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  1. Archi

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    Neat maps, first two are fun, but I didn't really enjoy map03, wasn't very pleasant to play not only because of how difficult it was, but mostly because it was hard to see things with so many dark places and vines made it only worse. Also one of the secrets had pretty long and boring lift, a teleport out would be much faster. Couldn't record FDAs on glboom+ (game was crashing if tried to record demos), not going to switch to newer version as it has worse mouse controls. Just assume that I did first two maps deathless and died like 10 times on map03. :)
  2. Archi

    Doom 3 didn't need a USE key

    You can't kill what already was killed with unskippable custscenes and monologues. GUI editor that came in with the doom 3 was pretty easy to work with and had a lot of possibilities. Main menu, PDA and HUD are prime examples of engine's GUI. GUI from the game panels are far more simple though, just a few buttons and a few animations, which definitely can't ruin the pace. People go crazy over some simple and awesome stuff like GUI which only made game more memorable and immersive. Seriously, are you having issues to aim into that big button on a panel and click it once?
  3. Archi

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    I'd like to suggest adding compatibility info lump, which would define everything if the player is not using specific complevel. If player specifies complevel it could be possible to just ignore both compatibility info lump and umapinfo. That would also give a lot more freedom, specifically, it would make it possible to disable some gameplay changes boom and mbf added to original game, pretty questionable ones. Complevels being emulation of outdated engines means these engines could not load and use umapinfo anyway, so there's no need to load it anyway.
  4. Watch someone's demo for hard map, analyze each situation, then try that map for yourself.
  5. Archi

    What was the first custom wads you have played?

    Something not very impressive: hallsall.wad
  6. Archi

    The DWIronman League dies to: Revolution!

    Map21. tvr!_ironman.zip
  7. Archi

    Doom Streams

    Ironman: TVR
  8. Nice little map. stream_fda.zip
  9. Archi

    Darkest Room (Doom 2 level, /idgames)

    I think the map itself is good. But lack of ammo killed all the fun to me, a lot of opportunities to move faster and leave infighting enemies behind are impracticable due to the fact that a lot of fights have PEs that can't be left behind unless player wants to fight hordes of lost souls with bare hands. I'll attach my best attempt demo, not gonna try again I think. droom.zip
  10. Archi

    Rush 2 (2019-08-16 Update: MAP05 added)

    Updated the link, changes: MAP01: more cells, added bfg right before the exit on all skill settings. MAP03: added more bullets and shells, made bloodfalls passable. MAP05: made last fight significantly easier, small tweaks all over the map. Spectres aren't fast anymore.
  11. Archi

    Rush 2 (2019-08-16 Update: MAP05 added)

    Added new map: Malachite Casket. WAD is now complevel 11. I'm looking forward for any notes related to difficulty, if you feel like something is way too hard or too easy on any difficulty - please tell me.
  12. Archi

    Doom 1-3 on the Switch?!

    It's still part of Doom 3 BFG edition.
  13. Archi

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Wouldn't it be more prolific to skip outdated hexen format and go straight to udmf if possible?