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  1. MAP13. Pretty nice map overall. MAP14. Can't say much about this one, except that I hate slow lost soul teleporters. MAP15. Cleanup: the map. Pretty much every single fight in this map feels like a cleanup after a better fight. Some questionable baron placement here and there, annoying hitscanners everywhere, a lot of harmless pinkies/spectres and crushers. Didn't like it at all.
  2. MAP12. Time: 12:10. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. I've re-recorded my demo from that point. Worst secret ever.
  3. If a person would have played doom for 10 000 hours (slightly more than 1 year of playing non-stop) and have only played slaughtermaps where you can kill 5000 enemies in 1 hour, that would've been a 50 million kills.
  4. Videos for 8, 11, 12, 14 and 16.
  5. MAP11. Time: 34:55. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. My favorite map so far and so far the strongest map in the wad. Can't say much about it, I enjoyed it and it made me feel cautious in a good way. The difficulty is perfect for this map, but some additional ammo could be useful for blind saveless playthrough. My demo is a horror movie, it could be considered a fda, since I only remember the very beginning of it. The only time I actually had to pause and look for secrets was the Mastermind fight, because I literally lost all of my ammo there.
  6. MAP10. Time: 10:52. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. Pretty small and enjoyable map. A bit chaotic enemy placement is usually a lot of fun.
  7. MAP09. Time: 19:37. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. Outside of excess usage of barons and PEs this map is nice and fun.
  8. MAP08. Time: 9:10. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. The first map I've died in PRCP. Decisive beginning of the level led me to think of this map as a simple map. Soon I died in hellknight room, and decided to learn this map better before recording a demo, so I've found some strategies for the rest of the level. Not a fan of the later parts, don't even know how am I supposed to deal with hellknights without cheese.
  9. MAP07. Time: 5:38. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. This whole map maintains tension until the end. Pretty fun map, though killing two cybers with plasmagun might be a bit boring.
  10. MAP06. Time: 13:58. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. Nothing special on this map as well, though some of the later fights were actually fun and somewhat threatening.
  11. MAP05. Time: 9:44. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. Nothing special on this map. The demo contains two ghost barons though!
  12. MAP04. Time: 8:09. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. Surprisingly tough map. Didn't like the beginning of it that much but later parts were fun.
  13. I like Crimzon Clover.
  14. MAP03. Time: 12:19. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 100%. I don't like the hitscan heavy beginning of this map, but the rest of the map is pretty fun. The portion with the Mastermind is kinda tricky and makes you nervous even though it isn't that hard. Also I don't think it's possible to kill everything without secret plasmagun.
  15. MAP02. Time: 12:53. Kills: 100%. Secrets: 66%. Another good map. A bit easier than previous one and a bit more lengthy. Also I didn't get the soulsphere secret because I forgot how to.