overlay on RSKY2 doesn't happen to be based on the "NY2" picture? I just happened to see a small resemblance from the thumbnail you posted :D
  7. Think I'll have to let go of my E3M3: E4M3 slot. My passion for theese maps weren't as strong as for my previous one I did, have some exams atm too so I'll let someone else make it! (Make a E3M3 styled map from E4M3's layout that is)
  8. I started off by making zdoom/gzdoom projects, so my thoughts on this is: When you make a vanilla compatible map, you restrict yourself to the most important aspects of mapping, architecture, layout, flow and thing placement. So at one point, I started doing vanilla mapping just because it's good practice to focus on those aspects and restrain yourself from going overboard with anything. Going limit-removing, and especially zdoom/gzdoom, means that the restraints on what you can do is opened up a lot and the cool new features might come in to mess up the most important basic foundation aspects of the map and the end result might suffer. So basically it is good practice to make vanilla maps in a way. And if you just want to make a classic-style map, why not make it vanilla as it appeals to a wider audience, it can be played with anything and by anyone in that case. And if your project doesn't need to be limit removing, why make it limit removing?
  9. Memfis: Oooh shit :P looked extremely painful without the secrets there, yeah i'll pull some stuff out from the secrets and add some ammo here and there. There are plenty of secrets and they're filled with goodies, they are at the same place they would be in the ordinary maps but with some alternative ways to get to them. [edit]the link is updated with some slight edits
  10. editor shot:http://i.imgur.com/Oi2hx93.png?1 ingame shots: http://imgur.com/a/sZWxv The map is complete for the UV skill level, I will upload a new version with other skill levels, coop and dm. https://dl.dropbox.com/u/93940386/E1-2M3.wad e2m3 please give feedback!
  11. Thanks ^^ Shouldn't be an issue considering that IS E2...
  12. A couple of shots from my E2-1M3 (taken with gzdoom but no worries, works in vanilla.)
  13. NOOO!! haha, that is exactly the remake i thought of doing. I'll claim E2M3: E1M3 then :D
  14. Been mapping for more than 24 hours straight with only short breaks... Got quite a lot done. http://imgur.com/a/7z6oJ http://imgur.com/a/4xEAa
  15. http://i.imgur.com/fKwp8is.png Crosspost over 3 forums.
  16. Impressive! I've been messing around with Walkabletexture polyobjects too at the time when they were made possible in zdoom. I came to the point where i could stand on it etc, but wouldn't move along with its moving. The script you made seem to work pretty well, only problem i noticed was if you went too close to the edge, it would activate the "off the platform" script, and cause me to stop moving a long the platform. Moving back in didn't always reactivate the platform script either, you might want to place the script activation lines a bit farther away from the platform than the actual visible platform lines are. Not sure if that is possible the way you've set up the polyobject atm without changing the actual walkable radius of the platform. But if you manage to change it to bridgeactors that make up the polyobject it would be easy to do. GJ
  17. Icytux

    Back to Saturn X E1: 1.1.6 bugfix

    http://i.imgur.com/wb60x.png There, played through the whole thing, first five 5 maps with zdoom and the rest with brutal doom. very solid set of maps with great level design, both gameplay-wise and visually. The finale being a very epic map. This thing actually worked pretty well with Brutal Doom if someone's interested in playing it with that. There's only this one map that has a jump you can't make with the slowed down speed and the Metal Mothers map being a bit unfair with the buffed masterminds. and some other very minor issues. The difficulty was just about perfect for my skills with it on UV.
  18. Icytux

    DTS-T - A ZDoom megawad [available now]

    Half reviewed this on the ZDoom forums already but: To the sceptic people out there, the first half of the wad isn't as good quality-wise as the latter maps in the apostruct. but the story is really good, and shit gets really creepy towards the end, and the voice acting just gets better. Theres a few gems in the hub maps too like The Jade Cube being one that you can't miss. But all in all worth playing just for the story, epic ending. Beats the shit out of any story most commercial games has theese days.
  19. Icytux

    Scary signs in Doom PWADs?

    Not sure if i understood the question right but I remember cutmanmikes Portal having a transparent Sjasface in one of the (secret?)mazes or something. Scared the fucking shit out of me. Also Legacy of suffering had a really evil secret when you ducked to get under a walkway to get some bonuses the face of the ghostchick popped up behind you so you were stuck in there for awhile. creepy as shit.
  20. @Marnet, E3M3 is expanded, has multiplayer items placed and DM starts. just have to finish off the skill settings before i upload the new version though.
  21. What the F*** is a Basilica? Isn't that a herb, a spice? Halls of Bane, Chapel of Scorn and Shrine of Suffering are all good IMO. I really don't like the changes that were done to E1M8. I loved the shape of the "reactor" the barons lowered from. After the change, its so much less interesting. Also: http://imgur.com/a/KW96X Theres a stupid misalignment, and i uploaded the second picture because IMO those weird pillars that seem to hold up a cave ceiling or something look really weird, amateurish, and not very ID'y. I've got more comments about E2 and E3 but i'll write about that some other day.