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  1. Not finding those later maps fun to play, so likely will stop here. judgment_10_17_fdas.zip
  2. FDAs for first 10 maps. judgment_01_10_fdas.zip
  3. Went fast, died to both. Good wads though. glaive_ironman_archi.zip
  4. Archi

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Emerald Bathhouse BP-Max in 3:47 SM-Max in 3:52 emerbath_BPMax-347.zip emerbath_SMMax-352.zip Heriophant's Temple BP-Max in 3:50 SM-Max in 3:32 75m4h_BPmax-350.zip 75m4h_SMmax-332.zip
  5. Archi

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Arena SM-Max in 2:11 BP-Max in 3:38 Tyson in 3:40 D'Sparil teleports on can be pretty nasty on that map. arena-211.zip arenaf338.zip arenat340.zip Also: Crypts SM-Max in 12:52 Nice map. crypts-1252.zip
  6. Archi

    Misc heretic & hexen demos

    Curse of D'sparil E3M1 SM-Max in 6:10 curse_31_610_SMMax.zip
  7. Archi

    The Resurgence of: DWIronman League.

    Unlucky. resurge_archi.zip
  8. Archi

    Slaughterfest (201)3 [-complevel 9]

    That's a really good demo but I'm afraid you missed the secret shootable switch near the yellow key which reveals a baron and lets cybers from afar teleport closer (unless it's broken somehow and doesn't work anymore in cl9).
  9. Unlucky. av_archi.zip
  10. Archi

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Is there a point on rewriting? Don't get me wrong, I'm not against it, but I don't see what could it accomplish. FPS is not going to skyrocket and in the end we'll miss support for older GPUs.
  11. Archi

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    What's the point of migrating to GL 4.x?
  12. Archi

    PrBoom+ 2.6.1um (Aug 16, 2021)

    Pretty much any changes are good as long as they are optional and disabled by default. While it would be great to have stuff like color swap for blood, it would be better to leave this to optional wads via dehextra, for example, so that modders could also implement different colors for different enemies and for different palettes as well.
  13. Archi

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    No, I don't think I have them anymore.
  14. Archi

    Funeral Genocide - Old map collab

    Despite being so generous this map did felt stressful and interesting enough, forcing aggression would likely ruin the impression of the first playthrough. If I'd have died on my playthrough far from start I'd start playing aggressively, thanks to speedrunning the map being a viable option, which is always nice.