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  1. Hello, I finally decided some months ago to register here even if I often read the reviews etc, and, some days ago, thought I should post on the forums to discuss essentially about mapping. Starting from old levels I made back in 95/96/97, I'd like to update the project to today standards, which means more details, maybe larger levels and using some effects which have been discovered. The idea back in 95 was to create 9 levels for Doom, ranging from E1M1 to E1M9. I think I'll have to ditch 7 of them and work on new levels for Doom 2. Temporel is, for now, a 8 levels project for Doom 2, using only limit-removing, and compatible on all ports. I'd appreciate to get comments and gather ideas from the community to help me improve both my architectural mapping skill and my level-design approach. I might also need one or more playtesters, since I'd like to release something quite "clean", and I'm sure I've a lot to learn. I tested the level on a "small" A64 and it seems to run fine... but as map 03 is currently around 62/63k segs, I wonder if it'll run smoothly on older CPUs. Thanks in advance ! ======== Current status (11/21/2009) : Map 01 : 100% done (to be rebuilt ?) Map 02 : 100% done (to be rebuilt ?) Map 03 : 100% done Map 04 : 35% done Map 05 : 0% done Map 06 : 0% done Map 07 : 0% done Map 08 : 0% done Current screenshots : Map 02 : Map 03 : Feel free to comment and give me some feedback, good or bad.
  2. Thank you for taking the time of such a complete review, it's been really helpful ! Following your advice, I aligned all the textures in the mines, and -unfortunately- found a lot of other misaligned ones : this is hopefully fixed. Sector 1420 is raised only to "show the way", but it might be uninteresting, and I will find another idea. About the sky problem, I also have it at the end of the level in the base : I don't know if there is a solution, or if I should just move sectors / linedef to make it look fine. I'm right now working on some little changes and will update the file soon. Btw, the barrels in sector 2789 look good for me, but as I said, I don't use a mouse but a paddle to play : maybe that, using mouse look, the barrels are overlapping the edges ?
  3. Well, it's been a few days since I released the (so-called ^^) beta version, and there have been 300+ views on this topic, and quite a few downloads also from my site (about 50 the last time I checked)... but no return. As I'd like to improve the wad and learn from what you people think, could someone who's d/l it tell me what's wrong in it ? Thanks a lot :-)
  4. Should be around linedef 13524 in the mines, I checked things times and again, but wasn't able to fin any error. I sometimes see this little HoM in the cave on linedef 2906 or 3111. As for the mine one, no errors found.
  5. Funny to see that your map, AB, looks like it's a Doom 1 level, yet there are a lot of dead monsters coming from Doom II ! :-) Nostalgy ?
  6. Magma

    Unnamed project by Talvi

    Nice shots, seems as you decided to go for an old-style Doom level, which is what I particularly like :-). Looking forward to d/l your wad as soon as you'll release it !
  7. Well you can try the third map if you wish ;-). Seems I have a problem I cannot get rid of in the mine part : on teh railway, sometimes, there is something which looks as a small HoM, but ONLY on the rail. I also have the problem on one linedef in the cave, but neither Deep nor DB are able to find a problem... did someone already had these errors ? Yes : I'm using AvP textures, and thought WY was exactly what I needed ;-).
  8. Magma

    Vargasi.wad - A medieval village

    I uploaded GreyGhost's wad on my ftp --> here. :-)
  9. Ahhh, thanks, I'm going to have a look :-). Well, I've been working on Map03, and think it's time to release a preversion, for whoever would like to test it and give me feedback. It's a regular map, quite straight, with a few "classical" secrets and traps. It's also quite flat, which might annoy some of you. There is still a lot to do, and I'd greatly appreciate some help to improve both architecture and gameply - well, mostly gameplay in fact. Thanks ! You can download it broken. Atm, it has to be played on map 01 slot. --- Note : remember it's supposed to be Map03, that's why I give some weapons directly at the beginning - I might think about adjusting the gameplay to allow pistol start, but I doubt this wad will ever be used for speedrunning ;-). I will also surely change the way the player arrives on the teleport pod : having one in the middle of a mountain can seem quite... weird. Of course map04 will take place in the same location this level ends !
  10. Well, even if I'm a perfect stranger on here, I'd be happy to give you a hand. I like those old maps and keep playing WADs from 1994 to 1997 quite often, since I find in these a gameplay style that I particularly like. As I said on another topic, I'm mostly a regular player, and still play using a paddle rather than the widly used keyboard + mouse combo, always in HMP, not more, not less. I would have really liked to contribute to this project by mapping, but testing might be more useful, as there are already lots of people on the runoff list !
  11. Still looking for a good rock texture, I did not see anything great... this would be to replace the old doom texture for those cliffs : http://img7.hostingpics.net/pics/988916ext_1.png I'm currently working on the techbase part of the map, but tend to get visuals errors... so I might have to split it, too many segs, I suppose. Views of the base + labs : http://img7.hostingpics.net/pics/491414base_2.png http://img7.hostingpics.net/pics/29882Doom_Entr4.png http://img7.hostingpics.net/pics/527246lab_2.png And the visual errors *ack* http://img7.hostingpics.net/pics/226194bug_base_1.png I use BD2, but had to use also DB 1.68 + DeepSea since DB2 was unable to build the nodes. So, for some time, I managed checking the errors on DeepSea 12.12, then compiling the nodes with ZenNode under DB 1.68, then re-importing the file on DB2 to work further on the level. Unfortunately, it seems that the level -error free under DS 12.12- can't be played under ZDoom without graphical artefacts. If some of you came to the same problems, feel free to give a hand ;-) ! EDIT : modified wrong picture.
  12. Magma

    Playtest anyone?

