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  1. Red and black again, don't think you see enough hell maps in this colour scheme...
  2. Why would this be an issue? the game doesn't equip the player with the rl automatically , unless I'm mistaken.
  3. I assume there is a stronghold type level on this?
  4. Really liking those screenshots, impressive stuff there. Perhaps you could release a 5 level demo or something to keep those interested happy..?
  5. I think a quad shotgun could work, if the reload speed was slow enough.
  6. Minor but there's a misalignment in the opening room, incase you haven't noticed!
  7. The ceiling detail on the eighth screenshot is really quite something...
  8. Nice and old school, Good luck finishing 32 levels you'll need it!
  9. Really impressive, darkreaver...
  10. Looks impressive, good luck with the project.
  11. Is anyone making a stronghold inspired map for this? I hope so as it was one of tnt's better maps...
  12. I don't think you should except joke maps etc, I don't understand the logic behind that.
  13. Are all levels actually possible to complete single-player on nightmare?
  14. This is a very solid megawad from what I have played, good work. Although I'm wondering as to why there's no hell themed levels?
  15. Looks great so far...You seem to have got some of the most talented mappers in the community together for this one, are they being paid or something?!