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  1. What version is this demo for? Edit: nvm, found that this is for v2.
  2. @42PercentHealth you should buff the room with mancs and viles, it's too easy at this state. Make the room smaller and force the player to kill the viles first, that's what I did and that's what I find much more fun.
  3. Map30 is the only map where enemies can telefrag each other and player. Icon of sin fight will still work, but enemies will get stuck in each other after a while (and player can get stuck too).
  4. Map30 is not going to work properly on earlier slots.
  5. So I was planning to make a sequel or just extend the wad with new maps, but my mapping is not going well for a long time. Here are 3 small easy maps I was making since last winter, there were two more but these maps are not finished and I'm not in the mood for mapping for a a while and most likely never going to finish them and probably not going to make any new maps. I apologize if someone wants to play this on a different skill setting, I'm not sure if they are implemented (probably only the first map has some differences). I always have some troubles with arranging difficulty settings. Play on ITYTD to make sure it is easier than UV. Screens: Link:
  6. Actually one of the most fun wads from this year.
  7. Хей, что там за карту ты хочешь предложить? Мне очень интересно.

  8. Cybercontrol MAP11 uv-max in 4:37 Tried this map for some time, good infighting is just not happening for me, so I'm stopping with this bad time.
  9. Good. The last fight is just plain bad imo. Lots of trial and error just to do it, not talking about how long it take to get all enemies down and get the key.
  10. Nobody should play this blind. If you don't know exactly what's going to happen, you just die. So either skip this month, or prepare yourself for all maps.
  11. What a wad... Alright, I'll try not to fell asleep in 10 minutes.
  12. But this thread is about statusbars, not custom huds.
  13. PL2 statusbar is my favorite.
  14. Snipers that you can't hit. Even worse: fat snipers like arachnotrons or mancubi that you can't hit. Hitscanner enemies spam. If sergeant doesn't have that many hp, it doesn't make it an easy enemy to kill. Forcing the player to run around a map full of enemies that can't infight without killing them in order to progress. So, basically, anything that requires a slow careful play or foreknowledge just to beat the map. Whoever finds the wad with all this stuff can consider themselves solving the bingo.
  15. I was waiting for this. I didn't expect the time to be that low though.