    Well, I finished playing these three levels on saturday, but only post now... As always, the global look of the maps is excellent, yet a bit under some of your creations, but it's surely due to the dark, brownish quake-like style. I only tested them on HMP, since I think maps are to be played on a normal level of difficulty : I'm not a hardcore doomer, nor a time-rusher : just the normal guy, with normal skills ;-). The difficulty is well-balanced, the traps are easy to guess for a regular player, and there is enough ammo, not too much, just what you need. Life is a bit sparse, but I found it rather pleasing, you can still play the levels quickly without dying every two seconds. Secrets are nice and pleasant to find, and I found myself playing one of the levels again, recalling I missed the rocket launcher which was on a crate. There is only one thing I didn't like : the fact that you can be sure that there is either a gunman, an imp or a chaingunner hiding behind almost every crate on the way with "deaf" flag turned on... not that it rendered the game too hard, just that I would have prefered more direct contacts and surely some more "classic" traps, such as a door opening on your back with one or two imps. I'd rather hear a door slide than a growl while walking along a corridor ! Finally, in HMP, I didn't find the last map harder than the two previous, so you don't need to change anything ;-). As always, an excellent and impressive work, with a special kudo for your work on the light sources and the shadows.
  13. Magma

    my 2 new maps! Try them

    Well, I tried map29 and the first thing which came to my mind, playing in HMP, was "arrrgh, too many monsters, too many, all the time". I think the design is good, but as someone said before, a little more room to try to dodge would be nice. I didn't play on UV since it's not exactly my style (I supposed there would be even MORE monsters), but I think you should reduce the hordes on HMP : I'm playing witha paddle and was (almost) constently pressing the "fire" button. Having some areas free of monsters would be interesting in order to give a little more "atmosphere" on this map. Last, there are a lot of misaligned (or rather just not-aligned) textures that you will have to fix, but overall I liked it.
  14. No offense, but I don't see why prefering to use a shotgun over punching every monster around could be considered as being a sucker... You can be a skilled player, and still don't like using your fist as a massive destruction weapon, especially in a game which offers you other weapons. It's exactly as stating that "the rocket launcher is the most efficient and intelligent way of playing", and that "mappers who don't understand this suck".
  15. The project is *******ely interesting... but have the mappers solved the issues Lord_Z pointed some months ago ? Have some unfinished maps been updated ?
  16. Essel, at first I'll finish the map within this limit of 65535 segs, and if the players who try it find it okay, I'll surely split it in two. But I'll ask for a lot of advices about the gameplay, because I'm mostly a classic gamer (I only play with a joystick or a paddle, no mouse+kb, no jumping/free look etc). Some years ago, I even considered that teleporting monsters was an heresy, and thought it was a solution used by lazy mappers or by mappers who could not design a correct trap... so I'll surely need some help. EDIT : has anyone a nice rock texture ? I can't find one...
  17. True. I moved to ZDoom, from Doom95 and the Dos executable, only this year. And I keep playing on my DX2/66 when I go back to my parents house... The point is that, using ZDoom, I maybe "forgot" that some ports have not the same abilities to handle so heavy levels. I'll surely have to rework the map to make it compatible, surely by splitting it in two parts.
  18. Yes, there's something not correct in these dark areas. I'll change this, but I was supposed to have taken into consideration the fact that the shadows had to be quite realistic... this is not the case unfortunately ! Thanks for noticing this.
  19. Magma

    Best megawads of all time

    Sure, but you have to take into consideration that the next level can be done by someone else, or be simply bad, or done by the same author, who has lost his inspiration...
  20. Magma

    Tower of Belial

    Isn't it because you save it as a 16M colors picture ? Have you tried to lower the count to 256 colors ?
  21. Thanks for the comments ! Hmmmm.. the 32767/65535 segs limits are real problems since I choose to make a level playable on any port. I currently tested it only on ZDoom/GZDoom, so I guess I should try some other ports and see which ones are supported. Detailing really makes the number of sectors/linedefs explode. Anyway, I have 2,5k segs left, but that should not be a problem as the layout is almost complete. The level is quite linear, the player goes from point 1 (mountain) to point 2 (mine), then comes back to point 1 using a partly different path (cave). From there he runs (?) to point 3 (docks - this portion is linear) and heads to point 4, a military base. As the level ends there, it requires some back and forth. No cyberdemon... because I usually think that levels in which you find one are rarely good ;-). It might be difficult to divide it up, but I am going to think about how this could be done. @dutch : I thought I'd get more comments and discussions here, rather than on wip, and it's exactly what happens ;-). Plus I took some time to try to improve what had been done since I first posted there. @Ismaele : I clicked on the link in your signature, I didn't know you were the webmaster of this site ! I read your reviews some months ago.
  22. @essel : yes, you've pointed the problems I'm dealing with atm on map 03. I'd like to get better rock textures but haven't find one which would be okay. The outer parts of the courtyard are not done yet, I ran short of ideas about what I should do and thought I'll do them later... I suppose I'll also have to redo some parts of maps 01 and 02, I think you're right about the dark shadow areas. @Bank : to be honest, this part if the map is an awful mess, hundreds of sectors and linedefs everywhere, that's why I am pondering about the gameplay of such an area on an "old" computer...